DVD Collection I - M

Movies As Of 05/03/2016 *
(A) Adult
(c) color / colorized
(C) Commentary
(D) Director Cut
(E) Extended Version
(G) Gangster Films
(H) Horror Films
(m) mkv
(M) Musicals
(N) Film Noir
(P) Pre-code
(R) Restored
(S) Silent Film
(SF) Science Fiction
(s) Short
(T) Theatrical Version
(U) Up Grade Needed
(v) vob
Silent Movies
   Iron Mask, The - 1929 (m) x2
   Iron Mule, The - 1925 (v)
   Kliou (The Killer) - 1921 (v)
   Lady Of The Dug-Out, The - 1918 (v)
   Last Laugh, The - 1924 (v)
   Laugh, Clown, Laugh - 1928 (See Lon Chaney Series) (v)
   Legal Advise - 1916 (v)
   Legong - Dance Of The Virgins - 1935 (v)
   Light Of Faith, The - 1922 (v)
   Little Orphan Annie - 1918 (m)
   Lost World, The (1925) 2 music versions (v)
   Man About Town - 1927 (v)
   Metropolis - 1927 (R) (m)
   Mistaken Orders - 1926 (m) (9)
Sound Movies
   I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang (m/v)
   I Could Go On Singing (v)
   I Love Lucy - The Movie (v)
   I Married An Angel (See Jeanette MacDonald - Nelson Eddy Series)
   I Remember Mama (m/v)
  I Shot Andy Warhol (AG) (m)
   I Wake Up Screaming (v)
  I Walk With A Zombie (m)
  I Want To Live (m)
   I Was A Male War Bride (m/v)
   Ice Age (See Ice Age Series)
   Ice Age - A Mammoth Christmas (See Ice Age Series)
   Ice Age - Continental Drift (See Ice Age Series)
   Ice Age - Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (See Ice Age Series)
   Ice Age - The Meltdown (See Ice Age Series)
   Ice Station Zebra (v)
   If You Could Only Cook (v)
   Il Postino - The Postman (m)
  I'll Be Seeing You (m) (x2)
   I'll Cry Tomorrow (v)
  I'll See You In My Dreams (m)
   I'll Take Sweden (See Bob Hope Series)
   Inception (m)
   Imitation Game, The (m)
   Imitation Of Life - 1934 (m/v)
   Imitation Of Life - 1959 (m/v)
   Impact (m/v)
  In A Lonely Place (m)
   In Cold Blood (v)
   In Harm's Way (See John Wayne Series) (v)
   In Name Only (9) (m)
   In Old California (See John Wayne Series)
   In Old Chicago (E) (m)
   In Old Chicago (T) (m)
   In Society (See Abbott & Costello Series)
   In The Navy (See Abbott & Costello Series)
   Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The (v)
   Incredible Shrinking Man, The (SF) (m)
   Independence Day (D) (m)
   Independence Day (T) (m)
   Informer, The (v)
   Inherit The Wind (m)
  In-Laws, The (m)
  Inn Of The Sixth Happiness, The (2) (m)
  Inside Daisy Clover (m)
   Insomnia (See Robin Williams Series)
   Inspector General, The (m/v)
   International House (See W.C. Fields Series)
   Internes Can't Take Money (The Barbara Stanwyck Series) (See Dr. Kildare Series)
   Interview, The (m)
  Invasion Of The Body Snatchers - 195x (m)
  Invasion Of The Body Snatchers - 1978 (4x3) (m)
  Invasion Of The Body Snatchers - 1978 (m)
   Invictus (m)
   Invisible Agent (See The Invisible Man Series)
   Invisible Man, The (See The Invisible Man Series)
   Invisible Man Returns, The (See The Invisible Man Series)
   Invisible Man's Revenge, The (See The Invisible Man Series)
   Invisible Woman, The (See The Invisible Man Series)
   Irma La Douce (m/v)
   Iron Lady, The (v)
   Island In The Sky (See John Wayne Series)
   Island Of Lost Souls (m)
   It Ain't Hay (See Abbott & Costello Series)
   It Came From Beneath The Sea (m)
  It Came From Outer Space (SF) (m)
   It Happened On 5th Avenue (m/v)
   It Happened One Night (m)
   It Happened One Night (R) (m)
   It Started With Eve (See Deanna Durbin Series)
   It's A Gift (See W.C. Fields Series)
  It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (m)
   It's A Wonderful Life (m/v)
  It's Complicated (m)
   Ivanhoe (v)
   J. Edgar (m/v)
   Jack (See Robin Williams Series)
   Jack And The Beanstalk (See Abbott & Costello Series)
   Jack Reacher (m)
  Jackel, The (m)
   Jade Mask, The (See Charlie Chan Series)
   Jail Bait (v)
  Jane Got A Gun (m)
   Jamaica Inn (v)
   Jamboree (v)
  Jaws (m) (See Jaws Series)
  Jaws 2 (m) (See Jaws Series)
  Jaws 3 (m) (See Jaws Series)
  Jaws - The Revenge (m) (See Jaws Series)
  Jayne Mansfield's Car (m)
   Jazz Singer, The - 1952 (m)
   Jazz Singer, The - 1980 (m)
  Jeepers Creepers (4x3) (m)
  Jeepers Creepers 2 (m)
  Jeepers Creepers (m)
   Jeopardy (m/v)
   Jeremiah Johnson (m/v)
  Jerry MaGuire (m)
   Jersey Boys (m/v)
   Jesse Stone Death In Paradise (v)
   Jet Pilot (See John Wayne Series)
   Jezebel (v)
   JFK (D) (m)
   Jitterbugs (See Laurel & Hardy Series)
   Joe Versus The Volcano (v)
   Joe (m/v)
   Jolson Sings Again (m)
   Joan Of Arc (m)
   Judge Priest (m/v)
   Judge, The (m)
   Judgment At Nuremberg (v)
   Julie & Julia (v)
   Julius Caesar - 1953 (m)
   Junior Bonner (v)
  Junior Miss (2) (m)
   Juno (m)
   Jurassic Park (m) (See Jurassic Park Series)
   Jurassic Park III (m) (See Jurassic Park Series)
  Jurassic World (m) (See Jurassic Park Series)
  Just Cause (m)
   Just Off Broadway (See Michael Shayne Series) x2 (v)
   Karate Kid, The (See The Karate Kid Series)
   Karate Kid 2, The (See The Karate Kid Series)
   Karate Kid 3, The (See The Karate Kid Series)
   Karate Killers, The (See The Man From Uncle Series)
   Keep 'Em Flying (See Abbott & Costello Series)
   Keeper Of The Flame (v)
   Kelly's Heroes (v)
   Kentucky Fried Movie (4x3) (m)
   Kentucky Fried Movie (m)
   Kettle's On Old MacDonald's Farm, The (See Ma & Pa Kettle Series)
   Key Largo (m/v)
   Kid From Spain, The (m)
    Kill Bill (See Kill Bill Series) (v/m)
    Kill Bill - 2 (See Kill Bill Series) (v/m)
   Killer Bait (n) (v)
   Killer Klowns From Outer Space (m)
   Killer's Kiss (See Stanley Kubrick Series) (m/v)
   Killing, The (See Stanley Kubrick Series) (v)
   Killing Fields, The (m)
  Kind Hearts And Coronets (m)
   King's Speech, The (v)
   King Of Comedy, The (m) 
   Kinky Boots (v)
   Kismet (v)
   Kiss Me Deadly
  Kit Carson (m)
  Kitty (6) (m)
   Kitty Foyle (v)
  Klondike Kate (4) (m)
   Knock On Wood (v)
   Kramer vs. Kramer (m/v)
   Kronos (v)
  L.A. Confidential (m)
  La Strada (m)
   Ladder 49 (m)
  Ladies They Talk About (1)
  Lady Eve, The (m)
   Lady For A Day (v)
   Lady For A Night (v/m) (See John Wayne Series)
   Lady Gambles, The (c) (The Barbara Stanwyck Series)
   Lady In The Lake (m/v)
   Lady On A Train (m/v) (See Deanna Durbin Series)
   Ladyhawke (v)
   Lake Placid (See Lake Placid Series)
   Lake Placid 2 (See Lake Placid Series)
   Lake Placid 3 (See Lake Placid Series)
   Lake Placid - The Final Chapter ( See Lake Placid Series)
  Land Of The Pharaohs (m)
   Land Unknown, The (SF) (m/v)
  Laramie (4) (m)
  Laramie Mountains (4) (m)
  Last Challenge, The (1) (m)
   Last Crusade, The (See Indiana Jones Series)
  Last Days Of Patton, The (m)
   Last Exorcism, The (v)
   Last Exorcism II, The (See The Last Exorcism Series)
   Last Holiday (v)
  Last Hurrah, The (m)
   Last Of Sheila, The (m/v)
  Last Of The Dogmen (m)
   Last Picture Show, The (m)
   Last Tango In Paris (v)
   Last Tattoo, The (v)
  Last Time I Saw Paris, The (4x3) 9M)
  Laughing Policeman, The (m)
   Laura (E) (m)
   Laura (m)
   Lawless Frontier, The (See John Wayne Series)
   Lawless Range (See John Wayne Series)
   Le Mans (v)
   Leap Of Faith (v)
  Leave It To Beaver (m)
   Leech Woman, The (SF) (m/v)
   Legacy Of Blood (See Elvira Series)
   Legally Blonde 2 (v)
  Legally Blonde (4x3) (m)
   Legally Blonde (m/v)
  Legend (m)
  Legend Of Tarzan, The (m)
   Legend Of The Lone Ranger, The (See The Lone Ranger Series)
   Legend Of The Lost (See John Wayne Series)
   Lemon Drop Kid, The (See Bob Hope Series)
  Lemonade (m)
   Les Girls (v)
   Les Miserable (v)
   Let It Ride (v)
  Let Us Be Gay (1) (m)
  Letter, The - 1929 (1) (m)
   Letter, The (m/v)
   Let's Make It Legal (See The Marilyn Monroe Series)
   Let's Make Love (See The Marilyn Monroe Series)
   Letter, The
   Letters From Iwo Jima (v)
   Libeled Lady (m/v)
   Licensed To Kill (See James Bond Series)
  Life Happens (m)
   Life Begins At 40 (v)
   Life Of Crime (m)
   Life Of Emile Zola, The (m)
   Life Of Pi (v)
   Life Stinks (4x3) (m)
  Life Stinks (m)
  Life With Father (m)
  Life With Judy Garland - Me And My Shadow (m)
   Life With Mikey (m)
   Lifeboat (m/v)
   Lightning Strikes Twice (v)
   L'il Abner (m/v)
  Like Father, Like Son (m)
  Liliom - 1930 (m)
   Lillies Of The Field (m)
   Lincoln (v)
   Little Big Man (v)
   Little Caesar (m)
   Little House On The Prairie - The Pilot (v)
   Little Giant (See Abbott & Costello Series)
  Little Minister, The (1) (m)
   Little Shop Of Horrors (m/v)
   Live And Let Die (See James Bond Series)
   Live Free Or Die Hard (See Die Hard Series)
   Live Free Or Die Hard (See Die Hard Series) (Un-rated Version)
   Live Ghost, The (See Laurel & Hardy Series)
   Live Wire - Rated (v)
   Live Wire - Un-rated (v)
   Living Daylights, The (See James Bond Series)
  Living Ghost, The (3) (m)
   Locket, The (m)
   Lone Ranger, The (See The Lone Ranger Series)
   Lone Ranger, The (2013) (See The Lone Ranger Series)  
   Lone Ranger And The Lost City Of Gold, The (See The Lone Ranger Series)
   Lonely Guy, The (v)
   Lonely Trail, The (v/m) (See John Wayne Series)
   Lonely Wives (P) (v)
  Long Goodbye, The (m)
   Long Night, The (m/v)
   Long, Long Trailer, The (m/v)
   Long Voyage Home, The (See John Wayne Series)
   Longest Day, The (See John Wayne Series)
   Look Who's Laughing (See The Great Gildersleeve Series)
   Lost Horizon (R) (m)
   Lost In A Harem (See Abbott & Costello Series)
   Lost In Alaska (See Abbott & Costello Series)
   Lost In America (v)
   Lost Weekend, The (m)
  Lost World, The - Part 1 - 2001 (BBC) (m)
  Lost World, The - Part 2 - 2001 (BBC) (m)
   Lost World - Jurassic Park, The (m) (See Jurassic Park Series)
   Love Affair - 1939 (v)
   Love Affair - 1994 (v)
   Love Finds Andy Hardy (See Andy Hardy Series)
  Love Happy (m)
  Love Letter, The (m)
   Love Me Or Leave Me (v)
   Love Nest (See The Marilyn Monroe Series)
  Love Potion #9 (m)
   Love Story (m)
  Loved One, The (m)
   Lovelace (v)
   Lovely To Look At (v)
  Loverboy (m)
   Lucky # Slevin (v)
   Lucky Star (v)
   Lucky Texan, The (See John Wayne Series)
   Lucy &n Desi - A Home Movie (m)
   Lured (m/v)
   M (v)
   Ma & Pa Kettle (See Ma & Pa Kettle Series)
   Ma & Pa Kettle At Home (See Ma & Pa Kettle Series)
   Ma & Pa Kettle At The Fair (See Ma & Pa Kettle Series)
   Ma & Pa Kettle At Waikiki (See Ma & Pa Kettle Series)
   Ma & Pa Kettle Back On The Farm (See Ma & Pa Kettle Series)
   Ma & Pa Kettle Go To Town (See Ma & Pa Kettle Series)
   Ma & Pa Kettle In The Ozarks (See Ma & Pa Kettle Series)
   Ma & Pa Kettle On Vacation (See Ma & Pa Kettle Series)
  Macao (m)
   Mad Genius, The (m)
   Madagascar (See Madagascar Series)
   Madagascar 2 - Escape Africa (See Madagascar Series)
   Madagascar 3 - Europe's Most Wanted (See Madagascar Series)
   Madame X - 1937 (v)
   Madame X - 1966 (v)
   Made Of Honor (v)
   Madea's Witness Protection (m/v)
   Madly Madagascar (See Madagascar Series) (m/v)
   Magdalene Sisters, The (m)
  Magic Mike XXL (m)
  Magic Town (m)
   Magnificent Obsession (m/v)
   Magnificent Seven, The (See The Magnificent Seven Series)
   Magnificent Seven Ride (See The Magnificent Seven Series)
   Magnum Force (See Dirty Harry Series)
   Magnificent Andersons, The (m/v)
   Magnolia (m)
   Maid In Manhattan (m/v)
   Maid In Manhattan (4x3) (m)
   Maid In Sweden (A) (v)
   Maid To Order (4x3) (v)
   Mail Order Bride (1) (m)
   Maleficent (m)
   Maltese Falcon, The - 1931 (m) (See The Maltese Falcon Series)
   Maltese Falcon, The - 1941 (m) (See The Maltese Falcon Series)
   Mamma Mia (v)
   Man From Colorado, The (v)
   Man From Monterey, The (v/m) (See John Wayne Series)
   Man From Utah, The (See John Wayne Series)
  Man Behind The Gun, The (m)
  Man From Galveston, The (1) (m)
  Man From Toronto, The (m)
  Man From U.N.C.L.E., The (m)
   Man Hunt (m/v)
   Man In The Attic, The (v)
   Man In The Moon, The (m)
  Man Of A Thousand Faces (m)
   Man On Fire (m)
   Man Of Steel (m)
  Man They Could Not Hang, The (H) (m)
   Man Who Came To Dinner, The (v)
  Man Who Could Work Miracles, The (UG) (m)
   Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The (See John Wayne Series)
   Man Who Knew Too Much, The (m)
   Man Who Wouldn't Die, The (See Michael Shayne Series)
   Man With The Golden Gun, The (See James Bond Series)
  Manchurian Candidate, The (4x3) (m)
  Manchurian Candidate, The (m)
   Mandela - Long Walk To Freedom (m/v)
   Man's Favorite Sport (v)
   March Of The Wooden Soldiers (See Laurel & Hardy Series)
   Marilyn (m)
   Mark Of Zorro, The (Both Color And Black & White) (v)
   Mars Attacks! (m)
  Martian, The (m)
  Marty (m)
  Mary, Mary (1) (m)
   MASH (m)
   Master Of Disguise, The (v)
  Mating Game, The (1) (m)
  Mattrimonial Bed, The (P) (1) (m)
  Max Dugan Returns (m)
   Mayor Of Hell, The (v)
   Maytime (See The Jeanette MacDonald - Nelson Eddy Series)
  McCabe & Mrs. Miller (m)
   McHale's Navy (v)
   McLintock! (See John Wayne Series)
   McQ (See John Wayne Series)
   Mean Girls (See Mean Girls Series) (v)
   Mean Girls 2 (m) (See Mean Girls Series) (m)
   Mean Streets (m) (See Martin Scorsese Series)
   Meanest Man In The World, The (See Jack Benny Series)
  Mechanic, The (4x3) (m)
  Mechanic, The (m)
   Medicine Man, The (See Jack Benny Series)
   Meet Joe Black (v)
   Meet John Doe (m/v)
   Meet The Parents (m)
   Men, The (m/v)
   Men In Black (See Men In Black Series)
   Men In Black II (See Men In Black Series)
   Men In Black 3 (See Men In Black Series)
   Men Of Boys Town (m)
  Men Of Honor (m)
  Mermaids (m)
  Merton Of The Movies (m)
   Message In A Bottle (v)
   Mexican Hayride (See Abbott & Costello Series)
   Michael Collins - Part 1 (v)
   Michael Collins - Part 2 (v)
   Michael Shayne, Private Detective (See Michael Shayne Series)
   Midnight Cowboy (4x3) (m)
   Midnight Cowboy (m/v)
   Midnight In Paris (v)
   Midway (m)
  Mildred Pierce (R) (m)
  Milk Money (m)
   Million Dollar Baby (m/v)
   Million Dollar Mermaid (See Esther Williams Series)
  Min And Bill (1) (m)
  Mind Reader, The (1) (m)
   Ministry Of Fear (m/v)
   Miracle On 34th Street (m/v)
  Miracle On 34th Street - 1994 (m)
   Miracle Worker, The (m)
   Misery (m)
   Miss Congeniality (m)
  Miss Pinkerton (1) (m)
  Missing, The (m)
   Mission Impossible (v)
  Mission Impossible 2 (m)
  Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol (m)
  Mission Impossible - MI III (m)
  Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation (m)
   Mission To Mars (v)
   Mission To Moscow (m)
   Mister Roberts (m/v)
   Mixed Nuts - 1934 (v)
   Mole People, The (SF) (m)
  Molly And Me (m)
   Molly Mcguires, The (m)
  Molokai (v)
   Mon Oncle (French) (v)
  Money Pit, The (m)
  Money Train (4x3) (m)
   Money Train (v)
   Moneyball (v)
   Monkey Business (See Marx Brothers Series)
  Monolith Monster, The (SF) (m)
  Monsieur Verdoux (7) (m)
  Monster On Campus (SF) (m)
   Monster-In-Law (4x3) (m)
   Monster-In-Law (m/v)
   Monsters Ball (m)
   Monte Walsh - 1970 (v)
   Monte Walsh - 2002 (v)
   Monty Python And The Holy Grail (m/v)
   Monuments Men, The (v)
   Moonraker (See James Bond Series)
   Moonstruck (4x3) (m)
   Moonstruck (m/v)
   Moscow On The Hudson (See Robin Williams Series)
   Moss Rose (2) (m)
   Most Dangerous Game, The (v)
   Mother (m)
  Mother's Day (m)
   Mothra - English (v)
   Mothra - Japenses (v)
   Motor Patrol (v)
   Mouse That Roared, The (m/v)
   Move Over, Darling (v)
   Movie43 (v)
   Movie Pests (m)
   Mr. Baseball (m)
  Mr. Belvedere Rings The Bell (2) (m)
   Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (mv)
   Mr. Deeds Goes To Town (m/v)
   Mr. District Attorney (N) (v)
   Mr. District Attorney (v)
   Mr. Holland's Opus (m/v)
   Mr. Magoo (v)
   Mr. Mom (4x3) (v)
   Mr. Mom (v)
   Mr. Moto Takes A Chance (See Mr. Moto Series)
   Mr. Moto Takes A Vacation (See Mr. Moto Series)
   Mr. Moto's Gamble (See Mr. Moto Series)
   Mr. Moto's Last Warning (See Mr. Moto Series)
  Mr. Scoutmaster (2) (m)
   Mr. Skiffington (m/v)
   Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (R) (m)
   Mrs. Doubtfire (See Robin Williams Series) (v)
   Mrs. Miniver (v)
   Mummy, The (See The Mummy Series)
   Mummy's Curse, The (See The Mummy Series)
   Mummy's Ghost, The (See The Mummy Series)
   Mummy's Hand, The (See The Mummy Series)
   Mummy's Tomb, The (See The Mummy Series)
   Munsters, Go Home! (4x3) (m/v) (See The Munsters Series)
   Munsters, Go Home! (m/v) (See The Munsters Series)
   Munsters' Revenge, The (m/v) (See The Munsters Series)
  Murder Is My Beat (N) (1) (m)
   Murder She Said... (v)
  Murder With Pictures - 1936 (UG) (m)
   Murder, My Sweet (v)
   Murphy's Romance (v)
   Murphy's War (v)
   Music Man, The (v)
   Mutiny On The Bounty - 1935 (v)
   My Best Friends Wedding (4x3) (m)
   My Best Friends Wedding (m)
  My Big Fat Greek Wedding (4x3) (m)
  My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (m)
   My Big Fat Greek Wedding (m/v)
   My Cousin Vinny (m)
   My Darling Clementine (R) (T) (m/v)
   My Darling Clementine (Pre-Release) (m/v)
   My Fair Lady (m)
   My Favorite Brunette (See Bob Hope Series)
   My Favorite Wife (m/v)
   My Favorite Year (m/v)
   My Little Chickadee (See W.C. Fields Series)
   My Man Godfrey (m/v) (x2)
   My Old Lady (m)
   My Reputation (m)
   My Sister Eileen (v)
   Mysteries Of The Night Monster, The (See An American Tail Series)
   Mysterious Island (m)
   Mysterious Mr. Moto (See Mr. Moto Series)
   Mystic River (v)