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Duffy's Tavern
     We have been asked repeatedly as to whether or not we have this or that broadcast, and this or that series.  And while we would prefer to list only the programming that we have already digitally restored and that are currently available, we have decided to make available listings of programs in the archive.  These listings will continually grow and be added to from time to time, so check back if you are looking for a particular broadcast that might not be currently listed.  Thousands of reels of material and thousands of original ET's will take time to list.  Also, as time and reviewing of print material permits, we will list thousands of original scripts that are part of the archive.
     While custom recording is available, check our pricing page for information, quality of programs and archive time available to perform such custom work should be considered in selecting programs not already digitally restored and available.  Check our listings of programs already digitally restored and available.  Finally, some broadcast holdings may not be available due to copyright, ownership, or licensing restrictions.
07/29/40 (FORECAST #6) (CBS) The Audition Show
07/25/43 Frank Buck
08/28/43 Ida Lupino
10/19/43 w/Peter Lorre  (NBC-BLUE)
12/07/43 w/Bing Crosby  (NBC-BLUE)
12/14/43 w/Dinah Shore  (AFRS)
01/04/44 w/Fred Allen  (1st Minute Of Ginny Simms Show Heard
                      Due To Recording Mistake By The Engineer.)
01/25/44 Deems Taylor
02/22/44 Phil Baker
03/07/44 Colonel Stoopnagle
03/14/44 Gertrude Lawrence
04/11/44 Carole Landis
04/18/44 Charles Laughton
05/02/44 Dennis Day
05/09/44 #129 Adolphe Menjou
09/15/44 Rudy Vallee
09/22/44 Gene Tierney
10/10/44 Robert Benchly
00/00/45 AFRS Archie's Nephew (Muddy, VG-)
04/27/45 John Garfield
06/08/45 Jinx Falkenberg
11/16/45 Archie Hires Madame Zooma
12/25/45 Is There A Santa Claus
01/25/46 Archie's Old Pal Stops By
02/01/46 Peggy Lee
04/26/46 Esther Williams
05/10/46 The Talking Dog  (AFRS)
05/28/47 The Coming Out Party  (NBC)
01/07/48 Balancing The Books  w/Gary Moore
05/19/48 Archie Wants A Raise
05/26/48 w/Rex Harrison
12/22/48 Miracle In Manhattan w/Jeff Chandler
02/09/49 Archie's Philosophy
02/16/49 Archie's Yearbook
04/06/49 #318 Archie & Finnegan Double Date
04/13/49 #319 J. Every Poindexter, Disguised Millionaire
04/20/49 #320 Cass Daley
04/27/49 #321 Wants To Marry High Society Dame
05/04/49 #322 Charles Coburn
05/11/49 #323 Chester Morris
05/18/49 #324 Most Popular Bartender
05/25/49 #325 Ed Wynn
06/15/49 Archie Wants To Marry w/Bob Crosby
03/30/50 w/Tony Martin  (AFRS)
06/05/50 Father's Day
09/07/50 Army Surplus Helicopter
09/21/50 #382 Barry Nelson
01/05/51 Archie Dates Joan Bennett
01/12/51 A Lady Visits From The Draft Board
01/19/51 A Literary Society Meeting
01/26/51 Actor's Club At The Tavern w/Vincent Price
02/02/51 Archie Runs For Political Office
02/09/51 Mystery Valentine  w/Shelley Winters
02/16/51 Archie The Hypnotist
02/23/51 Arthur Treacher Leaves Duffy's Tavern For Another Show
03/02/51 Diary of Peter Stuyvesant
03/09/51 Archie Writes An Opera  (No Close)
03/16/51 Archie's Fashion Lecture
03/23/51 Culture Comes To Duffy's Tavern w/Arthur Treacher
03/30/51 Archie Throws A Block Party
04/06/51 The Singing Detective  w/Rudy Vallee
04/13/51 The New Floor Show w/"Slapsie" Maxie Rosenbloom
04/20/51 Archie The Lion Tamer
04/27/51 Archie's Books Don't Balance (Repeat Script Of 01/07/48)
05/04/51 It's Latin Night At Duffy's Tavern
10/05/51 Archie Throws Party For Columnists
10/12/51 Duffy Wants To Sell The Tavern w/Boris Karloff
10/19/51 Archie's Nephew Morton To Visit
10/26/51 Archie Plays Nephew Morton With School Work
11/02/51 Spanish Floor Show
11/09/51 Cultural Singing Contest  (No Close)
11/16/51 Archie Writes An Opera For TV
11/23/51 Archie Opens A Tea Room
11/30/51 Archie Inherits Half A Race Horse
12/07/51 Baby Left At Duffy's Tavern
12/14/51 Archie's School Teacher Visits
12/21/51 Archie To Buy A Split Atom
12/28/51 Hawaiian Vacation Slogan Contest
01/05/52 w/Vincent Price
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