DVD Collection E - H

Movies As Of 05/03/2016 *
(A) Adult
(c) color / colorized
(C) Commentary
(D) Director Cut
(E) Extended Version
(G) Gangster Films
(H) Horror Films
(m) mkv
(M) Musicals+
(N) Film Noir
(P) Pre-code
(R) Restored
(S) Silent Film
(SF) Science Fiction
(s) Short
(R) Restored
(T) Theatrical Verison
(U) Up Grade Needed
(v) vob
Silent Movies
   Edison Films (4 DVD's of material) (v)
   Enoch Arden - Part II - 1911 (v)
   Four Sons - 1928 (m)
  Fulta Fisher's Broading House - 1921 (m)
   Girls - 1927 (m/v)
   Go West - 1925 (plus The Scarecrow / The Paleface) (v)
  His Day Out - 1918 (m) (9)
   The Farmer's Wife - 1928(v)
   General, The - 1926 (m/v)
   General, The - 1926 (Plus) (m)
  Girl Ranchers, The - 1913 (v)
  Edgar Bergen - An American Drawback (s) (m)
Sound Movies
   8 1/2 (m/v)
   4th Floor, The (m)
   42 - The Jackie Robinson Story (m/v)
   42nd Street (v)
  84 Charning Cross Road (m)
   5,000 Fingers Of Dr. T, The (v)
  Clown, The (1) (m)
   E. T. The Extra Terrestrial (v)
   Earth vs. The Flying Saucer (m/v)
   Earth vs. The Spider (v)
  East Of The River (1) (m)
  East Side, West Side (m)
  Easy Money (4x3) (m)
   Easy Money (m)
   Easy Rider (m)
   Easy To Love (See Esther Williams Series) (v)
   Egg & I, The (See Ma & Pa Kettle Series) (v)
   El Cid - Part 1 (m/v)
   El Cid - Part 2 (m/v)
   El Dorado (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   Election - Special Edition (v)
  Elvis & Nixon (m)
   Elvis On Tour (v)
   Emperor Jones, The (R) (m)
   Emperor Of The North (v)
   Emperor's New Groove, The
  Enchanted Cottage, The (m)
  Endless Love (m)
  Enemy Below, The (m)
   Enforcer, The (See Dirty Harry Series) (v)
  Entourage - The Movie (m)
   Epic (v)
   Erin Brockovich (m)
   Eskimo Nell (v)
   Eternally Yours (v)
   Evan Almighty (v)
   Everybody Sing (v)
  Everything Must Go (m)
  Everytime We Say Goodbye (m)
  Executive Action (m)
   Executive Suite (v)
   Ex-Mrs. Bradford, The (m)
   Exorcist, The - The Version You've Never Seen (m)
   Exorcist, The (D) (v)
  Eye In The Sky (m)
   Eye Of The Needle (m)
   Face Of Love, The (m)
   Facts Of Life, The (See Bob Hope Series) (v)
   Fahrenheit 451 (m)
  Fail-Safe (m)
   Failure To Launch (m)
   Falcon And The Co-Eds, The (See The Falcon Series) (v)
   Falcon In Danger, The (See The Falcon Series) (v)
   Falcon In Hollywood, The (See The Falcon Series) (v)
   Falcon In Mexico, The (See The Falcon Series) (v)
   Falcon In San Francisco, The (See The Falcon Series) (v)
   Falcon Out West, The (See The Falcon Series) (v)
   Falcon Strikes Back, The (See The Falcon Series) (v)
   Falcon Takes Over, The (See The Falcon Series) (v)
   Falcon's Adventure, The (See The Falcon Series) (v)
   Falcon's Alibi, The (See The Falcon Series) (v)
   Falcon's Brother, The (See The Falcon Series) (v)
  Fall Of The Roman Empire, The - Part 1 (m)
  Fall Of The Roman Empire, The - Part 2 (m)
   Fallen Angel (v)
  Falling In Love (m)
   Family Jewels, The (v) (See Jerry Lewis Series)
   Fargo (m)
   Fashions Of 1934 (m/v)
  Fast Times At Ridgemont High (m)
  Faster (m)
  Fastest Gun Alive, The (1) (m)
  Fatal Attraction (m)
   Fatal Glass Of Beer, The (The W.C. Fields Series) (v)
   Father Of The Bride - 1950 (m/v) (x2)
  Father Of The Bride - 1991 (m)
   Father's Little Dividend (UG)
   Female (P) (See Forbidden Hollywood, Vol. 2 Series) (v)
   Ferris Bueller's Day Off (m/v)
   Fiddler On The Roof (x2) (v)
   Field Of Dreams (m)
   Fiesta (See Esther Williams Series) (v)
   Fievel Goes West (See An American Tail Series) (v)
   Fifth Estate, The (v)
   Fifth Element, The (m)
   Fighting 69th, The (v)
   Fighting Frontiersman, The (m)
   Fighting Kentuckian, The (See John Wayne Series)
   Fighting Seabees, The (v)
   Fighting Sullivans, The (v)
   Film Noir - Bringing Darkness To Light (v)
  Finding Neverland (m)
  Finnishing School (P) (m)
   Firm, The (m)
   First Love (See Deanna Durbin Series) (v)
   First Men In The Moon (m)
   First Monday In October (m/v)
   First Wives Club, The (m/v)
   Five Came Back (m)
   Five Easy Pieces (v)
   Fixer Uppers, The (See Laurel & Hardy Series)
  Flame Of Love, The (m)
   Flame Of The Barbary Coast (See John Wayne Series)
   Flash Gordon - The Peril From Planet Mongo (m/v)
   Flash Gordon - The Purple Death From Outer Space (m/v)
   Flashdance (m/v)
   Fletch (See Fletch Series) (m/v)
   Fletch Lives (See Fletch Series)
   Flight (m)
   Flower Drum Song (m)
  Flowing Gold (1) (m)
   Fly-Away Baby(m) (See Torchy Blane Series)
   Flying Down To Rio (See Fred Astaire - Ginger Rogers Series)
   Flying Leathernecks (See John Wayne Series)
   Flying Tigers (See John Wayne Series)
   Follow The Fleet (See Fred Astaire - Ginger Rogers Series)
   Footlight Parade (v)
   Footloose (m)
   For A Few Dollars More (v)
  For All Mankind (m)
  For Love Or Money (m)
   For Me And My Gal (m)
   For The Boys (v)
   For Whom The Bell Tolls (v)
   For Your Eyes Only (See James Bond Series)
   Forbidden Street, The (N) (9) (m)
   Force Of Evil (v)
   Foreign Correspondent (v)
   Forever, Darling (v)
  Forget Paris (4x3) (m)
  Forget Paris (m)
   Fort Apache (See John Wayne Series)
   Fort Apache, The Bronx (See Paul Newman Series) (v)
   Fortune Cookie, The (m)
  Forsaken (m)
  Fosse (m)
  Four Christmases (4x3) (m)
  Four Christmases (m)
  Four Faces West (m)
  Four Frightened People (m)
  Four Musketeers, The (4x3) (m)
  Four Musketeers, The (m)
   Four Men And A Prayer (m)
   Four Seasons, The (m/v)
   Four Weddings And A Funeral (4x3) (m)
   Four Weddings And A Funeral (m/v)
  Frankenhooker (m)
   Frankenstein (See The Frankenstein Series)
   Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster (v)
  Frankenstein 1970 (m)
   Frankenweenie (m)
  Frankie & Alice (m)
  Frankie & Johnny (m)
   Freaks (m/v)
  French Connection, The (m)
  French Lieutenant's Woman, The (m)
  Friendly Persuasion (m)
  From Duck Till Dawn (m)
   From Here To Eternity (m/v)
  From Paris With Love (m) (x2)
   From Russia With Love (See James Bond Series)
   Front Page, The - 1931 (See The Front Page Series) (U)
   Front Page, The - 1974 (See The Front Page Series) (m)
   Fugitive, The (m)
   Full House, (O. Henry's) (See The Marilyn Monroe Series)
   Full Tilt Boogie (m)
  Funny Farm (m)
  Fury (m)
   G.I. Jane (m)
  Gabriel Over The White House (1) (m)
   Galaxy Quest (v)
   Gambler And The Lady (v)
  Game, The (4x3) (m)
  Game, The (m)
   Gandhi (v)
   Gangs Of New York - Part 1 (m) (See Martin Scorsese Series)
  Gangs Of New York - Part 2 (m) (See Martin Scorsese Series)
   Garden Murder Case, The (See Philo Vance Series) (v)
   Garden Of Allah, The (m)
   Gauntlet, The (See Clint Eastwood Series) (v)
   Gay Divorcee, The (See Fred Astaire - Ginger Rogers Series) (v)
   Gay Falcon, The (See The Falcon Series) (v)
   G-Men (v)
   Gentleman's Agreement (m/v)
   General's Daughter, The (m)
   George Girl (m)
   Get Shorty (4x3) (m)
   Get Shorty (m)
   Getaway, The - 1971 (m/v)
   Ghost And Mrs. Muir, The (m)
   Ghost Of Frankenstein, The (See The Frankenstein Series)
  Ghost Town Law (m)
  Ghostbusters 2 (m)
  Ghostbusters (m)
   Giant Behemoth, The (m)
   Giant From The Unknown (v)
   Gidget (See Gidget Series)
   Gidget Goes Hawaiian (See Gidget Series)
   Gidget Goes To Rome (See Gidget Series)
   Gift, The (m)
   Gigi (1949 French) (m)
   Gigi (m)
   Gilda (m)
   Gildersleeve On Broadway (The Great Gildersleeve Series) (v)
   Gildersleeve's Bad Day (The Great Gildersleeve Series) (v)
   Gildersleeve's Ghost (The Great Gildersleeve Series) (v)
  Girl In The Bikini, The (F) (m)
   Girl Of The Golden West, The (See Jeanette MacDonald - Nelson Eddy Series)
   Give A Girl A Break (m/v)
  Gladiator (m)
  Gleason (m)
   Glenn Miller Story, The (m/v)
   Go West (m/v) (See Marx Brothers Series)
   Godfather, The (See The Godfather Series)
   Godfather - 2, The (See The Godfather Series)
   Godfather - 3, The (See The Godfather Series)
   Gods Of Bali (v)
   Going My Way (v)
   Gold Diggers Of 1933 (See Gold Diggers Series) (v)
   Gold Diggers Of 1935 (See Gold Diggers Series) (v)
   Gold Diggers Of 1937 (See Gold Diggers Series) (v)
   Gold Diggers In Paris (See Gold Diggers Series) (v)
   Golden Age Of Comedy, The (v)
   Golden Boy, The (m)
   Golden Voyage Of Sinbad, The (m)
   GoldenEye (See James Bond Series)
   Goldfinger (See James Bond Series)
   Golf Specialist, The (The W.C. Fields Series)
   Gone Girl (m/v)
   Gone With The Wind - 1 (m)
  Gone With The Wind - 2 (m)
   Good Earth (m)
   Good Morning, Vietnam (See Robin Williams Series) (v)
   Good Neighbor Sam (v)
   Good News (v)
   Good Night, And Good Luck (m/v)
   Good Will Hunting (See Robin Williams Series) (v)
   Good, The Bad And The Ugly, The (v)
   Goodbye, Mr. Chips - 1939 (v)
  Goodbye, Mr. Chips - 1969 (m)
   Goodbye Girl, The (v)
   GoodFellas (m) (See Martin Scorsese Series)
   Gorky Park (m)
   Gracie Allen Murder Case, The (See Philo Vance Series) (U)
  Graduate, The (m)
   Grand Budapest Hotel, The (m)
   Grand Canyon (v)
   Grand Central Murder (m)
  Grand Hotel (m)
   Grand Seduction, The (m)
   Grand Torino (v)
   Grapes Of Wrath, The - U.K. Version - Restored (m/v)
   Grapes Of Wrath, The - U.S. Version - Restored (m/v)
   Gravity (m/v)
   Gray Lady Down (m)
   Grease (x2) (m/v)
   Grease 2 (v)
   Great American Broadcast, The (m)
   Great Escape, The (m)
  Great Expectations (m)
   Great Gatsby, The (m/v)
   Great Gildersleeve, The (The Great Gildersleeve Series)
   Great Guns (See Laurel & Hardy Series)
   Great Locomotive Chase, The (v)
   Great Lover, The (See Bob Hope Series)
   Great Man's Lady, The (The Barbara Stanwyck Series)
   Great Rupert, The (v)
   Great St. Louis Bank Robbery, The (m)
   Great Waldo Pepper, The (m/v)
   Great Ziegfeld, The (m/v)
  Greatest Show On Earth, The (m)
   Greatest Story Ever Told, The (See John Wayne Series)
  Greedy (m)
   Green Berets, The (See John Wayne Series)
   Green Grass Of Wyoming (See The Marilyn Monroe / Flicka Series)
   Green Hornet, The (m/v)
   Green Ice (m)
   Green Inferno, The (m)
   Green Lantern (m/v)
  Green Mile, The (m)
   Grey Gardens (m/v)
   Grinch Stole Christmas, The (m)
  Grumpier Old Men (m)
  Grumpy Old Men (m)
  Guarding Tess (m)
  Guess Who (m)
  Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (m)
  Guilty By Susicion (m)
   Gun Crazy (v)
  Gun Hawk, The (1) (m)
  Gung Ho! - 1943 (m)
   Guns Of The Magnificent Seven (See The Magnificent Seven Series)
  Hail, Caesar! (m)
   Hair (4x3) (m)
   Hair (m)
   Half Shot At Sunrise (v)
   Hallelujah (m)
  Hamburger Hill (m)
   Hang 'Em High (v)
   Hangmen Also Die (v)
  Hanoi Hilton, The (m)
   Hannibal (See Hannibal Series)
   Hannibal Rising (See Hannibal Series)
   Hannah And Her Sisters (v)
   Hans Christian Anderson (v)
  Hard To Handle (1) (m)
   Hard Way, The (m)
  Harlan County, U.S.A. (m)
   Harlow (v)
   Hatari! (See John Wayne Series)
   Harry Potter - Chamber Of Secrets (See Harry Potter Series)
   Harry Potter - Deadly Hallows - Part 1 (See Harry Potter Series)
   Harry Potter - Deadly Hallows - Part 2 (See Harry Potter Series)
   Harry Potter - Goblet Of Fire (See Harry Potter Series)
   Harry Potter - Half-Blood Prince (See Harry Potter Series)
   Harry Potter - Order Of The Phoenix (See Harry Potter Series)
   Harry Potter - Prisoner Of Azkaban (See Harry Potter Series)
   Harry Potter - The Sorcerer's Stone (See Harry Potter Series)
  Harvey (m)
  Hateful Eight, The (m)
  Haunted Pumpkin Of Sleepy Hollow, The (m)
  Haunting Of Sorority Row, The (m)
  Have Rocket Will Travel (m)
   Hawaii (Overture-Exit Music) (m)
   Hawaii (m)
   He Walked By Night (UG) (v)
   Heading For Heaven (v)
   Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, The (m/v)
  Hearts And Minds (m)
   Heat, The (v)
   Heat Wave (v)
   Heaven Can Wait - 1943 (v)
   Heaven Can Wait - 1978) (m)
   Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison (m/v)
   Heavenly Days (v)
   Helicopter Spies, The (See The Man From Uncle Series)
   Heiress, The (m/v)
   Heist (m)
   Hell To Eternity (v)
   Hell Town (Originally released as Born To The West) (See John Wayne Series)
   Hellfighters (See John Wayne Series)
   Hello Down There (v)
  Hello, My Name Is Doris (m)
   Hell's Angels (m/v)
   Hell's Kitchen (1) (m)
   Help, The (m/v)
   Her Majesty's Secret Service (See James Bond Series)
   Here Come The Co-Eds (See Abbott & Costello Series)
   Here Comes Mr. Jordan (R) - 1941 (m/v)
   Here We Go Again (See The Great Gildersleeve Series)
   High And The Mighty, The (See John Wayne Series) (v)
  High Crimes (m)
   High Noon (m/v)
   High Sierra (v)
   High Society (m)
   Highway 13 (v)
   Highway 301 (m)
   His Girl Friday (See The Front Page Series) (m/v)
   His Kind Of Woman (v)
   His Private Secretary (U) (See John Wayne Series)
   History Of The World, Part 1 (v)
   Hit The Ice (See Abbott & Costello Series) (v)
   Hitch-Hiker, The (v)
   Hitchcock (m)
   Hobbit, The - An Unexpected Journey (See The Hobbit Series)
   Hobbit, The - The Desolation Of Smaug (See The Hobbit Series)
  Hobson's Choice (R) (m)
  Hoffa (m)
   Hold That Ghost (See Abbott & Costello Series)
   Holiday Affair (v)
   Holiday Inn (v)
   Hollywood Canteen (m)
   Hollywood Party (S) (m)
  Hollywood Party (1( (m)
   Hollywood Revue Of 1929, The (See Laurel & Hardy Series)
   Hollywood Singing And Dancing - The 1930's - 1 (v)
   Hollywood Singing And Dancing - The 1930's - 2 (v)
   Hollywood Uncensored (m)
  Holy Matrimony (2) (m)
   Home Alone (See Home Alone Series)
   Home Alone - 2 (See Home Alone Series)
   Home Alone - 3 (See Home Alone Series)
   Home Alone - Taking Back The House (See Home Alone Series)
   Home Of The Brave (m)
   Home Town Story (See Marilyn Monroe Series)
   Hondo (See John Wayne Series)
   Horn Blows At Midnight, The (See Jack Benny Series)
   Hoodlum, The (N) (m)
   Hook (See Robin Williams Series) (v)
  Hope Floats (4x3) (m)
  Hope Floats (m)
   Hopscotch (m)
   Horrible Bosses 2 (m)
   Horrible Bosses (m)
   Horse Feathers (See Marx Brothers Series)
   Horse Whisperer, The (m)
  Hot Dog - The Movie (m)
   Hot Shots! (m/v)
   Hotel TYransylvania (m) 
  Houdini (m)
   Hound Of The Baskervilles, The (See The Sherlock Holmes Series)
   House Of Bamboo (v)
   House Of Dracula (See The Dracula Series)
   House Of Frankenstein (See The Frankenstein Series)
  How Sweet It Is! (1) (m)
  How The West Was Fun (m)
   How The West Was Won - Part 1 (See John Wayne Series) (m/v)
   How The West Was Won - Part 2 (See John Wayne Series) (m/v)
  How To Be Single (m)
   How To Commit Marriage (See Bob Hope Series)
  How To Murder Your Wife (m)
   How To Steal The World (See The Man From Uncle Series)
   How To Stuff A Wild Bikini (m)
   How To Train Your Dragon (m)
   Huckleberry Finn (v)
   Hud (m) (See Paul Newman Series)
  Huevous Little Roosters Eggcellent Adventure (English) (m)
  Huevous Little Roosters Eggcellent Adventure (Spanish) (m)
  Human Comedy, The (1) (m)
  Hunchback Of Notre Dame, The (m)
   Hundred Foot Journey, The (m)
   Hunger (m)
   Hunger Games, The (See Hunger Games Series)
   Hunger Games, The - Catching Fire (See Hunger Games Series)
   Hunt For Red October, The (See Jack Ryan Series) (m/v)
  Hunter, The (m)
  Hunting Elephants (m)
   Hurricane Express, The (12 Chapter Serial) (U) (See John Wayne Series)
   Hyde Park On The Hudson (m/v)
   Men, The (m)