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Baby Snooks
     We have been asked repeatedly as to whether or not we have this or that broadcast, and this or that series.  And while we would prefer to list only the programming that we have already digitally restored and that are currently available, we have decided to make available listings of programs in the archive.  These listings will continually grow and be added to from time to time, so check back if you are looking for a particular broadcast that might not be currently listed.  Thousands of reels of material and thousands of original ET's will take time to list.  Also, as time and reviewing of print material permits, we will list thousands of original scripts that are part of the archive.
     While custom recording is available, check our pricing page for information, quality of programs and archive time available to perform such custom work should be considered in selecting programs not already digitally restored and available.  Check our listings of programs already digitally restored and available.  Finally, some broadcast holdings may not be available due to copyright, ownership, or licensing restrictions.
The Following Are Short Skits From The Radio Programs:
01/22/39 Daddy's An Elk
05/11/39 Barking Rabbit
05/18/39 Golf Tea
05/25/39 Hugh What?
06/01/39 Gone Fishing
06/08/39 Violet Ray
06/15/39 Living By Dyeing
04/04/39 House Breaking
05/05/39 Life Insurance
06/22/39 New Baby
06/29/39 Jealousy
09/07/39 Pulling Teeth
09/22/39 Heat Wave
09/28/39 Airport Meeting
10/05/39 Mudneck
10/26/39 Cake Writing & Abe Lincoln
11/16/39 Rich Uncle & Slapsie Maxie
11/23/39 Court Case
11/30/39 Insurance Exam
12/14/39 Psychoanalyzed
12/21/39 Sneaky Snooks
01/04/40 Bungling Burglars
01/11/40 Male Secretary
01/18/40 Chemical Catastrophe
01/25/40 Shetland Pony
02/01/40 Family Tree
02/08/40 Anatomy Of A Robot
02/15/40 Tax Returns
02/22/40 Missing Dollar
02/29/40 Wedding Cake
03/07/40 Snooks Has Amnesia
03/14/40 Tom Thumb
03/21/40 Laying An Egg
03/28/40 Baby Brother
12/28/39 Hunting
04/25/40 Motel
05/02/40 Auntie Septic
05/09/40 Lies
05/16/40 Jokes For Jack
11/07/40 Oil Discovered
04/04/40 April Fools
04/11/40 Baby Fish Story
04/18/40 Magic
06/22/40 Tonsils Operation
07/11/40 At The Beach
07/18/40 Library Visit
07/25/40 Port Hole Safe
09/05/40 Magazine Scam
09/12/40 New Car
09/19/40 Playing Hooky
09/26/40 Where's The Medicine?
10/10/40 Football Game
10/17/40 Where's My Change?
10/24/40 Raising A Loan
10/31/40 Ruined Suit
11/14/40 Measles
11/21/40 4 Fathers
11/28/40 Stolen Turkey
12/12/40 Haunted House
12/19/40 Christmas Skates
12/26/40 Returning Presents
01/02/41 Sneaking Out
01/09/41 Art Museum
01/23/41 Flat Tire
01/30/41 Jury Duty
02/06/41 Flower Gardens
02/13/41 Taxes Again
02/27/41 At The Races
03/20/41 Photographer
03/27/41 Buying Shoes
04/03/41 At The Zoo
04/10/41 Trout Fishing
04/17/41 Baseball Game
04/24/41 Fixing Supper
05/08/41 Riding Academy
05/22/41 Insomnia
05/29/41 Antique Auction
06/05/41 Calisthenics
06/12/41 X-Ray Machine
06/19/41 Dollar Day
06/26/41 Artist Daddy
07/10/41 Going To Camp
10/02/41 Snooks Returns
10/09/41 New School
10/23/41 Duck Hunting
10/31/41 Halloween
11/06/41 Defense Stamps
11/13/41 Mixed Nuts
11/27/41 The Opera
12/18/41 Air Raid Warden
01/01/42 Hangover
01/08/42 Victory Garden
01/15/42 House Guest
01/22/42 Hiccups
01/29/42 Report Card
02/05/42 Knitting Lessons
02/12/42 Camping In
02/26/42 Stealing Chickens
03/19/42 Fake Measels
03/26/42 Red Cross
04/02/42 Easter Suit
04/09/42 Daddy's Birthday
04/16/42 Poultice
04/23/42 $50.00 Raise
04/30/42 Quiz Kids
05/07/42 Fishing Rod
05/21/42 Sugar
06/04/42 10th Anniversary
06/11/42 The Twins
06/18/42 The Trade
07/02/42 Baby Buggy
09/03/42 Camp Report
09/24/42 Matinee
10/01/42 Gozinta
10/08/42 Charlie
12/03/42 Getting Gas
12/18/42 Cinderella
01/14/43 Stolen Medal
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