DVD Collection N - S

Movies As Of 05/03/2016 *
(A) Adult
(c) color / colorized
(C) Commentary
(D) Director Cut
(E) Extended Version
(G) Gangster Films
(H) Horror Films
(m) mkv
(N) Film Noir
(M) Musicals
(P) Pre-code
(R) Restored
(S) Silent Film
(SF) Science Fiction
(s) Short
(T) Theatrical Version
(U) Up Grade Needed
(v) vob
Silent Movies
   Napoleon - 1 - 1927 (m)
   Napoleon - 2 - 1927 (m)
   Oliver Twist (1922) (v)
   Our Hospitality - 1923 (v)
   Pandora's Box - 1929 (v)
   Paleface, The (See Go West)
   Passing Of The Oklahoma Outlaw - 1915 (v)
   Passion Of Joan Of Arc, The - 1928 (m)
  Phantom Carriage, The - 1921 (m)
  Playhouse, The - 1921 (v)
   Pool Shark (See W.C. Fields Series) (v)
   Prairie Pirate, The - 1926 (m) (9)
   Prix de Beaute - 1922 (v)
   Robin Hood - 1922
   Silent Movie - 1976
   Spiders - The Golden Sea - 1919
   Spies - 1928 (m/v)
   Street Angel - 1928
   Strike - 1925
   Sunrise - 1927
   The Thief Of Bagdad
   The Three Musketeers - 1921
   Superman (15 Chapters)
Sound Movies
 7 Men From Now
 7th Voyage Of Sinbad, The (m)
 Naked City, The (v)
  Narrow Margin, The (N) (m)
 Nashville (v)
 National Velvet (m/v)
  Natural, The (m)
  Natural Born Killers (m)
 Naughty Marietta (See The Jeanette MacDonald - Nelson Eddy Series)
  Navy Blues - 1929 (1) (m)
 Naughty Nineties, The (See Abbott & Costello Series)
 'Neath The Arizona Skies (See John Wayne Series)  
 Negotiator, The (m)
  Net, The (4x3) (m)
  Net, The (m)
 Network (m)
  Nevada Smith (m/v)
 Never Say Never Again (See James Bond Series)
 Never To Late (m)
 Next Karate Kid, The (See The Karate Kid Series)
 Niagara (See The Marilyn Monroe Series)
 Night And The City (v)
 Night At The Museum (m)
 Night At The Museum - Battle Of The Smithsonian (m)
 Night At The Museum - Secret Of The Tomb (m)
  Night Before, The (m)
 Night Nurse (See Forbidden Hollywood, Vol. 2 Series) (C) (P) (v)
 Night Of The Creeps - Director's Cut (v)
  Night Of The Hunter, The (m)
 Night Of The Living Dead (m/v)
  Night Passage (m)
 Night Riders, The (See John Wayne Series)
 Night Shift (4x3) (m)
  Night Shift (m)
  Ninotchka (m)
  No Country For Old Men (v)
  No Escape (3) (m)
 No Time For Sergeants (m/v)
  No Way Out (4x3) (m)
 No Way Out (m)
  Nosferatu - (English) (m) (x2)
  Nosferatu - (German) (m) (x2)
 Noose Hangs High, The (See Abbott & Costello Series)
  Norma Rae (m)
 North By Northwest (See Alfred Hitchcock Series) (v)
 North To Alaska (See John Wayne Series)
  Not Without My Daughter (m)
   Notorious Landlady, The (v)
  Nothing Ever Happens (s) (m)
  Notting Hill (m)
 November Man, The (v)
 Now You See Me (v)
 Nun Story, The (v)
  Ocean's Thirteen (m)
 Octopussy (See James Bond Series)
  Odd Couple, The (m)
 Odd Life Of Timothy Green, The (m/v)
  Of Human Bondage (UG) (m)
 Oh, God! (See Oh, God! Series)
 Oh, God! Book II (See Oh, God! Series)
 Oh, God! You Devil (See Oh, God! Series)
 Oh! Heavenly Dog (v)
 Oklahoma! (m/v)
 Old Acquaintance (m)
 Old Grey Mayor, The (See Bob Hope Series)
  On Approval (R) (m)
  On Borrowed Time (1) (m)
 On Dangerous Ground (v)
  On Dress Parade (1) (m)
  On Golden Pond (m)
   On The Beach (m/v)
 On The Bowery -1 (v)
 On The Bowery - 2 (v)
  On The Sunny Side (v)
 On The Waterfront (m/v)
  Once Upon A Time (m)
 Once Upon A Time In The West (m/v)
  One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (m)
 One Million Years B.C. (m)
 One Night In The Tropics (See Abbott & Costello Series)
 One Of Our Spies Is Missing (See The Man From Uncle Series)
 One Spy Too Many (See The Man From Uncle Series)
  One Thrilling Night (3) (m)
  One, Two, Three (4x3) (m)
  One, Two, Three (m)
  Onion Field, The (m)
  Only The Lonely (m)
  Open Range (v)
 Operation Mad Ball (v)
 Operation Pacific (See John Wayne Series)
 Operation Petticoat (m/v)
  Opposite Of Sex, The (4x3) (m)
  Opposite Of Sex (m)
  Osmosis Jones (m)
  Osterman Weekend, The (m)
  Other People's Money (m)
  Other Men's Woman (P) (m)
  Our Miss Brooks (1) (m)
   Our Relations (See Laurel & Hardy Series)
  Outbreak (4x3) (m)
  Outbreak (m)
 Outland (m)
 Outlaw, The (m/v)
  Outriders, The (1) (m)
  Out Of Time (m)
  Outsiders, The (m)
  Over The Edge (m)
  Overboard (m/v)
 Ox-Bow Incident, The (m/v)
 Pacific Heights (m)
  Pacific Rim (v)
 Package, The (m)
 Pagan Love Song (See Esther Williams Series)
  Paid (m)
 Paint Your Wagon (v)
 Paleface, The (v)
 Palm Springs Weekend (v)
  Palmy Days (1) (m)
  Panic In The Streets (N) (2) (m/v)
  Panic Room (m)
  Paper, The (m)
  Paper Chase, The (m)
 Paper Moon (m/v)
 Papillon (m/v)
  Parachute Jumper (m)
 Paradise Canyon (See John Wayne Series)
 Pardon My Sarong (See Abbott & Costello Series)
 Paree, Paree (See Bob Hope Series)
 Parenthood (v)
 Paris Holiday (See Bob Hope Series)
 Paris-Manhattan (v)
 Parker (m/v)
  Parrish (m)
  Passion, Live, The (m)
  Passion Of The Christ, The (m)
   Party, The (v)
  Patch Adams (See Robin Williams Series)
  Paths Of Glory (m)
 Patriot Games (See Jack Ryan Series)
 Patton (m)
  Paul Blart - Mall Cop 2 (m)
  Pay It Forward (m)
  Pay The Ghost (m)
  Pebble And The Penguin, The (m)
   Peck's Bad Boy - 1934 (v)
   Peeping Tom (v)
  Peggy Sue Got Married (4x3) (m)
  Peggy Sue Got Married (m)
 Pennies From Heaven (v)
 Penny Serenade (UG) (m/v)
 People vs. Dr. Kildare, The (See Dr. Kildare Series)
  Petrified Forest, The (Commenatry) (v)
 Petrified Forest, The (v)
 Peyton Place (m)
  Phantom (v)
  Phantom Of The Opera - 1943 (m)
 Pharmacist, The (See W.C. Fields Series)
 Phffft! (m/v)
 Philadelphia (m/v)
 Philadelphia Story, The (m./v)
 Philo Vance Returns (See Philo Vance Series) (NU)
 Philo Vance's Gamble (See Philo Vance Series) (NU)
 Philo Vance's Secret Mission (See Philo Vance Series) (NU)
  Picnic (4x3) (m)
  Picnic (m)
  Picture Of Dorian Gray, The (m)
 Pilgrimage - Restored (m/v)
  Pillow Talk (m)
 Pink Panther, The (See The Pink Panther Series)
 Pink Panther Strikes Again, The (See The Pink Panther Series)
 Pirate, The (m/v)
 Pirate Radio (v)
 Pirates Of The Caribbean - At World's End (See The Pirates Of The Caribbean Series) (v)
 Pirates Of The Caribbean - On Stranger Tides (See The Pirates Of The Caribbean Series) (v)
 Pirates Of The Caribbean - The Curse Of The Black Pearl (See The Pirates Of The Caribbean Series) (v)
 Pittsburgh (See John Wayne Series)
 Planes, Trains And Automobiles (m/v)
 Plan 9 From Outer Space (m)
  Planes, Trains And Automobiles (m/v)
  Planet Outlaws (UG) (v)
  Platoon (m)
 Play It Again, Sam (See Woody Allen Series)
 Playing For Keeps (v)
  Pleasantville (m)
   Plimpton (v)
  Plunder Of The Sun (m)
  Point Break (m)
  Polar Express, The (v)
  Poltergeist (4x3) (m)
  Poltergeist (m)
 Popeye (m)
 Portland Expose (v)
 Portrait Of Jennie, The (v)
 Poseidon Adventure, The (m/v)
 Posse From Hell (v)
 Possessed (v)
  Predator (m)
  Pretty Baby (1) (m) x2
 Pretty In Pink (m/v)
  Pretty Womabn (m)
 Pride Of The Yankees, The (m/v)
  Primary Colors (m)
 Prince And The Showgirl, The (See Marilyn Monroe Series)
 Princess And The Pirate, The (See Bob Hope Series)
 Princess Bride, The (v)
 Princess Diaries, The (v)
 Princess Tam Tam (See Josephine Baker Series)
 Prisoner Of Shark Island, The (v)
 Prisoner Of Zenda, The - 1937 (v)
 Prisoner Of Zenda, The - 1952 (v)
  Private Benjamin (4x3) (m)
 Private Navy Of Sgt. O'Farrell, The (See Bob Hope Series)
  Private War Of Major Benson, The (m)
 Producers, The - 1968 (v)
 Producers, The - 2005 (v)
  Program, The (m)
  Prophecy (m)
 Promises, Promises (v)
  Protocol (4x3) (m)
  PT 109 (m)
   Pulp Fiction (m)
  Punisher (m)
  Purchase Price, The (P) (m)
 Pushing Tin (v)
 Pushover (v)
 Puss In Boots (v)
 Pygmalion - 1938 (m/v)
 Quantum Of Solace (See James Bond Series)
 Queen, The (v)
  Quest For Fire (v)
  Quick Gun, The (4) (m)
 Quiet Man, The (See John Wayne Series)
  Quigley Down Under (m)
  Quo Vadis (m)
 Quo Vadis - Part 1 (v)
 Quo Vadis - Part 2 (v)
 Racket, The
 Radar Secret Service
 Radio (m/v)
 Radio Days (m) (See Woody Allen Series)
 Rage At Dawn
 Raging Bull (m) (See Martin Scorsese Series) 
 Raiders Of The Lost Ark, The (See Indiana Jones Series)
 Railway Man, The
 Rain Man (m/v)
 Rainbow Valley (See John Wayne Series)
 Raintree County - Part 1
 Raintree County - Part 2
 Ramson! (1956)
 Randy Rides Alone (See John Wayne Series)
 Rango - Extended
  Ramdon Hearts (1999) (m)
   Ransom - 1996
  Rasputin And The Empress (m)
  Ratatouille (m)
  Raw Nerve (m)
 Ray - Extended (4x3)
 Ray - Extended (WS) (m/v)
  Razor's Edge, The - 1946 (m)
  Razor's Edge, The - 1984 (m)
 Real Buddy Holly Story, The
  Red-Headed Woman (P) (m)
  Red Meat (m)
 Red Pony, The
 Red River (See John Wayne Series)
 Reformer And The Redhead, The (m)
 Reivers, The
 Reluctant Debutante, The (m)
 Requiem For A Heavyweight
  Rescue From Gilligan's Island (m/v)
 Rescuers, The (See The Rescuers Series)
 Rescuers Down Under, The (See The Rescuers Series)
 Return Of A Man Called Horse, The (See Series)
 Return Of Bulldog Drummond, The (See Bulldog Drummond Series)
 Return Of Mr. Moto, The (See Mr. Moto Series)
 Return Of The Magnificent Seven (See The Magnificent Seven Series)
 Return Of The Pink Panther, The (See The Pink Panther Series)
 Reunion In France (See John Wayne Series)
 Revenge Of The Creature (See Creature From The Black Lagoon Series)
 Revenge Of The Pink Panther (See The Pink Panther Series)
  Revenant, The (m)
  Reversible Errors (m)
 Rhapsody In Blue (v)
  Ricki And The Flash (m)
  Ride (m)
 Ride 'Em Cowboy (See Abbott & Costello Series)
 Ride The High Country
  Ride The Wild Surf (m)
 Riders Of Destiny (See John Wayne Series)
  Riders Of The West (UG) (m)
  Riding Shotgun (m)
 Right Stuff (m/v)
 Right Stuff, The - Part 1 (m)
  Right Stuff, The - Part 2 (m)
 Rio Bravo (See John Wayne Series)
 Rio Lobo (See John Wayne Series)
 Rio Rita (See Abbott & Costello Series)
 Road To Bali (See Bob Hope Series)
 Road To Hong Kong, The (See Bob Hope Series)
  Road To Perdition (m)
 Road To Rio (See Bob Hope Series)
 Roaring City (N)
  Roaring Twenties, The (m)
 Robe, The
 Roberta (See Fred Astaire - Ginger Rogers Series)
 Robinson Crusoe
 Robocop (See Robocop Series)
 Robocop 2 (See Robocop Series)
 Robocop 3 (See Robocop Series)
  Rock-A-Doodle - w/Phil Harris (m)
  Rocketeer, The (m)
  Rocky Jones, Space Ranger - Crash Of The Moons (SF) (m)
  Rocky Horror Picture Show, The (UK Version) (m)
  Rocky Horror Picture Show, The (US Verison) (m)
  Rogue Of The Rio Grande (m)
  Roman Holiday (m)
  Roman Scandals (1) (M) (m)
 Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone, The - 1961
 Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone, The - 2003
 Romance (English)
 Romance (French)
  Romancing The Stone (m)
 Rome Adventure
 Romeo & Juliet - 1968 (m/v)
 Rookie, The
 Room Service (m/v) (See Marx Brothers Series)
 Rooster Cogburn - And The Lady (See John Wayne Series)
 Rope (m/v) (See Alfred Hitchcock Series)
 Rose Marie (See The Jeanette MacDonald - Nelson Eddy Series)
 Rosemary's Baby - 1968 (m/v)
 Rosemary's Baby - 2014 (m/v)
 Rough On Rents
 Royal Wedding
  Run Silent, Run Deep (m)
  Runaway (m)
 Runaway Bride (m)
  Runaway Jury (m)
 Runaway Train
 Sabrina - 1954 (m/v)
  Sabrina - 1995 (m)
   Sadie McKee
  Sadie Thompson (m)
  Sadist, The (m)
 Sagebrush Trail (See John Wayne Series)
 Sahara (m/v)
 Saint In London, The (See The Saint Series)
 Saint In New York, The (See The Saint Series)
 Saint In Palm Springs, The (See The Saint Series)
 Saint Meets The Tiger, The (See The Saint Series)
 Saint Strikes Back, The (See The Saint Series)
 Saint Takes Over, The (See The Saint Series)
 Saint's Double Trouble, The (See The Saint Series)
 Saint's Girl Friday, The (See The Saint Series) (NU)
 Saint's Vacation, The (See The Saint Series)
  Salem's Lot (m)
  Salton Sea, The (m)
 Same Time, Next Year (m/v) (x2)
  San Andreas (m)
 San Francisco (m./v)
 Sand Pebbles, The - Extended Version
 Sand Pebbles, The - Theatrical Version
 Sands Of Iwo Jima (See John Wayne Series)
  Satan Met A Lady (m) (See The Maltese Falcon Series)
 Saturday Night Fever
 Savage Pampas
 Save In Hell (m)
 Saving Mr. Banks
 Saving Private Ryan
 Sayonara (m/v)
 Scarface - 1932
 Scarface - 1983
 Scarlet Clue, The (See Charlie Chan Series)
 Scarlet Empress, The
  Scarlet Pages (m)
  Scarlet Pimpernel, The - 1934 (UG) (m) (x2)
 Scary Movie (m/v)
  Scary Movie 2 (m)
  Scary Movie 3 (m)
  Scary Movie 4 - Unrated And Uncensored (m)
  Scary Movie 5 (m)
 Scent Of A Woman (m/v)
  Schindler's List - Part 1 (m)
  Schindler's List - Part 2 (m)
 Scrooge - 1935 (x2) (m/v)
 Scrooge - 1970 (m/v)
  Scrooged - 1988 (m)
 Sea Chase, The (See John Wayne Series)
 Seabiscuit (m/v)
 Searchers, The (See John Wayne Series)
  Secondhand Lions (4x3) (m)
  Secondhand Lions (m)
 Second Woman, The
  Secret 6, The (P) (1) (m)
 Secret Agent (1936)
 Secret Of Dr. Kildare, The (See Dr. Kildare Series)
  Secret Of Mhy Success, The (m)
  See My Lawyer (m) (9)
 Seems Like Old Times
  Sentinel (4x3) (m)
  Serena (m)
 Serenade (m/v)
 Sergeant York (m/v)
 Seven Little Foys, The (See Bob Hope Series)
  Seven Seas To Calais (m)
 Seven Sinners (See John Wayne Series)
 Seven Brides For Seven Brothers - 166
 Seven Brides For Seven Brothers - 255
  Seven Days In May (m)
 Seven Days' Leave (The Great Gildersleeve Series)
 Seven Year Itch, The (See The Marilyn Monroe Series)
  Sex And The Single Girl (m)
 Sex In The City - The Movie
 Sex Is Comedy (French)
 Sex Is Comedy (Sub-titles)
  Sex Monster, The (m)
 Sex Tape (m/v)
 Shadow, The
 Shadow Recruit (See Jack Ryan Series)
  Shadow Riders, The (m)
 Shadow Of The Thin Man (See Thin Man Series)
 Shadow Man
 Shadow Of The Eagle, The (12 Chapter Serial) (UG) (See John Wayne Series)
 Shall We Dance (1937) (See Fred Astaire - Ginger Rogers Series)
 Shall We Dance? (Japanese) (m/v)
 Shall We Dance? - (2004) (m/v)
 Shanghai Cobra, The (See Charlie Chan Series)
 She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (See John Wayne Series)
  She's Funny That Way (m)
  Shenandoah (m)
 Shepherd Of The Hills, The (See John Wayne Series)
 Sheriff Of Fractured Jaw, The (m) 
 Shining, The (R) (m)
 Shoot To Kill - 1947
 Shoot To Kill - 1988
 Shootist, The (See John Wayne Series)
 Shop Talk (See Bob Hope Series)
 Show Boat - 1936
  Show Business (m)
  Showgirls (m)
 Shutter Island (m) (See Martin Scorsese Series)
  Siege, The (m)
  Sign Of The Cross, The (R) (m)
 Silence Of The Lambs, The (See Hannibal Series)
  Silent Running (SF) (m)
  Silk Express, The (1) (m)
  Silkwood (m)
 Silver Chalice, The
 Silver Lining Playbook
 Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger (m)
 Singin' In The Rain (m/v)
  Sink The Bismarck (m)
 Sins Of Harold Diddlebock, The (UG)
 Siren Of The Tropics (See Josephine Baker Series)
  Sisters (Unrated) (E) (m)
  Sisters (Unrated) (m)
  Sixteen Candles (m/v)
  Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow (m)
 Sky Liner (N)
 Skyfall (See James Bond Series)
 Skyjacked (m)
 Sleepers West (See Michael Shayne Series)
 Sleeping With The Enemy (m)
  Sleepless In Seattle (4x3) (m)
 Sleepless In Seattle
 Sleepy Hollow
  Slim (1) (m)
 Smart Blonde(m) (See Torchy Blane Series)
 Smart Money
  Smile (m)
 Smokey And The Bandit (See Smokey And The Bandit Series)
 Smokey And The Bandit II (m/v) (See Smokey And The Bandit Series)
 Smokey And The Bandit 3 (m)
 Sniper, The
 Snow Queen, The
  Snow White And The Huntsmen (E) (m)
  Snow White And The Huntsmen (T) (m)
 Snowman, The (Animated)
 Soap Dish
 S.O.B. (m)
  Soldier In The Rain (m)
  Soldier Of Fortune (R) (m)
 Somebody Up There Likes Me
 Someone To Watch Over Me
 Something In The Wind (See Deanna Durbin Series)
 Something Wild (m/v)
 Sometimes A Great Notion (m) (See Paul Newman Series)
 Somewhere In Sonora (v/m) (See John Wayne Series)
 Son Of Dracula (See The Dracula Series)
 Son Of Frankenstein (See The Frankenstein Series)
  Son Of Godzilla (m)
 Son Of Paleface (See Bob Hope Series)
  Song Of Bernadette, The (m)
 Song Of The South (m)
 Song Of The Thin Man (See Thin Man Series)
 Sons Of Katie Elder, The (See John Wayne Series)
  Sorority Row (m)
 Sorrowful Jones
  Souls At Sea (m)
 Sound Of Music, The (m/v)
 South Pacific
  Space Camp (4x3) (m)
  Space Camp (m)
  Sparky's Magic Piano (m)
 Spartacus (m/v)
 Speed (See Speed Series) (m/v)
 Spencer Tracy Legacy, The - A Tribute By Katharine Hepburn
  Spencer's Mountain (m)
 Spiral Staircase, The
  Spitfire Grill, The (4x3) (m)
  Spitfire Grill, The (m)
  Splendor In The Grass (m)
  Spongebob - The Movie - Sponge Out Of Water (m)
  Spy (m)
  Spyhard (m)
 Spy In The Green Hat, The (See The Man Of Uncle Series)
 Spy Who Loved Me, The (See James Bond Series)
 Spy With My Face, The (See The Man Of Uncle Series)
 Stage Door (m/v)
 Stagecoach (c) (See John Wayne Series)
 Stalag 17 (m/v)
  Stalking Moon, The (m)
  Star Chamber, The (4x3) (m)
 Star Chamber, The (m/v)
 Star Packer, The (See John Wayne Series)
 Star Trek - The Motion Picture (m) (See Star Trek Series)
 Star Trek II - The Wrath Of Khan (m) (See Star Trek Series)
 Star Trek III - The Search For Spock (m/v) (See Star Trek Series)
 Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home (m) (See Star Trek Series)
 Star Trek V - The Final Frontier (m) (See Star Trek Series)
 Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country (m) (See Star Trek Series)
 Star Wars 01 - The Phantom Menace (See Star Wars Series)
 Star Wars 02 - Attack Of The Clones (See Star Wars Series)
 Star Wars 03 - Revenge Of The Sith (See Star Wars Series)
 Star Wars 04 - A New Hope (See Star Wars Series)
 Star Wars 04 - A New Hope (See Star Wars Series) (Updated Version)
 Star Wars 05 - The Empire Strikes Back (See Star Wars Series)
 Star Wars 05 - The Empire Strikes Back (See Star Wars Series) (Updated Version)
 Star Wars 06 - Return Of The Jedi (See Star Wars Series)
 Star Wars 06 - Return Of The Jedi (See Star Wars Series) (Updated Version)
  Starman (4x3) (m)
  Starman (m)
  Starting Over (m)
 State Fair
 State Of The Union
 Staying Alive
  Stella Dallas - 1937 (m)
  Steamboat 'Round The Bend (R) (m)
  Step Mom (4x3) (m)
  Step Mom (m)
  Stepford Wives, The - 1975 (m)
  Stepford Wives, The - 2004 (m)
 Steel Magnolias (m/v)
  Steve Jobs (m)
 Sting II, The (m)
  Stoker Ace (4x3) (m)
  Stork Pays Off The (4) (m)
  Storm Warning (m)
  Stormy Weather (m)
 Story Of Vernon And Irene Castle, The (See Fred Astaire - Ginger Rogers Series)
 Story Of Will Rogers, The
  Straight Talk (4x3) (m)
  Strange Affair (4) (m)
  Strange Love Of Martha Ivers, The (m)
 Strangers When We Meet
 Stratton Story, The
  Strike Me Pink (m)
 Striking Distance (m)
  Stripes (m)
 Sudden Fear
 Sudden Impact (See Dirty Harry Series)
 Suddenly - 2013 (m)
 Suddenly - 1954 (b) (m)
 Suddenly - 1954 (c) (m)
 Sullivan's Travels
 Sum Of All Fears, The (See Jack Ryan Series)
 Summer of  '42 (m/v)
 Sundowners, The
 Sunset Boulevard (m/v)
 Sunset Limited, The (m/v)
 Sunshine Boys, The (m/v)
 Superman And The Mole-Men
 Supersize Me (m)
  Support Your Local Sheriff (m)
  Susan And God (m)
  Susan Slade (m)
  Sweet Dreams (m)
 Sweet Liberty (4x3) (x2) (Need WS
  Swing Shift (m)
 Swing Time (See Fred Astaire - Ginger Rogers Series)
 Swing Vote
  Swinging Cheerleaders, The (m)
 Swiss Miss (See Laurel & Hardy Series)
 Sword And The Sorcerer, The
1 Pati
2 Rachel
3 Both