DVD Collection T - Z

Movies As Of 01/30/2016 *
(A) Adult
(c) color / colorized
(C) Commentary
(D) Director Cut
(E) Extended Version
(G) Gangster Films
(H) Horror Films
(m) mkv
(M) Musicals
(N) Film Noir
(P) Pre-code
(R) Restored
(S) Silent Film
(SF) Science Fiction
(s) Short
(T) Theatrical Version
(U) Up Grade Needed
(v) vob
Silent Movies
Thief Of Bagdad, The - 1924
  Three's A Crowd - 1927
Three Musketeers, The - 1924
  Underworld - 1927
  Wings - 1927 - Orchestra
  Wings - 1927 - Organ
  Wizard Of Oz, The (Many different silent version, plus outtakes from 1939) (m)
  Womanhandled - 1925
   Teddy - The Rough Riders (m)
   The Wall Street Mystery (m) (9)
Sound Movies
  3 Days Of The Condor
  3 Godfathers (See John Wayne Series)
  10 (m)
  10 Rules For Sleeping Around (m) (x2)
  12 Angry Men (m/v)
  12 Days Of Christmas (m)
  13 Going On 30 (m)
  13 Rue Madeleine (m)
  2001: A Space Odyssey (m)
 20,000 Years In Sing Sing (m)
 30 Foot Bride Of Candy Rock, The (See Abbott & Costello Series)
Taking Lives (m)
  Taking Of Pelham 1, 2, 3, The
  Taking Of Pelham One, Two, Three, The - 1974 (m/v)
   Tall Target, The (N) (1) (m)
  Tammy (m/v)
  Taps (m)
  Tarantula (SF) (m)
  Target Earth (m)
  Tarzan And His Mate (See Tarzan Series)
  Tarzan And The Amazons (See Tarzan Series)
  Tarzan And The Huntress (See Tarzan Series)
  Tarzan And The Leopard Woman (See Tarzan Series)
  Tarzan And The Mermaid (See Tarzan Series)
  Tarzan Escapes (See Tarzan Series)
  Tarzan Finds A Son (See Tarzan Series)
  Tarzan Triumphs (See Tarzan Series)
  Tarzan The Ape Man (See Tarzan Series)
  Tarzan's Desert Mystery (See Tarzan Series)
  Tarzan's New York Adventure (See Tarzan Series)
  Tarzan's Secret Treasure (See Tarzan Series)
  Taxi Driver (m) (See Martin Scorsese Series)
  Teahouse Of The August Moon, The
  Ted - Unrated (m)
  Ted (T) (m)
  Ted 2 - Unrated (m)
  Ted 2 (T) (m)
  Teenagers From Outer Space
  Telegraph Trail, The (v/m) (See John Wayne Series)
  Temple Of Doom, The (See Indiana Jones Series)
  Ten Little Indians
   Ten Commandments, The - Part 1 (m)
  Ten Commandments, The - Part 2 (m)
 Testament Of Dr. Mabuse, The
  Texas Carnival (m/v)
  Texas Cyclone (m/v) (See John Wayne Series)
  Texas Terror (See John Wayne Series)
  Thank You, Mr. Moto (See Mr. Moto Series)
  Thank Your Lucky Stars (m)
  That Midnight Kiss
  That's Dancing
  Thelma And Louise (m)
  Them Thar Hills (See Laurel & Hardy Series)
  Then Came Bronson (m)
  Theory Of Everything, The (m/v)
  There's Always Tomorrow (c) (The Barbara Stanwyck Series)
  There's No Business Like Show Business (See The Marilyn Monroe Series)
  They Died With Their Boots On (m)
  They Got Me Covered (See Bob Hope Series)
  They Made Me A Criminal
  They Might Be Giants (m)
  They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (m/v)
  They Were Expendable (See John Wayne Series)
  They Shoot Horses, Don't They
  They Were So Young
  Thicker Than Water (See Laurel & Hardy Series)
  Thin Man, The (See Thin Man Series)
  Thin Man Goes Home, The (See Thin Man Series)
  Think Fast, Mr. Moto (See Mr. Moto Series)
  Think Like A Man Too
  Third Man, The (m)
   Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (m/v)
   This Is The Army (m)
  This Island Earth (SF) (m)
  This Time For Keeps (See Esther Williams Series)
  Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines
  Thou Shall Not
  Three Faces West (See John Wayne Series)
  Three Men And A Baby
   Three Men And A Little Lady (m)
  Three Musketeers, The (4x3) (m)
  Three Musketeers, The (m)
  Three Musketeers, The (12 Chapter Serial) (UG) (See John Wayne Series)
  Three On A Match (See Forbidden Hollywood, Vol. 2 Series)
  Three Smart Girls (See Deanna Durbin Series)
  Three Texas Steers (v/m) (See John Wayne Series)
  Thrill Of A Romance (See Esther Williams Series)
  Thunder Over The Plains (m)
  Thunderball (See James Bond Series)
  Time After Time (m)
  Time Of Their Lives, The (See Abbott & Costello Series)
  Time To Kill (See Michael Shayne Series)
  Tin Men (m)
  Tin Star, The
  Tit For Tat (See Laurel & Hardy Series)
  Titanic - 1943
  Titanic - 1953
   Titanic - 1997 (m)
  To Be Or Not To Be - 1942
  To Be Or Not To Be - 1983
  To Catch A Thief (See Alfred Hitchcock Series)
  To Do List, The
  To Kill A Mockingbird (m/v)
  To Please A Lady (m/v)
  To The Last Man (m)
  To Trap A Spy (See The Man From Uncle Series)
  Toast Of New Orleans, The
  Tobor The Great
  Today We Live (m)
  Tom Brown Of Culver (9) (m)
  Tomorrow Never Dies (See James Bond Series)
  Tomorrowland (m)
  Too Late For Tears (N) (m) (UG)
  Too Many Girls
  Too Many Husbands (v/m)
  Tootsie (m)
  Top Gun (m)
  Top Hat (See Fred Astaire - Ginger Rogers Series)
  Tora! Tora! Tora! (m/v)
  Torchy Blane In Chinatown (m) (See Torchy Blane Series)
  Torchy Blane In Panama (m) (See Torchy Blane Series)
  Torchy Blane...Playing With Dynamite (m) (See Torchy Blane Series)
  Torchy Gets Her Man (m) (See Torchy Blane Series)
  Torchy Runs For Mayor (m) (See Torchy Blane Series)
   Troy (m)
  Trading Places (m)
  Trail Beyond, The (See John Wayne Series)
  Trail Of The Pink Panther (See The Pink Panther Series)
  Train, The (m)
  Train Robbers, The (See John Wayne Series)
  Training Day (m/v)
   Trainwreck (m)
  Trap, The (See Charlie Chan Series)
  Treasure Island - 1934 (m/v)
  Treasure Of Monte Cristo (N)
  Treasure Of The Sierra Madre, The (m/v)
  Treasures Of Mahhattan, The (See An American Tail Series)
  Trouble Along The Way (See John Wayne Series)
  True Crime
  True Grit (See John Wayne Series)
  True Lies (m)
  True Meaning Of Pictures, The
  Truth About Cats And Dogs, The (m)
  Tuesdays With Morrie (m/v)
  Twelve O'Clock High (m)
  Twentieth Century (m)
  Twilight (See Paul Newman Series)
  Twister (m/v)
  Two Weeks In Another Town (m)
  Tycoon (See John Wayne Series)
  Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas - The Movie (m)
  Uncle Buck (m/v)
  Undefeated, The (See John Wayne Series)
  Under The Volcano
  Under The Yum Yum Tree
  Unfaithful, The (m)
   Union Pacific (m)
  Union Station
  Unsuspected, The (N) (1) (m)
  Untouchables, The (m/v)
  Up (m)
  Up Close And Personal (m)
  Up In Mabel's Room
  Up The River (m)
  Urban Cowboy (m)
   U.S. Marshals (m)
   Vanessa (A)
   Vanishing Point - U.K. Version  (m/v)
   Vanishing Point - U.S. Version (m/v)
   Vanishing, The (4x3) (m)
  Vanishing, The (m)
  Victor Victoria
  Viking, The (m)
  Visit, The (m)
  V.I.P.'s, The (m)
  Volunteers (m)
  Von Richthofen And Brown
  Von Ryan's Express (m)
  Wackiest Ship In The Army, The
  W.E. (m/v)
  Wake Island (m/v)
  Wake Of The Red Witch (See John Wayne Series)
Walk Don't Run (4x3) (m)
Walk Don't Run (m)
Walking Up In Reno (m)
 Walking Dead, The (m)
Wait Until Dark (m)
 Wall Street (See Wall Street Series) (m/v)
  Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps (See Wall Street Series) (m/v)
   Walk The Line (m)
  Walt Before Mickey (m)
  Wanderer Of The Wasteland (m)
 War Arrow
  War Of The Colossal Beast
  War Of The Roses, The (m/v)
  War Wagon, The (See John Wayne Series)
  Watch The Birdie (See Bob Hope Series)
  Water Diviner, The (m)
   Waterloo Bridge - 1931 (P) - (m)
  Waterloo Bridge - 1940 (m)
  Way Ahead, The (m)
 Way Out West (See Laurel & Hardy Series)
  Way We Were, The
  We're Not Married (See The Marilyn Monroe Series)
  Wedding Planner, The (m)
   Welcome To Mooseport (m)
  Wendy Riley Goes To Hollywood (s) (m)
 West Of The Divide (See John Wayne Series)
  West Point Story, The
  Western Pacific Agent (N)
  Westside Story (m)
  Westside Story - w/Intermission (m)
  What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (4x3) (m)
  What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (m)
  What Price Glory (m)
   What Price Hollywood
  What's New Pussycat? (See Woody Allen Series)
  Wheeler Dealers, The (m)
  When Comedy Was King
  When Harry Met Sally (m/v)
  When Willie Comes Marching Home (R) (m)
  When Worlds Collide
  Where Eagles Dare
  Where The Boys Are
  Where The Sidewalk Ends
  While You Were Sleeping (m/v)
  Whispering City
  Whispering Smith
  Whistling In Brooklyn (See Red Skelton - The Fox Series)
  Whistling In Dixie (See Red Skelton - The Fox Series)
  Whistling In The Dark (See Red Skelton - The Fox Series)
  White Christmas
  White House Down
   White Man's Burden (m)
Who Am I (4x3) (m)
Who Am I (m)
Who Done It? (See Abbott & Costello Series)
 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Family Friendly)
 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Theatrical Version)
 Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf
Wicker Man, The (E) (m)
Wicker Man, The (m)
 Wild Angels, The
 Wild Bunch, The - Director's Cut
Wild Bunch, The (m)
 Wild One, The
  Will Penny
  Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter (m)
  Willow (m/v)
  Wind Rises, The (m/v)
  Windchester '73 (m)
  Winds Of The Wasteland (See John Wayne Series)
Wiener-Dog (m)
  Wings Of Eagles, The (See John Wayne Series)
  Wistful Widow Of Wagon Gap, The (See Abbott & Costello Series)
   With Honors (4x3) (m)
  Witches Of Eastwick, The (4x3) (m)
  Witches Of Eastwick, The (m)
 Without A Clue
  Without Reservations (See John Wayne Series)
  Witness For The Prosecution (m)
  Wizard Of Oz, The (m)
 Wolf Of Wall Street, The (m) (See Martin Scorsese Series)
   Woman Wanted (m)
  Women, The (m)
  Words And Pictures (m)
 Working Girl (m/v)
  Working Girls (A)
  World According To Garp, The (See Robin Williams Series)
  World Is Not Enough, The (See James Bond Series)
  World Of Abbott And Costello, The (Compilation Film) (See Abbott & Costello Series)
  World Of Suzie Wong, The
  World's Fastest Indian, The
  X (m)
   Yellow Sky (m)
  Yellow Submarine (m/v)
  You Can't Cheat An Honest Man (See W.C. Fields Series)
  You Only Live Twice (See James Bond Series)
  You Were Meant For Me (See The Marilyn Monroe Series)
  You Were Never Lovelier (See Fred Astaire Series)
  You'll Never Get Rich
  Young Dr. Kildare (See Dr. Kildare Series)
  Young Girls Of Rochefort, The (French)
  Young In Heart, The (m)
  Young Lions, The (m)
  Young Mr. Lincoln (m)
  You've Got Mail (m/v)
  Zero Hour
   Zombies On Broadway (m)
  Zou Zou (See Josephine Baker Series)