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(1) Warner Brothers Archive Collection
(2) 20th Century Fox Cinema Archives
(3) M-G-M Limted Edition Collection
(4) Columbia Classics
(5) TCM Vault Archives
(6) Universal Vault Series
(7) The Criterion Collection
(9) Second Source Rarities
(10) Kino
(A) Adult
(AG) Avant-Garde
(c) color / colorized
(C) Commentary
(D) Director Cut
(E) Extended Version
(F) Foreign Film
(G) Gangster Films
(H) Horror Films
(m) mkv
(M) Musicals
(N) Film Noir
(P) Pre-code
(R) Restored
(S) Silent Film
(SF) Science Fiction
(s) Short
(T) Theatrical Version
(U) Up Grade Needed
(v) vob
Silent Movies
  A Man About Town - 1927 (m)
   Adventures Of Prince Achmed, The - 1926
  Alice In Wonderland - 1914 (m)
   Artist, The - 2011 (m/v)
   Battleship Potemkin - With English Intertitles - 1925 (m)
  Battleship Potemkin - With Russian Intertitles - 1925 (m)
  Ben-Hur - 1925 (m)
   Birth Of A Nation, The - 1915
   Birth Of A Nation, The (Restored) - 1915
   Black Pirate, The - 1926 (Restored) (m)
  Black Pirate, The - 1926 (UG) (m)
   Broken Blooms  Or The Yellow Man And The Girl - 1919
   Camille - 1921 (m/v)
   Chaser, The - 1928 (v)
   City Girl - 1929 (v)
  Cops - 1922 (m)
  Dead Of Valentino - 1926 (m)
   Destiny - 1921 (v)
   Docks Of New York, The - 1928 (v)
   Don Juan - 1926 w/Vitaphone Introduction (m)
  Don Juan - 1926 (m)
   Dr. Dabuse - Part 1 - 1921 (v)
   Dr. Dabuse - Part 2 - 1921 (v)
Movie Shorts
   Ain't Love Cuckoo
Sound Movies
   A Beautiful Mind (m)
  A Bigger Splash (m)
  A Bronx Tale (m)
  A Bridge Too Far (m)
  A Bronx Tail (m)
  A Bug's Life (m)
  A Bullet For Joey (m)
  A Childe's Christmas In Wales (m)
   A Christmas Carol - 1938 (m/v)
   A Christmas Carol - 1951 (m/v)
   A Christmas Carol - 1984 (m/v)
   A Christmas Card - 2014 (m)
   A Christmas Story (4x3) (m/v)
  A Christmas Story (m)
   A Christmas Story 2 (mkv)
   A Civil Action (m/v)
  A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (m)
  A Cry In The Night (1) (m)
   A Date With The Falcon (See The Falcon Series) (v)
  A Day At Hollywood Park (s) (m)
   A Day At The Races (m/v) (See Marx Brothers Series) (v)
  A Dog Of Flanders (m)
   A Double Life (R) (m)
   A Face In The Crowd (m/v)
   A Farewell To Arms (R) - 1932 (m/v)
   A Farewell To Arms - 1957 (m/v)
   A Feather In Her Hat (9) (m)
  A Few Good Men (Special Edition) (m)
  A Fine Mess (m)
   A Fistful Of Dollars (m/v)
   A Free Soul (See Forbidden Hollywood, Vol. 2 Series) (v)
   A Good Day To Die Hard (See Die Hard Series) (v)
  A Good Year (m)
  A Goofy Movie (m)
   A Guild For The Married Man (4x3 (m) (x2)
  A Guild For The Married Man (m) (x2)
  A Gun In His Hand (m)
   A Hard Day's Night (m/v)
  A High Wind In Jamaica (4x3) (m)
  A High Wind In Jamaica (m)
   A Kiss Before Dying (v)
   A Lady Takes A Chance (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   A League Of Their Own (m)
   A Madea Christmas - The Movie (m/v)
  A Man And A Woman (m)
   A Man Betrayed (v/m) (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   A Man Called Horse (v)
   A Man Called Sledge (v)
   A Matter Of Life And Death (v)
  A Merry Friggin' Christmas (m)
  A Million To One (UG) (m)
   A Most Wanted Man (m/v)
   A Night At The Opera (m/v) (See Marx Brothers Series)
   A Night In Casablanca (m/v) (See Marx Brothers Series)
   A Night To Remember (m/v)
  A Piece Of Eden (m)
   A Place In The Sun (m/v)
   A Raisin In The Sun (m/v)
   A River Runs Through It (m)
  A Season For Miracles (m)
   A Shot In The Dark (See The Pink Panther Series) (m/v)
   A Song Is Born (1) (m/v)
   A Star Is Born - 1937 (m)
   A Star Is Born - 1954 (m)
   A Star Is Born - 1976 (m)
   A Stolen Face (m/v)
  A Street Cat Named Bob (m)
  A Time To Kill, Part 1 (m)
  A Time To Kill, Part 2 (m)
  A Very Merry Pooh Year (m)
   A View To A Kill (See James Bond Series) (v)
  A Viking Saga, The Darkest Day (m)
  A Walk In The Clouds (m)
  A Walk In The Woods (m)
  A Walk To Remember (m)
   Abbott And Costello Go To Mars (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Abbott And Costello In Hollywood (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Abbott And Costello In The Foreign Legion (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Abbott And Costello In The Movies (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Abbott And Costello Meet Captain Kidd (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Abbott And Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Abbott And Costello Meet Jerry Seinfeld (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Abbott And Costello Meet The Invisible Man (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Abbott And Costello Meet The Keystone Kops (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Abbott And Costello Meet The Killer, Boris Karloff (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Abbott And Costello Meet The Monsters (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Abbott And Costello Meet The Mummy (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Above And Beyond (m) (1)
   Abraham Lincoln (m)
  Absent-Minded Professor, The (m)
   Absolute Hell (m)
   Absolute Power (v)
  Absolutely Fabulous (m)
  Absolutely Fabulous - The Movie (m)
  Accidents Will Happen (m)
   Ace In The Hole (m/v)
  Ace Of Aces (m)
   Across The Pacific (9) (m)
   Adam's Rib (m) (x2)
  Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, The (m) (x2)
   Adventures Of Robin Hood, The (m)
  Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle (m)
  Adventures Of Pepper And Paula, The (m)
   Adventurous Blonde (m) (See Torchy Blane Series) (v)
  Advise And Consent (m)
   Africa Screams (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   African Queen, The (m/v)
  After Porn Ends (m)
   After The Thin Man (See Thin Man Series) (v)
   Aftermath (v)
   Age Of Innocence, The (m) (See Martin Scorsese Series)
  Ain't Love Cuckoo (s) (m)
  Air Bud - Seventh Inning Fetch (m)
  Air Buddies (m)
  Air Force One (4x3) (m)
  Air Force One (m)
   Airplane (m/v)
  Akeelah And The Bees (m)
  Aladdin (m)
   Alamo, The (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Albuquerque (v)
  Alexander Nevsky -1938 (Russian) (m) (x2)
   Alexander's Ragtime Band (v)
  Alfie (m)
  Alibi For Murder (1935) (4) (m)
   Alibi Mark (9) (m)
   Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (m) (See Martin Scorsese Series)
   Alice In Wonderland - 1933 (m/v)
   Alice In Wonderland - 2007 (Opera) (m)
   Alice In Wonderland - 2010 (m/v)
   Alien - 1979 (v)
   Alien - 2003 Director's Cut (v)
   Aliens - 1986 (v)
   Aliens - 1991 Director's Cut (v)
   Aliens3 - 1992 (v)
   Aliens3 - 2003 Director's Cut (v)
   Alien Resurrection - 1997 (v)
   Alien Resurrection - 2003 Director's Cut (v)
   All About Eve (See The Marilyn Monroe Series) (v)
   All I Desire (c) (The Barbara Stanwyck Series) (v)
   All I Wanna Do (m)
  All Mine To Give (m)
   All Of Me (4x3) (m)
   All Over Town (m/v)
   All Quiet On The Western Front (v)
  All That Jazz (m)
   All The King's Men (m)
   All The President's Men (m/v) (x2)
   Allegheny Uprising (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   All Quiet On The Western Front (m)
  Aloha (m)
  Along Came Polly (m)
   Along The Rio Grande (1) (m)
  Altered States (m)
   Always (m/v)
   Amadeus - Part 1 (m/v)
   Amadeus - Part 2 (m/v)
  Amazing Panda Adventure, The (m)
   Amelia (m/v)
   American Gangster - Extended Version (m/v) (x2)
   American Gangster - Theatrical Version (m/v) (x2)
   American Graffiti (m/v)
   American President, The (m)
   American West Of John Ford, The (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   American Sniper (m)
  Americanization Of Emily, The (m)
  America's Sweetheart (4x3) (m)
  America's Sweetheart (m)
  Amityville Horror, The (m)
  Amish Grace (m)
  Amy (m)
  Amy's O (m)
   An Affair To Remember (m/v)
   An American In Paris (m)
   An American Tail (See An American Tail Series) (v)
   An American Werewolf In London (v)
  An Avonlea Christmas (m)
  An Awfully Big Adventure (m)
  An Extremely Goody Movie (m)
   An Officer And A Gentleman (m/v)
   Anaconda (See Anaconda Series) (Re-do English) (v)
   Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid (See Anaconda Series) (v)
   Anacondas: The Offspring (See Anaconda Series) (v)
   Anacondas: Trail Of Blood (See Anaconda Series) (Re-do English) (v)
   Anastasia (m)
   Anatomy Of A Murder (m/v)
  Anchorman, The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (m)
   Anchors Aweigh (v)
  And Now Tomorrow (m)
   And So It Goes (m)
   Angel And The Badman (UG) (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Angel Face (N) (v)
  Angel In The Family (m)
  Angel On My Shoulder, Part 1 (m)
  Angel On My Shoulder, Part 2 (m)
   Angel On My Shoulder (v)
   Angels With Dirty Faces (m)
  Angry Red Planet, The (m)
   Animal Crackers (See Marx Brothers Series) (v)
  Animal Hijinks (m)
   Anna And The King (m/v)
   Anna And The King Of Siam (m/v)
   Anna Christie (English Version) (m)
   Anna Christie (German Version) (m)
   Anna Karenina (m) x2
   Annabelle's Wish (v)
   Anne Frank (v)
  Anne Of Green Gables - A New Beginning (m)
   Annie - 1982 (m/v)
  Annie Get Your Gun (M) (m)
   Annie Hall (m/v)
  Annie Oakley (m)
   Another Dawn (m)
   Another Thin Man (See Thin Man Series) (v)
  Anthony Adverse (m)
  Ant-Man (m)
   Antwone Fisher (m)
   Antz (m)
   Apartment, The (m/v)
  Apache Country (m)
   Apocalypse Now (m/v)
   Apocalypse Now - Redux (m)
  Apocalypto (m)
  Apology For Murder (9) (m)
  Appaloosa (m)
   Applause (v)
   Argo (m/v)
   Armored Car Robbery (N) (v)
   Around The World In 80 Days - 1 (m)
  Around The World In 80 Days - 2 (m)
  Around The World In 80 Days - 2 (m)
   Arrest Bulldog Drummond (See Bulldog Drummond Series) (v)
   Arsenic And Old Lace (m)
   Arthur (4x3) (m)
   Arthur (v)
   Artist And Models (m) (See Jack Benny Series)
  Artist And Models (1955) (m)
   At The Circus (m/v) (See Marx Brothers Series) (v)
   August - Osage County (v)
   As Good As It Gets (4x3) (m)
  As Good As It Gets (m)
   As Young As You Feel (See The Marilyn Monroe Series) (v)
   Associate, The (m)
   Astaire And Rogers - Shall We Dance (Documentary) (See Fred Astaire - Ginger Rogers Series) (v)
  At War With The Army (m)
  Atlantis Milo's Return (m)
  August - Osage County (m/v)
  August Rush (m)
   Auntie Mame (m)
  Aussie And Ted's Great Adventure (m)
  Australia (m)
  Avatar (m) (x2)
   Aviator, The (m/v) (See Martin Scorsese Series) (x2)
   Awakenings (See Robin Williams Series) (v)
  Babes In Toyland (1966) (m)
  Babe (m)
  Baby Boom (m)
   Baby Doll (m)
  Baby Mama (4x3) (m)
  Baby Mama (m)
  Bachelor, The (4x3) (m)
  Bachelor, The (16x9) (m)
   Bachelor Party (m)
   Back From Eternity (m)
   Back To Bataan (See John Wayne Series) (v)
  Back To The Beach (m)
  Backdraft (m)
   Bad And The Beautiful, The (m)
  Bad Blood (m)
  Bad Day At Black Rock (m)
  Bad News Bears, The (m)
   Bad Seed, The (m/v)
  Ballad Of Josie, The (m)
  Bambi (1942) (m)
  Bambi II (2006) (m)
  Bamboo Blonde (1) (m)
  Barretts Of Wimpole Street, The (1) (m)
  Bashful Bikini, The (m)
  Battle In Outer Space (m)
  Bad Santa 2 (m)
  Baker's Hawk (m)
  Ball Of Fire (m)
  Bandit Ranger (1) (m)
  Bandit Trail (1) (m)
   Bank Dick, The (See W.C. Fields Series) (v)
   Barbarian And The Geisha, The (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Barber Shop, The (See W.C. Fields Series) (v)
   Barkleys Of Broadway, The (See Fred Astaire - Ginger Rogers Series) (v)
  Bashful Bikini, The (m) (9)
   Basic Instinct (4x3) (m)
  Basic Instinct (m)
  Bat Whispers, The (35mm Version) (m)
  Bat Whispers, The (65mm Version) (m)
   Batman (See Batman Series) (v)
   Batman And Robin (See Batman Series) (v)
   Batman Begins (See Batman Series) (v)
   Batman Forever (See Batman Series) (v)
   Batman Returns (See Batman Series) (v)
   Batman - The Dark Knight Returns - Part 1 (Animation) (v)
   Batman - The Dark Knight Returns - Part 2 (Animation) (v)
  Batman - The Killing Joke (m)
  Batman v Superman (m)
  Batman v Superman - Dawn Of Justice (m)
   Battle Of Britain (m/v)
   Battle Of The Budge (m)
  Be Yourself - (1930) (m)
  Beach Blanket Bingo (m)
  Beach Girls And The Monster, The (m)
  Beaches (m)
  Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, The (m)
  Beautiful (4x3) (m)
  Beautiful (m)
  Beauty And The Beast - Bell's Magical World (m)
  Beauty And The Beast - Enchanted Christmas (m)
   Beast Of Yucca Flats, The (m/v)
  Because Of Him (5) (m)
  Becoming Jane (m)
   Bedazzled (m)
  Bedford Incident, The (m)
   Beetlejuice (m/v)
  Before I Hang (H) (m)
   Beginning Of The End (v)
   Behind That Curtain (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Being There (m)
   Bela Lugosi Meets The Brooklyn Monster (v)
   Believers, The (m)
   Bell, Book And Candle (4x3) (m)
   Bell, Book And Candle (m)
   Bellboy, The (See Jerry Lewis Series) (v)
   Belle de Jour (French) (m/v)
  Belle Of The Nineties (m)
   Belle Of The Yukon (v)
   Bells Of St. Mary, The (m)
   Below The Border (m)
   Benny Goodman Story, The (m/v)
  Ben-Hur (2016) (m)
   Ben-Hur - Part 1 (m)
   Ben-Hur - Part 2 (m)
   Benson Murder Case, The (See Philo Vance Series) (NU) (m/v)
   Berserk! (v)
   Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The (m/v)
   Best Foot Forward (m/v)
  Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, The (m)
   Best Man, The (m/v)
  Best Of Cinema, The - 1963 (m)
   Best Years Of Our Lives, The (m)
  Betsy's Wedding (m)
  Beverly Hills Cop (m)
   Beverly Hills Cop II (See Beverly Hills Cop Series) (v)
   Beverly Hills Cop III (See Beverly Hills Cop Series) (v)
  Bewitched (m)
  Beyond Christmas (B&W Version) (m)
  Beyond Christmas (Color Version) (m)
  Beyond The Blue Horizon (m)
  Beyond The Purple Hills (m)
  Beyond The Time Barrier (m)
   Beyond Tomorrow (v)
   Beyond Tomorrow - 1940 (m/v)
  Beyond Valkyrie - Dawn Of The Fourth Reich (m)
   Big - Extended Version (m/v)
   Big - Theatrical Version (m/v)
   Big Broadcast Of 1938, The (See Bob Hope Series) (m/v)
   Big Chill, The (m/v)
   Big House, The - English Version (1) (m)
  Big House, The - Spanish Version (1) (m)
  Big Jack (m)
   Big Jake (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Big Jim McLain (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Big Knife, The (v)
   Big Lift, The (m/v)
   Big Noise, The (See Laurel & Hardy Series) (v)
   Big Premiere, The (v)
  Big Red (m)
  Big Short, The (m)
   Big Sleep, The (1945 Pre-Release) (N) (m)
   Big Sleep, The (1945 Version) (N) (m)
   Big Sleep, The (1946 T) (N) (m)
  Big Sleep, The (1946 Version) (N) (m)
  Big Sleep, The (E) (m)
  Big Sleep, The (m)
  Big Sombrero. The (m)
   Big Store, The (See Marx Brothers Series) (m/v)
   Big Street, The (m)
   Big Trail, The (70mm Grandeur) (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Big Trail, The (Standard Ratio) (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Big Wedding, The (m/v)
  Billboard Dad (m)
  Billy The Kid - 1930 (1) (m)
  Billy The Kid - 1941 (1) (m)
  Billy The Kid - Showdown In Lincoln City (m)
  Biloxi Blues (m)
   Birdcage, The (See Robin Williams Series) (m/v)
   Birdman (m/v)
   Birds, The (m/v)
  Birth Of A Nation, The (2016) (m)
  Birth Of Christ, The (m)
   Bishop Murder Case, The (See Philo Vance Series) (m/v)
  Black Beauty (4x3) (m)
  Black Beauty (16x9) (m)
   Black Camel, The (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
  Black Hills, The (m)
   Black Legion (v)
   Black Magic (a.k.a. Meeting At Midnight) (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Black Narcissus (m/v)
  Black Plague (m)
   Black Room, The (H) (m)
  Black Stallion (4x3) (m)
  Black Stallion (m)
  Black Stallion Returns (4x3) (m)
  Black Stallion Returns (m)
   Blackboard Jungle (m)
   Blackout (m/v)
  Blackwater Gold (m)
  Blade Runner (m)
  Blair Witch (16x9) (m)
  Blair Witch (m)
  Blazing Saddles (4x3) (m)
  Blazing Saddles (m)
  Blazing Sun, The (m)
  Blind Date (4x3) (m)
  Blind Date (m)
   Blind Side, The (m)
   Bling Ring, The (m/v)
   Blondes At Work(m) (See Torchy Blane Series) (v)
   Blood Alley (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Blood Diamond (m/v)
  Blood On The Sun (UG) (m)
   Blood Simple (m)
  Blossoms In The Dust (m)
  Biloxi Blues (m)
   Blue Dahila, The (N) (m)
  Blue Ice (m)
   Blue Jasmine (See Woody Allen Series) (m)
   Blue Max, The (m/v) (x2)
   Blue Steel (See John Wayne Series) (v)
  Blue Thunder (4x3) (m)
   Blue Thunder (m)
   Blue, White And Perfect (See Michael Shayne Series) (v)
   Blues Brothers, The - Extended Version (m/v)
   Blues Brothers, The - Theatrical Version (v)
  Boat Trip (m)
  Bodies, Rest And Motion (m)
  Body Snatcher, The (m)
  Bodyguard (1) (m) (x2)
   Bohemian Girl, The (See Laurel & Hardy Series) (v)
  Bolt (m)
  Bon Jovi - The Crush Tour (m)
  Bombers B-52 (m)
  Bone Tomahawk (m)
  Bonnie And Clyde (4x3) (m)
   Bonnie And Clyde (m/v)
  Bone Collector, The (m)
  Boogie Man Will Get You, The (H) (m)
  Book Of Esther, The (m)
   Border Incident (N) (m/v)
   Born Free (m/v)
   Born Reckless (R) (m/v)
   Born To Kill (N) (m)
   Born To The West (a.k.a. Hell Town) (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Born Yesterday (m)
   Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture (See Boston Blackie Series) (4) (m.v)
  Boston Strangler, The (m)
   Bound For Glory (m/v)
  Bourne Identity, The - 1988 (m)
   Bourne Identity, The (m/v)
   Bourne Supremacy, The (m/v)
  Bourne Ultimatum, The (m)
   Bowery At Midnight (v)
   Bowling For Columbine (m/v)
   Boy, Did I Get A Wrong Number (See Bob Hope Series) (v)
   Boy Next Door, The (m)
   Boyhood (m)
  Boys Town (m)
   Brannigan (See John Wayne Series) (v)
  Brave Little Toaster To The Rescue, The (m)
   Breakfast At Tiffany's (m)
   Breakfast Club, The (m)
   Breakfast Of Champions (m)
  Breakfast On Pluto (m)
  Breakheart Pass (16x9) (m)
  Breaking Away (4x3) (m)
  Breaking Away (m)
   Brewster's Millions - 1945 (m)
  Brewster's Millions (m)
   Bride Of Frankenstein (See The Frankenstein Series) (v)
   Bride Of The Monster (v)
   Bride Wore Boots, The (The Barbara Stanwyck Series) (v)
   Bridesmaids - (Unrated) (m)
   Bridesmaids (T) (m)
   Bridge Of Spies (m)
   Bridge On The River Kwai, The (v)
   Bridge On The River Kwai, The - Part 1 (m/v)
   Bridge On The River Kwai, The - Part 2 (m/v)
   Bridges Of Madison County, The (m/v)
  Bridget Jones - The Edge Of Reason (m) (x2)
  Bringing In The Dead (m)
   Bringing Up Baby (m/v)
  Bro (m)
  Broadcasst News (m)
   Broadway Melody (1929), The (See Broadway Melody Series) (v)
   Broadway Melody Of 1936 (See Broadway Melody Series) (v)
   Broadway Melody Of 1938 (See Broadway Melody Series) (v)
   Broadway Melody Of 1940 (See Broadway Melody Series) (m/v)
   Broken Arrow - 1950 (m)
   Broken Arrow - 1996 (m)
   Broken City (m/v)
   Brotherhood, The (v)
  Brother Bear (m)
  Brother Bear 2 (m)
  Brother Orchid (m)
   Bruce Almighty (m)
   Buddy Holly Story, The (v)
   Buck Privates (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Buck Privates Come Home (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
  Bugsy (E) (m)
   Burning Bed, The (4x3) (m)
  Bull Durham (m)
   Bulldog Drummond At Bay (1937) (See Bulldog Drummond Series) (v)
   Bulldog Drummond Comes Back (1937) (See Bulldog Drummond Series) (v)
   Bulldog Drummond (1929) (See Bulldog Drummond Series) (v)
   Bulldog Drummond Escapes (1937) (See Bulldog Drummond Series) (v)
   Bulldog Drummond In Africa (1938) (See Bulldog Drummond Series) (v)
   Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (1934) (See Bulldog Drummond Series) (v)
   Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (1947) (See Bulldog Drummond Series) (v)
   Bulldog Drummond's Bride (See Bulldog Drummond Series) (v)
   Bulldog Drummond's Peril (1938) (See Bulldog Drummond Series) (v)
   Bulldog Drummond's Revenge (1937) (See Bulldog Drummond Series) (v)
   Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police (1939) (See Bulldog Drummond Series) (v)
   Bulldog Jack (1935) (See Bulldog Drummond Series) (v)
   Bullfighters, The (See Laurel & Hardy Series) (v)
  Bullitt (4x3) (m)
   Bullitt (m/v)
   Bus Stop (See The Marilyn Monroe Series) (v)
  Bustin' Loose (m)
  Butchers Wife, The (m) (x2)
   Butler, The (m/v)
   Butterfield 8 (m/v)
   Bye, Bye Birdie (m)
   C.S.A. - The Confederate States Of America (m)
   Cabaret (m)
   Cactus Flower (m)
   Caddyshack (m)
   Cadence (v)
   Caine Mutiny, The (m/v)
   Caged (N) (v)
   California Suite (m) (x2)
   Call, The (v)
   Calling All Tars (See Bob Hope Series) (v)
   Calling Dr. Kildare (See Dr. Kildare Series) (v)
   Calling Philo Vance (See Philo Vance Series) (v)
   Camelot (m/v)
   Camille (m/v)
   Can-Can (m/v)
   Canadian Bacon (v)
  Canal Zone (4) (m)
   Canary Murder Case, The (See Philo Vance Series) (NU) (v)
   Candidate, The (4x3) (m/v)
   Cannery Row (v)
  Cannonball Run, The (m)
   Can't Help Singing (See Deanna Durbin Series) (v)
   Captain America - The First Avenger (m)
  Cape Fear - 1991 (m)
  Capone (m)
  Captain Blood (m)
   Captain Phillips (m/v)
  Captain Ron (m)
  Captain's Courageous (m)
   Cardinal, The (v)
   Carefree (See Fred Astaire - Ginger Rogers Series) (v)
   Carlito's Way (m/v)
  Carnal Knowledge (4x3) (m)
   Carnal Knowledge (m/v)
   Carnival Of Souls (v)
   Carpetbaggers, The (m)
   Carrie (m)
  Casablanca (m)
   Case Of The Black Cat, The (See Perry Mason Series) (v)
   Case Of The Curious Bride, The (See Perry Mason Series) (v)
   Case Of The Howling Dog, The (See Perry Mason Series) (v)
   Case Of The Lucky Legs, The (See Perry Mason Series) (v)
   Case Of The Stuttering Bishop, The (See Perry Mason Series) (v)
   Case Of The Velvet Claws, The (See Perry Mason Series) (v)
   Cash McCall (m)
   Casino (m/v) (See Martin Scorsese Series)
   Casino Murder Case, The (See Philo Vance Series) (v)
   Casino Royale (See James Bond Series) (v)
   Cast A Giant Shadow (See John Wayne Series) (v)
  Cast Away (m)
   Castle In The Desert (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (See Paul Newman Series) (v)
   Cat Ballou (m)
   Catch-22 (m)
  Cattle Queen Of Montana (m)
  Caveman (4x3) (m)
   Caveman (m/v)
   Change Of Heart (v)
   Charade (m)
  Charade (UG) (m)
   Charley Varrick (m/v)
   Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (v)
   Charlie Chan At The Circus (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan At Monte Carlo (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan At The Olympics (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan At The Opera (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan At The Race Track (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan At The Wax Museum (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan At Treasure Island (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan Carries On (Spanish Version w/Manuel Arbo) (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan In Egypt (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan In Honolulu (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan In Panama (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan In Reno (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan In Rio (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan In The Secret Service (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan On Broadway (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan Over New York (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan's Chance (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan's Courage (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise (v)
   Charlie Chan's Secret (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
  Charley Varrick (m)
   Charly (4x3) (m)
  Charly (m)
   Check And Double Check (m/v)
   Cherry 2000 (m)
   Chicage (v)
  Children's Hour, The (m)
  China Syndrome, The (4x3) (m)
   China Syndrome, The (m/v)
  Chainatown (m)
   Chinese Cat, The (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Chinese Ring, The (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Chisum (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Christmas In Connecticut (m)
  Christmas Under Wraps (m)
  Christmas With The Krangs (4x3) (m)
  Christmas With The Kranks (m)
   Cimarron (m/v)
   Cincinnati Kid, The (m/v)
   Cinerama Adventure (v)
   Circle Of Friends (m/v)
   Circus World (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Citizen Kane (m)
  City Hall  (4x3) (m)
  City Hall (m)
   City Heat (m/v)
   City In Darkness (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   City Of Missing Girls (v)
   City Slickers (m/v)
   Clash By Night (See Marilyn Monroe Series) (N) (v)
   Clear And Present Danger (See Jack Ryan Series) (v)
   Cleopatra - Part 1 (m/v)
   Cleopatra - Part 2 (m/v)
   Cleopatra (R) (m)
  Clifford (4x3) (m)
   Cliffhanger (m/v)
  Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (m)
   Cloud Atlas (v)
  Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (v)
  Clown, The (1) (m)
   Clue - The Movie (m)
  Cocktail (m)
   Cocoon (See Cocoon Series) (v)
   Cocoon - The Return (See Cocoon Series) (v)
  Cold Mountain (m)
   Collateral (m/v)
   College Swing (See Bob Hope Series) (v)
   Collision Course (v)
   Colombiana (v)
  Colors (m)
   Colossus - The Forbin Project (v)
   Colossus Of New York, The (v)
   Come September (v)
  Comes A Horseman (m)
   Comin' Round The Mountain (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Comancheroes, The (See John Wayne Series) (v)
  Concussion (m)
   Confessions Of Robert Crumb, The (v)
   Conflict (N) (1) (m)
  Conjuring 2, The (m)
  Conjuring, The (m)
   Conqueror, The (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Conspirator (1) (N) (m)
   Contact (v)
   Contempt (v)
   Conversation, The (m)
   Convoy (v)
  Cookie's Fortune (4x3) (m)
  Cookie's Fortune (m)
  Cool Hand Luke (4x3) (m)
   Cool Hand Luke (m/v)
   Cooler, The
   Copycat (m)
   Cornered (N) (v)
   Cosmic Man, The (v)
   Cotton Club (v)
   Count Dracula's Great Love (See Elvira Series) (v)
   Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard (v)
   Courage Under Fire (m)
   Courtship Of Eddie's Father, The (m/v)
   County Girl, The (v)
   Cowboys, The (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Crack In The World (v)
   Creature From The Black Lagoon (See Creature From The Black Lagoon Series) (v)
   Creature Walks Among Us, The (See Creature From The Black Lagoon Series) (v)
   Crime In The Streets (v)
   Crime Wave (v)
  Crimes Of The Heart (m)
  Criminal (m)
   Criminal Activities (m)
   Crimson Tide (v)
   Criss Cross (N) (m/v)
   Critics, The (See Bob Hope Series) (v)
   Critters (See Critters Series) (v)
   Critters 2 (See Critters Series) (v)
   Critters 3 (See Critters Series) (v)
   Critters 4 (See Critters Series) (v)
  Crossfire (m)
  Crossfire Trail (m)
  Crowded Sky, The (m)
   Crumb (v)
   Crush (m)
  Cry Of The City (N) (2)
   Cult Of The Cobra (m/v)
   Crusades, The (m)
   Curse Of The Pink Panther (See The Pink Panther Series) (v)
   Cynthia (m)
   Cyrano De Bergerac (m)
   D.I., The (m/v)
   D.O.A. (N) (m/v)
  Daddy And Them (m)
   Dakota (See John Wayne Series)
   Dallas Buyers Club (m/v)
  Damn The Defiant (4x3) (m)
  Dame TheDefiant (m)
   Dames (v)
  Dances With Wolves (m)
   Dance With Me Henry (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Dancing Lady (v)
   Dancing Masters, The (See Laurel & Hardy Series) (v)
   Danger Island (See Mr. Moto Series) (v)
  Dangerous Beauty (4x3) (m)
  Dangerous Beauty (m)
   Dangerous Money (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Danish Girl, The (m)
   Dark Alibi (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Dark Command (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Dark Corner, The (N) (9) (m/v)
   Dark Horse, The (m)
   Dark Knight, The (See Series) (v)
   Dark Knight Rises, The (See Series) (v)
  Dark Passage (N) (m)
  Dark Shadows - 2012 (m)
  Dark Valley, The (m)
  Dark Victory (R) (m)
   Das Boot - (D) - Part 1 (m/v)
  Das Boot - (D) - Part 2 (m/v)
   Dave (4x3) (m)
   Dave (m)
  Day After, The (m)
   Day Of The Jackal, The (m)
   Day Of The Outlaw (m)
   Day The Earth Stood Still, The (m)
  Days Of Wine And Roses (m)
   Dawn Patrol, The (v)
   Dawn Rider, The (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Dead Man Walking (m)
   Dead Men Tell (See Charlie Chan Series) (v)
   Dead Poets Society (See Robin Williams Series) (v)
   Dead Pool, The (See Dirty Harry Series) (v)
   Dead Snow (m)
   Dead Ringer (m)
   Dead Snow 2 - Red vs. Dead (m)
   Deadlier Than The Male (v)
   Deadly Mantis, The (SF) (m/v)
   Deal, The (m)
  Dear Mom, Love Cher (m)
   Death Of Smoochy (See Robin Williams Series) (v)
   Decoy (v)
   Deer Hunter, The (m/v)
  Defiance (m)
   Defiant Ones, The (v)
   Deliverance (m)
  Delphi Bureau, The - The Merchant Of Death Assignment (1) (m)
   Demetrius And The Gladiators (m/v)
   Dentist, The (The W.C. Fields Series) (v)
  Denver & Rio Grande (m)
   Desert Command (Edited version of 1933 serial Three Musketeers) (See John Wayne Series)(v)
   Desert Fox, The (m)
   Desert Rats, The (m)
   Desert Trail, The (See John Wayne Series)
  Departed, The (m)
   Desperate (N) (v)
   Despicable Me 2 (See Despicable Me Series) (v)
  Destination Moon (SF) (m)
   Destination Tokyo (m)
   Destry Rides Again (v)
   Detective Story (v)
   Detour (N) (v)
   Detropia (v)
   Devil Wears Prada, The (m/v)
   Devil's Cabaret, The (S) (m/v)
   Devil's Wedding Night, The (See Elvira Series) (v)
   Diaboliqfue (m)
   Diamond Jim (9) (m)
   Diamonds Are Forever (See James Bond Series) (v)
   Diary Of Anne Frank, The (R) (m/v)
   Dick Tracy - 1990 (v/m)
   Die Another Day (See James Bond Series) (v)
   Die Hard (See Die Hard Series) (Extended And Theatrical Verisons)
   Die Hard 2 - Die Harder (See Die Hard Series) (v)
   Die Hard With A Vengeance (See Die Hard Series) (v)
   Dillinger (m/v)
   Dinner At Eight (m/v)
  Dirty Dancing (m)
   Dirty Dozen, The (m)
   Dirty Harry (See Dirty Harry Series) (v)
   Disbarred (9) (UG) (m)
   Distance Drums (v)
   Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood (m)
   Divorcee, The (See Forbidden Hollywood, Vol. 2 Series) (v)
   Django Unchained (v)
   Doc Hollywood (m)
   Doctor Bull (Restored) (m/v)
   Doctor Zhivago - Part 1 (m/v)
   Doctor Zhivago - Part 2 (m/v)
   Dog Day Afternoon (4x3) (m)
  Dog Day Afternoon (m)
   Don't Bother To Knock (See The Marilyn Monroe Series) (v)
   Donovan's Reef (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Doomsday Machine, The (See Elvira Series) (v)
  Dolly Parton's Coat Of Many Colors - Alternate Version (m)
  Dolly Parton's Coat Of Many Colors (m)
  Doubule Dynamite (m)
   Double Exposure (See Bob Hope Series) (v)
   Double Indemnity (N) (m) x2
   Down To Earth (m)
  Dr. Cyclops (SF) (m)
   Dr. Kildare Goes Home (See Dr. Kildare Series) (v)
   Dr. Kildare's Crisis (See Dr. Kildare Series) (v)
   Dr. Kildare's Strange Case (See Dr. Kildare Series) (v)
   Dr. Kildare's Victory (See Dr. Kildare Series) (v)
   Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day (See Dr. Kildare Series) (v)
   Dr. No (See James Bond Series) (v)
   Dr. Syn (v)
   Dracula (See The Dracula Series) (v)
   Dracula (Spanish Version) (See The Dracula Series) (v)
   Dracula's Daughter (See The Dracula Series) (v)
   Dragon Murder Case, The (See Philo Vance Series) (v)
   Dreamgirls (4x3) (v)
   Dressed To Kill (See Michael Shayne Series) (v)
   Driving Miss Daisy (m)
   Drums Along The Mohawk (v)
   Duck Soup (See Marx Brothers Series) (v)
   Duel At Silver Creek, The (v)
   Duel In The Sun (m)
  Dumb And Dumber - Unrated (m)
   Dumb And Dumber To (m)
   Dust Be My Destiny (m) (1)