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The CBS Radio Workshop
     The Columbia Workshop (07/18/36 to 01/25/47) was the forerunner for this anthology series.  Offered during these broadcasts were experimental dramas using the latest audio innovations and production techniques.  Unusual personalities were heard during a few broadcasts.  Sarah Churchill, daughter of Sir Winston Churchill appears on broadcast #26 and a future President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, appeared on broadcasts #72.  This is an excellent series.
Broadcast History:
Network: CBS (New York and Hollywood)
  01/27/56 to 09/22/57
  William N. Robson, Elliott Lewis, Tony Schwartz, Dee Engelbach, Jack Johnstone,
  Antony Ellis
  William Froug
  Ray Noble, Amerigo Moreno, Leith Stevens
Friday – 8:30 p.m.
01/27/56 # 1 Brave New World, Part #1 by Aldous Huxley
                        w/Joseph Kearns, William Conrad, Lurene Tuttle
02/03/56 # 2 Brave New World, Part #2 by Aldous Huxley
                        w/Joseph Kearns, William Conrad, Lurene Tuttle
02/10/56 # 3 Storm by George Stewart
                        w/William Conrad as narrator
02/17/56 # 4 Season Of Disbelief / Hail And Farewell by Ray Bradbury
                        w/Ray Bradbury as narrator w/John Dehner, Virginia Gregg
02/24/56 # 5 Colloquy #1 - An Interview with Shakespeare by William N. Robson
                        w/Han Conried, Ben Wright, Frank Baxter, Raymond Hill, Jay Novello
03/02/56 # 6 Voice Of The City
                        w/Clifton Fadiman as narrator
03/09/56 # 7 Report On E.S.P.
                        w/Raymond Burr, Sam Edwards, Stacy Harris, Lillian Buyeff,
                            Bert Holland, John McIntire, Russell Thorson
03/16/56 # 8 Cops And Robbers by Stanley Ness
                        w/Larry Haines, Ken Lynch, Elspeth Eric, John Sylvester
03/23/56 # 9 The Legend Of Jimmy Blue Eyes by Edmund Brophy
                        w/William Conrad as narrator w/Georgia Ellis, Sam Edwards
03/30/56 #10 The Ex-Urbanites by A.C. Spectorsky
                        w/Eric Severeid as narrator
04/06/56 #11 Speaking Of Cinderella – If The Shoe Fits by E. Vaida/Don Clark
                        w/Vincent Price, Lurene Tuttle, Harry Bartell, Jeanne Bates, Vic Perrin,
                            Jack Kruschen, Jeanette Nolan, Virginia Gregg, Peter Leeds
04/13/56 #12 Jacobs Hands by Aldous Huxley
                        w/Raymond Massey, Herb Butterfield, Helen Kleeb, Vic Perrin,
                            Lawrence Dobkin, Christopher Isherwood, Janet Stewart
04/20/56 #13 Living Portrait - William Zeckendorf, Tycoon
                        w/Martin Weldon, Bob Hite
04/27/56 #14 The Record Collectors by William Woodson
                        w/Howard McNear, Margaret Whiting, Margaret Young, Lyn Murray,
                            John Dehner
05/04/56 #15 The Toledo War by Edward Eager
                        w/Arthur Newman
05/11/56 #16 The Enormous Radio
                        w/William Conrad as narrator w/Helen Kleeb, Charlotte Lawrence,
                            Hans Conried, Virginia Gregg, Irene Tedrow, Eve McVey, George Walsh
05/18/56 #17 Lover, Villains, And Fools
                        w/Helen Hayes, Arthur Anderson
05/25/56 #18 The Little Prince by Antonne DeExupre
                        w/Raymond Burr, Richard Beals, Joseph Kearns, Ben Wright
06/01/56 #19 A Matter Of Logic by Anthony Ellis
                        w/William Conrad, Parley Baer, Mary Jane Croft
06/08/56 #20 Bring On The Angels - H.L. Mencken by Alan Sloane
                        w/Louis Van Rooten, Jackson Beck, Mason Adams, Walter Kinsella
                            Ian Martin
06/15/56 #21 The Stronger
                        w/Adelaide Bishop
06/22/56 #22 Another Point Of View or Hamlet Revisited by Ben Wright
                        w/Ben Wright, William Conrad, John McIntire
06/29/56 #23 The Eternal Joan by Henry E. Fritch
                        w/Robert Dryden, Roger DeKoven, Ed Prentiss, Guy Repp, Jack Manning,
                            John Gibson, Luis Van Rooten
07/06/56 #24 Portrait Of Paris by Davis Schoenbrun
07/13/56 #25 The Case Of The White Kitten by George Foster
                        w/Kenny Delmar, Mason Adams, Audrey Christie, Berry Kroeger,
                            Ed Latimer
07/20/56 #26 Portrait Of London
                        w/Sarah Churchill
07/27/56 #27 Star Boy by Henry Fritch
                        w/Louis Van Rooten
08/03/56 #28 Subways Are For Sleeping by Edmond G. Love
                        w/Edwin Booth
08/10/56 #29 Only Johnny Knows
                        w/Jackson Beck, Ian Martin, Ed Prentiss, Lawson Zerbe,
                           Catherine Anderson, Sarah Fussell, Joseph Julian
08/17/56 #30 Colloquy #2 - Dissertation On Love by William N. Robson
                        w/Frank Baxter as narrator w/Sam Hill, Shephard Menken, Ben Wright
                            Peter Leeds
08/24/56 #31 The Billion Dollar Failure Of Figger Faulup by Henry Fritch
                        w/Joseph Julian, Robert Dryden, Elaine Rost
08/31/56 #32 Colloquy #3 - An Analysis Of Satire
                        w/Stan Freeberg
09/07/56 #33 The Hither & Thither Of Danny Dither
09/14/56 #34 A Pride Of Carrots Or Venus Well Served by Robert Nathan
                        w/Robert Nathan as narrator w/Elaine Burke, Ted Bliss, Daws Butler,
                            June Foray, Alan Reed, Bill Thompson
09/21/56 #35 The Oedipus Story by Henry Fritch
                        w/Alexander Scorby as narrator w/Robert Dryden, Elspeth Eric,
                            Joseph Julian, Jack Manning, Roger DeKoven, Guy Repp
09/28/56        Pre-empted
10/05/56 #36 Roughing It (written by Mark Twain) by Francis Van Hartisfel
                        w/Louis Van Rooten, Daws Butler, Eddie Mart, Howard McNear
10/12/56 #37 A Writer At Work by Hector Chevigny
                        w/Jan Miner
10/19/56 #38 The Legend Of Annie Christmas by Edmund Brophy
                        w/William Conrad as narrator
10/26/56 #39 When The Mountain Fell by C.F. Raneuse
                        w/Barry Kroeger
11/02/56 #40 Biography Of The White House by George Faulkner
                        w/Allen Jackson as narrator
Sunday – 4:00 p.m.
11/04/56 #41 Colloquy #4 - Joe Miller's Joke Book
                         w/Frank Baxter, Virginia Gregg, Jay Novello, Ben Wright, Peter Leeds,
                             Joseph Kerns, Howard McNear
11/11/56 #42 Report Of The We-Uns by Robert Nathan
                         w/Hans Conried, Edgar Barrier, Byron Kane, Jay Novello, June Foray
11/18/56 #43 Sounds Of The Nation by Henry Fritch
                         w/Leon Janney, Luis Van Rooten, Dick Noel
11/25/56 #44 The King Of The Cats by Steven Vincent Benet
                         w/Jay Novello, Jeanette Nolan, Byron Kane, Joseph Kearns
12/02/56 #45 The Day The Roof Fell In by Charles Monroe
                         w/Jackson Beck, Leon Janney, Berry Kroeger, Joseph Julian
12/09/56 #46 I Was The Duke
                         w/William Neeley as narrator
12/16/56 #47 The Big Event by Draper Lewis
                         w/William Redfield, Ralph Bell, Roger DeKoven
12/23/56 #48 All Is Bright by Henry Fritch
                         w/Joe Julian
12/30/56         Pre-empted
01/06/57 #49 Carl Sandburg On His 79th Birthday
01/13/57 #50 No Time For Heartaches - Sophie Tucker by Sam Pierce
                         w/Sophie Tucker, Margaret Whiting, Hans Conried, Daws Butler,
                             June Foray, Jay Novello, Byron Kane, Amanda Randolf
01/20/57 #51 Disaster! Fire At Malibu
                         w/William Conrad, Lou Krugman, James Nusser, Barney Phillips,
                             Sam Pierce, Joe diSantis, Larry Thor
01/27/57 #52 The Crazy Life by David Cox
                         w/Henry Morgan, Elspeth Eric, Bryna Raeburn, Luis Van Rooten
02/03/57 #53 La Grande Greteche by Avery Klaffland
                         w/Patricia Brinton, Avery Klaffland, George R. Mills
02/10/57 #54 1489 Words  From Alfred Noyes & Thomas Wolfe tales
                         w/William Conrad
02/17/57 #55 Space Merchants, Part 1 by Frederick Pohl
                         w/Staats Cottsworth, Ralph Bell, Virginia Kaye, Ian Martin, Robert Readick,
                             Ralph Camargo, Robert Dryden
02/24/57 #56 Space Merchants, Part 2 by Frederick Pohl
                         w/Staats Cottsworth, Ralph Bell, Virginia Kaye, Ian Martin, Robert Readick,
                             Ralph Camargo, Robert Dryden
03/03/57 #57 Ballad Of The Iron Horse by Charles B. Smith
                         w/William Conrad as narrator w/Daws Butler, Jack Moyles, Dick Crenna,
                             Joe diSantis, Jack Kruschen
03/10/57 #58 Air Raid by Archibald McLeish
                         w/Anne Whitfield, John Dehner, Betty Noyes, Frank Goss, Ben Wright
                            (a.k.a. Air Raid Or The Prevarications Of Mr. Peeps)
03/17/57 #59 The Endless Road by Henry Fritch
                         w/Ralph Bell, Richard Beals, Robert Dryden, Dan Ocko, Guy Repp
03/24/57 #60 The Harmonica Solo by Arthur Zgorous
                         w/Joe diSantis, Jack Kruschen, Lou Krugman, Shepard Menken
03/31/57 #61 A Dog's Life by Elliot Ruskin
                         w/Ralph Bell, Tony Schwartz
04/07/57 #62 Japanese Drama by Harvey Marlowe
                         w/William Conrad, Ben Wright, John Dehner, Virginia Gregg
04/14/57 #63 Carlotta's Serape by Rose Oriente
                         w/Elspeth Eric, Staats Cotsworth, Luis Van Rooten, Brroks Atkinson
04/21/57 #64 The Son Of Man - A Passion Play by Herbert Marshall
                         w/Vincent Price, Robert Young, Victor Jory, Raymond Burr,
                             Herbert Marshall
04/28/57 #65 Light Ship by Draper Lewis
                         w/Ralph Bell, Luis Van Rooten, Santos Ortega, Dan Ocko
05/05/57 #66 Nightmare by Elliott Lewis
                         w/Mary Jane Croft, Edgar Barrier, Elliott Lewis, Barney Phillips,
                             Paula Winslowe
05/12/57 #67 The Long Way Home by Henry Fritch
                         w/William Redfield, Guy Repp, Roger DeKoven, Wendell Holmes
05/19/57 #68 Heaven Is In The Sky
                         w/Frank Goss
05/26/57 #69 I Have Three Heads by Mort Goldberg
                         w/Jackson Beck, Ian Martin, Bill Quinn, Ralph Bell
06/02/57 #70 Epitaphs
                         w/William Conrad as narrator w/Parley Baer, Howard McNear,
                             Richard Crenna, Virginia Christine, Jeanette Nolan, Lurene Tuttle
                             John Dehner
06/09/57 #71 The Sevens Hill Of Rome by Henry Fritch
                         w/Guy Repp,
06/16/57 #72 Housing Problem by Henry Cuppner
                         w/Shirley Mitchell, Daws Butler, Shepard Menken
06/23/57 #73 Meditations On Ecclesiastes by Edward Delopjoro
                         w/Edward R. Morrow as narrator w/Senator John F. Kennedy
06/30/57 #74 The Battle Of Gettysburg by Roy Bannerman
                         w/John Dana as narrator w/Raymond Burr, John Dehner, Daws Butler
07/07/57 #75 You Could Look It Up by James Thurber
                         w/Ralph Bell, Larry Haines, Harold Huber, Sarah Fussell, Joseph Julian,
                             Del Sharbutt
07/14/57 #76 The Silent Witness by John Train
                         w/Raymond Burr
07/21/57 #77 The Green Hills Of Earth by Robert Heinlein
                         w/Everett Sloane, Jackson Beck, Berry Kroeger, Ian Martin, Dan Ocko
07/28/57 #78 Never Bet The Devil Your Head by Edgar Allen Poe
                         w/John Dehner, Eleanor Audley, Richard Beals, Alan Botzer, Daws Butler,
                             Howard McNeal, Hugh Douglas, John Dehner
08/04/57 #79 The Heart Of Man by Richard Durham
                         w/Luis Van Rooten, Berry Kroeger, Ralph Camargo, Guy Repp
08/11/57 #80 Malihini Magic by Sam Pierce
                         w/Lillian Buyeff, Lurene Tuttle, Ben Wright, Jack Kruschen, Sam Pierce,
                             Virginia Gregg
08/18/57 #81 The Celestial Omnibus by E.M. Forester
                         w/Peter Lazer, Lee Vines, Luis Van Rooten
08/25/57 #82 Sweet Cherries In Charleston by Richard Durham
                         w/Parley Baer, Roy Glenn, Ed Marr, Paul Frees, Harry Bartell
09/01/57 #83 Grief Drives A Black Sedan
                         w/Alice Frost, Ralph Bell, Larry Haines, Jay Johnson, Bill Mason,
                             Lee Vines
09/08/57 #84 People Are No Good by Freddie Gorffe
                         w/Peter Leeds
09/15/57 #85 Time Found Again by Mildred Kramm
                         w/Jan Miner, Dwight Weist, Ted Osborne
09/22/57 #86 Young Man Axelbrod - An Old Man At Yale by Sinclair Lewis
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