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     We have been asked repeatedly as to whether or not we have this or that broadcast, and this or that series.  And while we would prefer to list only the programming that we have already digitally restored and that are currently available, we have decided to make available listings of programs in the archive.  These listings will continually grow and be added to from time to time, so check back if you are looking for a particular broadcast that might not be currently listed.  Thousands of reels of material and thousands of original ET's will take time to list.  Also, as time and reviewing of print material permits, we will list thousands of original scripts that are part of the archive.
     While custom recording is available, check our pricing page for information, quality of programs and archive time available to perform such custom work should be considered in selecting programs not already digitally restored and available.  Check our listings of programs already digitally restored and available.  Finally, some broadcast holdings may not be available due to copyright, ownership, or licensing restrictions.
02/13/47 # 1 Flight From Home w/Jimmy Stewart, Don Ameche, Loretta Young
02/20/47 # 2 No Night Too Dark w/William Gargan, Beulah Bondi, Walter Brennan
02/27/47 # 3 J. Smith And Wife w/Bing Crosby, Irene Dunne, Dana Andrews
03/06/47 # 4 I Give You Maggie w/Margaret Sullivan, Van Heflin, Donald Crisp
03/13/47 # 5 Let Us Remember w/Robert Young, Claude Jarmen Jr., J. Carroll Naish
03/20/47 # 6 Work Of A Lifetime w/Edward G. Robinson, Pat O'Brien, Bill Williams
03/27/47 # 7 A Bunch Of Keys w/George Murphy, Lee Bowman, Frank McCue
04/03/47 # 8 The Passion And Death Of Christ w/Ethel Barrymore, Charles Boyer,
                         Mitchell Boys Choir  (Easter Story)
04/10/47 # 9 Man Against Death w/John Charles Thomas, Jane Wyatt, John Emory
04/17/47 # 10 God And A Red Scooter w/Gary Cooper, Jane Wyman, James Gray
04/24/47 # 11 Ernie's Day w/Charles Ruggles, Barry Fitzgerald, Ann Morrison
05/01/47 # 12 Mr. Bidderoe's Mission w/Chester Morris, Cecil Kelloway, Jack Haley
05/08/47 # 13 The Awakening w/Alan Jones, Susan Peters, Richard Quine
05/15/47 # 14 The Lonely Road w/Gregory Peck, Nelson Eddy
05/22/47 # 15 A Star For Helen w/Guy Kibbee, Robert Alda, Betty Arnold
05/29/47 # 16 Three Way Love w/John Lund, Margaret O'Sullivan, William Lundigan
06/05/47 # 17 Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye w/Ozzie Nelson & Harriet Hilliard,
                          Regis Toomey
06/12/47 # 18 Laughing Into Glory w/Vincent Price, J. Carrol Naish
06/19/47 # 19 Top Man w/William Gargan, Dennis Morgan
06/26/47 # 20 Little Boy Blue w/Jeanne Craine, Patrick McGeehan, Wallace Ford
07/03/47 # 21 A Point Of Law w/MacDonald Carey, Harry Davenport, Caesar Romero
07/10/47 # 22 Some Rain Must Fall w/William Lumdigan, Betty Arnold, Jimmy Gleason
07/17/47 # 23 Song For A Long Road w/William Holden, Brenden Marshell,
                          Marvin Miller, Gene Lockhart
07/24/47 # 24 Brass Buttons w/Maureen O'Hara, Regis Toomey, Walter Tetley,
                          Frank Falen
07/31/47 # 25 Decent To Paradise w/Edgar Barrier, Natalie Wood, Philip Terry,
                          John Lund
08/07/47 # 26 No Greater Love w/Vanessa Brown, Reed Hadley, Frank Lehey
08/14/47 # 27 The Windbag w/Bing Crosby, Harold Perry, Bea Benaderet
08/21/47 # 28 The Tin Whistle w/Fred MacMurray, Robert Young
08/28/47 # 29 The World Of David Lee w/Roddy McDowell, Ann Blythe
09/04/47 # 30 No Man Is A Stranger w/Bob Hope, Otto Kruger, Otoly Kruger
09/11/47 # 31 Stopwatch Finale w/Stephan Dunn, Dick Haymes
09/18/47 # 32 Strictly Amateur w/Jimmy Durante, Dennis Day
09/25/47 # 33 Blue Memorandum w/Ricardo Montalban, Lionel Barrymore
10/02/47 # 34 The Hound Of Heaven w/Mark Stevens, Marvin Miller
10/09/47 # 35 T-Formation w/Bob Hope, Virginia Wells, Joan Leslie
10/16/47 # 36 The Prayer That Won The West w/Henry Fonda, Ramone Navarro,
                           Pedro De Cordova
10/23/47 # 37 Heaven Is Like That w/Margarette Chapman, John Lund
10/30/47 # 38 Advice To The Lovelorn w/Jim & Marion Jordan, Don DeFore
11/06/47 # 39 Journey Home w/Preston Foster, Darryl Hickman, Ruth Hussey
11/13/47 # 40 The Perfect Wife w/Spring Byington, Ralph Morgan, Lizabeth Scott
11/20/47 # 41 Son Of Mine w/Eddie Cantor, Ward Bond, Richard Lyon
11/27/47 # 42 Home For Thanksgiving w/Paul Henreid, Joan Leslie, Charles Boyer
12/04/47 # 43 Oh Romeo, My Romeo w/Barry Fitzgerald, Sandra Bercova, John Curan
12/11/47 # 44 Substitute Santa w/Ray Milland, James McCue, James Burke
                          (Christmas Story)
12/18/47 # 45 A Rose By Any Other Name w/Don Ameche, Kathryn (Katherine) Grayson,
                          Johnny Johnston
12/25/47 # 46 The Juggler Of Our Lady w/John Charles Thomas, John Nesbitt,
                          Irene Dunne (Christmas Story)
01/01/48 # 47 In Another Year w/Ruth Hussey, Glen Langdon, J. Edgar Hoover
01/08/48 # 48 The Happiest Person In The World w/William Bendix, Walter Tetley
01/15/48 # 49 Stolen Symphony w/Kate Smith, Robert Ryan, Joan Loring
01/22/48 # 50 Broadway Lullaby w/Morton Downey, June Havor, Dennis O'Keefe
01/29/48 # 51 Verdict - Guilty w/Dan Daily, Alexander Knox, Stanley Clemmens
02/05/48 # 52 God And A Red Scooter w/Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchem, Susan Peters
                          (1st Anniversary Show)
02/12/48 # 53 Out Of The Wilderness w/Maureen O'Hara, Gale Storm, Bill Williams
02/19/48 # 54 The Future Is Yours w/Don McNeil, Rosemary DeCamp, Bobby Driscol
02/26/48 # 55 Life's A Circus w/Fred Allen, Margaret O'Brien, Pat O'Brien
03/04/48 # 56 Dear Mr. American w/Loretta Young, J. Carroll Naish
03/11/48 # 57 The Man Who Died Twice w/Roddy McDowell, John Sutten,
                          Patricia Morrison
03/18/48 # 58 Talent For Living w/Danny Thomas, Kirk Douglas, Dianna Douglas
03/25/48 # 59 The Passion And Death Of Christ w/Guy Madison, Ethel Barrymore
                          (Easter Story)
04/01/48 # 60 Little Boy Blue w/William Gargan, Robert Walker, Jeanne Crain
04/08/48 # 61 Toledo Smith w/Shirley Temple, Dan Duryea, Skip Homeier
04/15/48 # 62 Wanted - One Baby w/Paul Henreid, Kenny Baker, Alan Reed
04/22/48 # 63 Eddie Meets The Family w/Hoagy Carmichael, Gloria DeHaven,
                          Richard Hart
04/29/48 # 64 Their Only Son w/Gary Cooper, Victor Jory, Scotty Beckett, Joan Carroll
05/06/48 # 65 Mother's Halo Was Tight w/Gene Kelly, Virginia Bruce, John Beals
05/13/48 # 66 Song For A Long Road w/Glen Langen, Donna Reed, John Lund
                          (Repeat Of 07/17/47)
05/20/48 # 67 A Thief In The Night w/Edgar Kobac (Mutual President), Robert Walker,
                          Harry Davenport
05/27/48 # 68 The Unsung Hero w/Mona Freeman, Lee Bonell, Gale Storm
06/03/48 # 69 High Boarded Fence w/Lon McAllister, Ward Bond, Mary Eleanor Donahue
06/10/48 # 70 Once On A Golden Afternoon w/Tom Conway, Natalie Wood,
                          Maureen O'Sullivan
06/17/48 # 71 Fear Is A Little Word w/Bob Crosby, Joan Loring, Louise Beaver
06/24/48 # 72 Suspended Moment w/Victor Moore, Victor Jory, Berry Kroeger
07/01/48 # 73 First Class Requirements w/Alan Mobrey, Joe E. Brown, Richard Tyler
07/08/48 # 74 For Bonnie Annie Laurie w/Ray Milland, Donald Crisp, Beverly Tyler,
                          Sarah Algood, Dan O'Herlihy
07/15/48 # 75 The Music Of A Broken Bell w/Pedro de Cordava, Otto Kruger
07/22/48 # 76 One In A Million w/Hugh Herbert, Billie Burke, Earle Ross,
                          Louise Beavers
07/29/48 # 77 Christmas In July w/Shirley Temple, John Agar, James Craig
                          (Christmas Story)
08/05/48 # 78 Mr. Birthday w/Ann Blythe, Gene Lockhart, Gene Raymond
08/12/48 # 79 The Tin Whistle w/Lloyd Nolan, Ronald Reagan (Repeat Of 08/21/47)
08/19/48 # 80 Jamie And The Promise w/Joan Leslie, Jane Darwell, Bobby Driscol
09/09/48 # 83 The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet w/Barry Fitzgerald,
                          Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Hilliard
09/16/48 # 84 A Day To Remember w/Robert Young, Ruth Hussey, Robert Ryan
09/23/48 # 85 Brannigan's Bat w/Jeanne Crain, Stephan Dunn, Gale Storm
09/30/48 # 86 Gramps w/Irene Dunne, Victor Moore, Una Merkle
10/07/48 # 87 The World Of David Lee w/Peggy Ann Garner, Roddy McDowell
10/14/48 # 88 Farewell To Birdie McKessler w/George Murphy, June Havor
10/21/48 # 89 The Story Of John Sager w/Dinah Shore, Jean Hersholt, Scotty Beckett
11/04/48 # 90 Footsteps In The Night w/Kate Smith, Lon McAllister,
                          Kay Christopher, Jean Reynolds
11/10/48 # 91 Little Lost Shepherd w/Vivian Blaine, Rory Calhoun,
                          Cathy O'Donnel, Gary Gray
11/17/48 # 92 Mr. Carousel w/Jimmy Durante, Jeanette MacDonald
11/24/48 # 93 Violets For Courage w/Robert Ryan, Jane Wyatt
12/01/48 # 94 World With A Fence w/Frank Lehey (Notra Dame Coach),
                          Robert Stack, Richard Webb, Gloria Blondell
12/08/48 # 95 Herbert Has Ideas w/John Beal, Jack Smith, Janet Waldo
12/15/48 # 96 A Daddy For Christmas w/Shirley Temple, Pat O'Brien,
                          Linda Johnson, Bobby Driscol  (Christmas Show)
12/22/48 # 97 Blessed Are They w/Margaret O'Brien, Kenny Baker
                          (Christmas Story)
12/29/48 # 98 The Juggler Of Our Lady w/John Charles Thomas, John Nesbitt
01/05/49 # 99 Where The Heart Is w/Adolphe Menju, Gigi Perreau, Stephan Dunn,
                          Peter Mills
01/12/49 #100 Gentlemen, Be Seated w/Rosaland Russell, Eddie Cantor
01/19/49 #101 World Without End w/Robert Young, Joan Leslie, Berry Kroeger,
                           True Boardman
01/26/49 #102 Melancholy Clown w/Lizabeth Scott, Lionel Barrymore,
                           Dean Stockwell
02/02/49 #103 Quality (Guilty) Of Mercy w/Don McNeal, Beulah Bondi, Jeanne Cagney
02/09/49 #104 Alter Of Freedom w/Roddy McDowell, Ann Revere
02/16/49 #105 God And A Red Scooter w/Spencer Tracey, Dennis O'Keefe,
                           Donna Reed (2nd Anniversary Show)
03/02/49 #107 All Brides Are Beautiful w/Ann Blythe, Dennis Day, Philip Terry
03/09/49 #108 Hollywood Story w/Dan Daily, Hedda Hopper, Fred Allen
03/16/49 #109 The Leprechaun Who Didn't Listen w/Ray Milland, Edmund Gwenn,
                           Alan Young
03/23/49 #110 For The Love Of An Angel w/Jack Haley, Stanley Clemmens, Jack Bailey
03/30/49 #111 The Fourth Strike w/John Lund, Guy Madison, Coleen Townsand
04/06/49 #112 Night Elevator w/Claudette Colbert, James Gleason, Nancy Olson
04/27/49 #115 Throw Your Heart Into The Ring w/Gary Cooper, Shelley Winters,
                           Henry Morgan
05/04/49 #116 Round Trip w/Pat O'Brien, Joan Leslie, Leo Penn
05/11/49 #117 Stolen Symphony w/Richard Widmark, Joan Claufield, James A. Farley
05/18/49 #118 The Legacy w/Alan Mobrey, Rhonda Fleming, Margaret Lindsey
05/25/49 #119 Man With A Plow w/Esther Williams, John Charles Thomas
06/01/49 #120 The Hidden Heart w/Lloyd Nolan, Jeanne Cagney, Carleton Young
06/08/49 #121 The Hound Of Heaven w/Jack Benny, Dan O'Herlihy, Rod O'Conner
06/15/49 #122 The Scout w/Blanch Rickey, Eddie Bracken, Pappy O'Donnell
06/22/49 #123 The Postmistress Of Laurel Run w/Dan Durea, Virginia Gregg,
                            Parley Baer
06/29/49 #124 The Necklace w/Jeanne Crain, Robert Alda, Edgar Barrier
07/06/49 #125 The Pardoner's Tale w/Dianna Lynn, J. Carroll Naish
07/13/49 #126 Moby Dick w/Dane Clark, Henry Hull, Celeste Holm
07/20/49 #127 My Terminal Moraine w/Patricia Neal, Alan Young
07/27/49 #128 An Adventure With Robin Hood w/Edmund O'Brien, Ed Begley,
                           William Conrad
08/03/49 #129 The Bishop's Candlesticks w/William Lundegan, Ray Collins,
                           Frank Lovejoy
08/10/49 #130 The Fountain Of Youth w/Don DeFore, Maureen O'Sullivan,
                            John Dehner, Lurene Tuttle
08/17/49 #131 The Story Of Joyce Kilmer w/Danny Thomas, Audrey Totter,
                            Richard Basehart
08/24/49 #132 Robert Of Sicily w/Irene Dunne, Raymond Burr
08/31/49 #133 The Denver Express w/Lizabeth Scott, Regis Toomey, Jean Ruth
09/07/49 #134 Song Of Roland w/Terri Moore, Jeff Chandler
09/14/49 #135 Mademoiselle Fifi w/Joan Leslie, Wendall Cory, Edgar Barrier,
                          Hans Conreid, Parley Baer
09/21/49 #136 Queen Of The Angels w/Eugene Biscaloose (LA County Sheriff)
                          Leo Carrillo, Robert Bailey
09/28/49 #137 Evangeline w/Mona Freeman, John Lund, Virginia Gregg
10/05/49 #138 The Gold Bug w/Maureen O'Hara, Stephan McNally, Howard McNear
10/12/49 #139 The Happy Prince w/Loretta Young, Vincent Price, Junius Matthews
10/19/49 #140 Ivanhoe w/McDonald Carey, Hans Conreid
10/26/49 #141 In Each Other's Shoes w/Ann Blythe, Sterling Holloway
11/02/49 #142 King O'Toole And Saint Kevin w/Barbara Britten, Berry Fitzgerald,
                           Dan O'Herlihy
11/09/49 #143 Window In The Sky w/Dinah Shore, Gigi Pereau
11/16/49 #144 By Sun And Candlelight w/James Gleason, Maureen O'Sullivan,
                           Gene Raymond, James Gleason
11/23/49 #145 The Courtship Of Miles Standish w/Coleen Townsand, Tom Tully,
                           Raymond Burr, John Dehner, Virginia Gregg
                           (Thanksgiving Day Show)
11/30/49 #146 Rip Van Winkle w/Frank Faye
12/07/49 #147 Don Quixote w/Roddy McDowell, Ted Osborne, Jay Novello,
                           Peggy Weber
12/14/49 #148 The Other Wise Man w/Jeff Chandler, Otto Kruger (Christmas Show)
12/21/49 #149 The Littlest Angel w/Loretta Young (Christmas Show)
12/28/49 #150 The Cobbler's Window w/Pat O'Brien, Victor Jory
01/04/50 #151 Old Judge Priest w/Ruth Hussey, George Murphy, Charlie Ruggles,
                           Parley Baer
01/11/50 #152 A Tale Of Two Cities w/Robert Ryan, Hans Conreid
01/18/50 #153 William The Terrified w/Fred Allen, Dennis Day
01/25/50 #154 Lodging For The Night w/Robert Alda, Ona Munson, Dan Duryea
02/01/50 #155 The Black Arrow w/Leo McCarey, John Howard, Betty Lynn
02/08/50 #156 The Short Career Of Dexter Coles w/Jack Webb, William Conrad,
                            John Charles Thomas
02/15/50 #157 Quality Folks w/Jane Powell, Parley Baer (3rd Anniversary Show)
02/22/50 #158 The Spy by James Fenamore Cooper w/Robert Stack, Lillian Byeff,
                            Jack Gregson
03/01/50 #159 The Railroad And The Churchyard w/Arleen Dahl, Wendell Cory,
                            Ted De Corsia, Bill Johnstone
03/08/50 #160 The Prince And The Pauper w/Carlton Young, Roddy McDowell,
                            Terry Kilborne
03/15/50 #161 Germelshausen w/Rosaland Russell, Joseph Cotten, Jeanne Cagney
03/22/50 #162 The Broken Pitcher w/Gene Tierney, Virginia Gregg, Hy Averback,
                           Howard McNear, Ted Osbourne
04/12/50 #165 The Fifty First Dragon w/Jane Wyatt, Charles Davis
04/19/50 #166 Mahoney's Lucky Day w/Bobby Driscol, John McIntire
04/26/50 #167 The Valiant Lady w/Rod O'Conner, Gale Storm
05/03/50 #168 Sara Bernhardt w/Don Ameche, Jeanette Nolan, John McIntire
05/10/50 #169 The Bet w/MacDonald Carey, Jay Novello, Walter Burk
05/17/50 #170 The Outcasts Of Poker Flat w/Jeanette MacDonald, Ward Bond
05/24/50 #171 Treasure Island w/Terry Kilborne
05/31/50 #172 The Prisoner Of Zenda w/Betty Lynn, Gene Raymond, Mary Anderson
06/07/50 #173 Man Without A Country w/Lizabeth Scott, Edmond O'Brien, Ed Begley,
                           Carlton Young
06/14/50 #174 Cyrano De Bergerac w/Robert Young, Hans Conreid, Mary Shift
06/21/50 #175 Joaquin Murrieta w/Marshall Thompson, Ricardo Montalban,
                           Lillian Buyeff
06/28/50 #176 Sir Lancelot Of The Lake w/Jean Ruth, Dan O'Herlihy, Virginia Gregg
07/05/50 #177 The Spectre Bridegroom w/Joan Leslie, Keith Brassele, Howard McNear
07/12/50 #178 The Triumphant Exile w/Patrician Neal, Jeanne Cagney, Glen Langen
07/19/50 #179 The Kiss Of Salomy Jane w/Audrey Totter, Ronald Reagan,
                           Jeanne Cagney
07/26/50 #180 Julius Caesar w/Tom Tulley, Wendall Corey, Gene Raymond
08/02/50 #181 The Black Tulip w/William Lundigan, Rod Cameron
08/09/50 #182 Lochinvar w/Regis Toomey, Vanessa Brown, Richard Denning
08/16/50 #183 The Lion Tamer w/Mona Freeman, Alan Young
08/23/50 #184 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea w/Maureen O'Sullivan, Otto Kruger
08/30/50 #185 Brannigan's Bat w/Lloyd Nolan, Wayne Morris, Betty Lynn
09/06/50 #186 Woman's Touch w/Jeanne Crain, Gene Lockhart
09/13/50 #187 The Lost Mine Of The Padres w/Maureen O'Hara, MacDonald Carey,
                           Pedro De Cordava, Jean Ruth
09/20/50 #188 God And A Red Scooter w/William Bendix, Barbara Hale,
                           Richard Widmark, Rod O'Conner
09/27/50 #189 The Lady With A Lamp w/Claudette Colbert, Robert Ryan, Jane Wyatt
10/04/50 #190 The Stephan Foster Story w/Gale Storm, Stephan McNally
10/11/50 #191 The Other Glory w/John Lund, Ruth Hussey
10/18/50 #192 The Windbag w/John Ford, Fibber McGee & Molly
10/25/50 #193 Jane Eyre w/Joan Evans, Donna Reed, Vincent Price
11/01/50 #194 Stolen Symphony w/Charles Winninger, Ann Blythe, Jeff Chandler
11/08/50 #195 Hans Brinker w/Roddy McDowell, Dean Stockwell
11/15/50 #196 Peter Zenger w/Pat O'Brien, Raymond Burr
11/29/50 #197 The Clown w/Debra Padget, Stephan Dunn
12/06/50 #198 Robert Of Sicily w/J. Carroll Naish, Raymond Burr
12/13/50 #199 Lullaby Of Christmas w/Ruth Hussey, Roddy McDowell
                           (Christmas Show)
12/20/50 #200 Joppe, The Juggler w/Spencer Tracy, Wallace Ford
12/27/50 #201 The Littlest Angel w/Loretta Young (Christmas Show)
01/10/51 #202 Shadow On The Mountain w/Mala Powers, Dennis Morgan
01/17/51 #203 The Golden Touch w/Jack Benny, Lucille Ball
01/24/51 #204 A Star For Helen w/Hon. Frank T Walker, Walter Brennan, Betty Lynn
01/31/51 #205 The Adventures Of Pinocchio w/Mel Blanc, Francis X. Bushman,
                           Joan Leslie
02/07/51 #206 The Long Way 'Round w/Bob Hope, Jeanne Cagney
02/14/51 #207 The Treasury Of Holmes w/Loretta Young, Jo Stafford,
                            John Charles Thomas (4th Anniversary Show)
02/21/51 #208 The Hound Of Heaver w/Jane Withers, Mel Ferrer, Rod O'Conner
02/28/51 #209 The Flame And The Sword w/Don McNeil, Roddy McDowell
03/07/51 #210 The Story Of Little Tree w/Mona Freeman, Gene Lockhart
03/14/51 #211 Pardon For Tippy w/Charles Coburn, Gigi Perreau
03/21/51 #212 The Passion And Death Of Christ w/Ethel Barrymore
                           (Easter Story) (Repeat Of 03/25/48)
03/28/51 #213 The Major, He Was A Sailor w/Joe E Brown, Gordon Oliver
04/04/51 #214 Suzie's Prayer Ball w/Gene Kelly, Jimmy Stewart
04/11/51 #215 General Pumpkin's Birthday w/Charlie Ruggles, Arthur Lake
04/18/51 #216 The Promise w/Regis Toomey, Jeff Chandler, Audry Totter
04/25/51 #217 Tommy Malone Comes Home w/Irene Dunne, James Cagney,
                           Jeanne Cagney
05/02/51 #218 Heaven Is Like That w/James Gleason, Vanessa Brown, Dan O'Herlihy
05/09/51 #219 The Right Approach w/Marta Thoren, Arthur Shields
05/16/51 #220 The Luck Of Roaring Camp w/Sally Forest, Walter Brennan
05/23/51 #221 The Golden Touch w/Lucille Ball, Jack Benny (Repeat Of 01/17/51)
05/30/51 #222 Peppe Virgo w/Claire Booth Loose, J. Carroll Naish
06/06/51 #223 The Hold Out Heart w/Ricardo Montalban, Margaret O'Brien,
                           Rita Johnson, John Howard
06/13/51 #224 The Stop Watch Heart w/Robert Young, MacDonald Carey
06/20/51 #225 Song For A Long Road w/Jeanette McDonald, Berry Sullivan,
                           Marjorie Field
06/27/51 #226 Days Of Grace w/Lizabeth Scott, Barbara Stanwyck, Louis Hayward
07/04/51 #227 Mademoiselle From Saint Antoine w/Gene Raymond, James Whitmore
07/11/51 #228 The Funnyman w/Gene Lockhart, Scotty Beckett
07/18/51 #229 The House Where Time Stopped w/Leo McCleary, Ann Blythe,
                           Robert Stack
08/01/51 #230 Rapsody In Bop w/Jimmy Durante, June Havor
08/08/51 #231 The Bid Was Four Hearts w/Joan Leslie, Stephan McNalley
08/15/51 #232 The Courthouse Battle w/Ruth Hussey, Rory Calhoun, Mona Freeman
08/22/51 #233 Seeds Of Promise w/Otto Kruger, Don DeFore, Nancy Gates
08/29/51 #234 Masquarde w/Robert Ryan, Barbara Hale, John Howard
09/05/51 #235 In Shining Armor w/Roddy McDowell, Ruth Hussey, Lee Bowman
09/12/51 #236 The Hand Of Saint Pierre w/Rod O'Conner, Barbara Rush
09/19/51 #237 The Kiddy Story Story w/Gale Storm, Jane Wyatt, Jeff Chandler
09/26/51 #238 The Professor Was A Cheat w/Gene Lockhart, Kathleen Lockhart,
                           Stephan Dunn, Susan Morrow
10/03/51 #239 The Kid From Scratch Gravel w/Maureen O'Sullivan, Ted de Corsia
10/10/51 #240 Mademoiselle From Saint Antoine
                            w/Gene Raymond, James Whitmore (Repeat Of 07/04/51)
10/17/51 #241 Jewels Of The Queen w/James Gleason, Victor Jory, Jeanne Cagney,
                           Francis X. Bushman
10/24/51 #242 Talk About The Weather w/Loretta Young, Richard Widmark,
                           Jeanne Cagney
10/31/51 #243 Wherever You Go w/Jeffery Lynn, Audrey Totter, Lyle Becker
11/07/51 #244 The Story Of Danny Dollar Bill w/Susan Hayward, Sterling Holloway
11/14/51 #245 Meet Mister Jones w/William Lundigan, Ted de Corsia
11/28/51 #246 Grandpa's Marvelous X-Ray w/Alexis Smith
12/05/51 #247 God And A Red Scooter w/Charlie Ruggles, John Howard, Rod O'Conner,
                           Marjorie Harper
12/12/51 #248 The Fable Of The Perfect Princess w/William Bendix, Harold Perry,
                           Nancy Gates
12/19/51 #249 Lullaby Of Christmas w/Ruth Hussey, Ralph Moody (Christmas Show)
12/26/51 #250 Star Of Wonder w/Pat O'Brien, Francis X. Bushman, Norman Field
                           (Christmas Story)
01/09/52 #252 Flight From Home w/Jeff Chandler, Ann Blythe, Betty Lynn
01/16/52 #253 The Juggler Of Our Lady w/Danny Thomas, John Lund
01/23/52 #254 The Thinking Machine w/Donald O'Connor, Debra Padget
01/30/52 #255 Curtain Call For Genesius w/Billie Burke, Tyrone Power, Betty Lynn,
                           Frances X. Bushman
02/06/52 #256 Pas De Deux w/Frank Fay, Jane Wyatt, Joan Evans, Gordon Oliver
02/13/52 #257 Heritage Of Home w/Loretta Young (5th Anniversary Show)
02/20/52 #258 The Redhead w/James Cagney, Jeanne Cagney
02/27/52 #259 The Promise w/Lizabeth Scott, John Payne, Bonita Granville
03/05/52 #260 The Land Of Sunshine w/Gigi Perreau, Walter Brennan, Verna Felton
03/12/52 #261 The Big One w/Pat O'Brien, David Wayne, Jean Ruth
03/19/52 #262 Burden On The Family w/Gene Lockhart, Kathleen Lockhart
03/26/52 #263 The Pitchfork Experiment w/McDonald Carey, Jeffrey Hunter,
                           Barbara Rush
04/02/52 #264 The Story Of Little Tree w/Mona Freeman, Gene Lockhart
                           (Repeat Of 03/07/51)
04/23/52 #267 Cass Wiggins - Rookie w/Jeanette MacDonald
04/30/52 #268 The Visitor w/Jane Wyatt, James Whitmore, Ward Bond
05/07/52 #269 The Genius From Hoboken w/Jean Peters, J. Carroll Naish
05/14/52 #270 The Continental Cowboy w/Adolph Menjou
05/21/52 #271 World Without End w/Stephen McNalley, Ann Blythe
05/28/52 #272 The Baby Sitter w/Margaret O'Brien, Barbara Hale, Lyle Becker
06/04/52 #273 Portrait Of Cynthia w/Bob Hope, Virginia Gregg
06/11/52 #274 Man Of The House w/Joan Evans, Jeff Chandler, Helen Perrish
06/18/52 #275 Special Delivery Schultz w/Jack Bailey, Joan Evans, Scotty Becket
06/25/52 #276 The Problem Child Problem w/Lloyd Nolan, Van Heflin, Audrey Totter
07/02/52 #277 We Hold These Truths w/Colonel Frances Debresky, Jeff Chandler
07/16/52 #278 Ten O'Clock Scholar w/William Gargan, Gigi Perreau
08/13/52 #280 Action Was Limited w/Bing Crosby, Ted DeCorsia, Howard Culver,
                           Eddie Firestone
08/20/52 #281 The Fledgling w/J. Carroll Naish, Jane Powell
08/27/52 #282 The People's Choice w/Gene Lockhart, Lewis Hayward
09/03/52 #283 Stopwatch Finale w/McDonale Carey, Ruth Hussey
09/10/52 #284 The Leading Lady w/Roddy McDowell, Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Ryan
10/01/52 #287 Days Of Grace w/Jeanne Cagney, Ann Blythe
10/08/52 #288 Mail Order Missus w/Lizabeth Scott, Walter Brennan
10/15/52 #289 The Heart Also Sees w/Maureen O'Sullivan, Jeanne Crain,
                           Dale Robertson, Margaret Sheridan
10/22/52 #290 The Cliff w/Charlie Ruggles, Stephan McNalley
10/29/52 #291 These Thy Gifts w/Gene Lockhart, Robert Stack
11/05/52 #292 A Snake In Time w/Frank Fay, Stephan Dunn, Jeanne Cagney
11/12/52 #293 A Vacation For Mom w/Regis Toomey, Ruth Hussey
11/19/52 #294 Just For Tonight w/Mala Powers, Loretta Young, Gigi Perreau
12/03/52 #295 Della w/Betty Lynn, Wendell Corey
12/10/52 #296 Lullaby Of Christmas w/Ruth Hussey (Christmas Show)
12/17/52 #297 Crossroads Of Christmas w/Irene Dunne, Victor Jory, Rita Johnson
                           (Christmas Show)
12/24/52 #298 The Nativity w/June Havor, Ann Blythe, Jeff Chandler, Nan Merriman
                           (Christmas Show)
12/31/52 #299 The Presentation w/William Lundigan, Ann Blythe, Jeff Chandler
01/07/53 #300 The Finding In the Temple w/Joan Evans, Ann Blythe, Jeff Chandler
01/14/53 #301 The Adventures Of Amy Wilson w/Jack Haley, Jeanne Cagney
01/21/53 #302 A Kind Of Treasure w/Natalie Wood, Walter Brennan
01/28/53 #303 Spunky w/Jeffrey Hunter, Barbara Rush, Mel Blanc
02/04/53 #304 Home For Thanksgiving w/Stephan McNally, Jona Leslie
02/11/53 #305 The Indispensable Man w/Lisa Gaye, Robert Stack, Debra Padget
                          (6th Anniversary Show)
02/18/53 #306 Heritage Of Home w/Loretta Young (Repeat Of 02/13/52)
02/25/53 #307 Two Tickets For Stockholm w/Adolph Menjou, J. Carroll Naish
03/04/53 #308 God And A Red Scooter w/Jeanette MacDonald, Gene Raymond,
                           Rod O'Conner
03/11/53 #309 Namgay Doola w/Ruth Hussey, Robert Newton
03/18/53 #310 Safe At Home w/Betty Lynn, Barbara Hale, Bill Williams
03/25/53 #311 Round Trip w/Jack Bailey, Ann Blythe, Robert Stack
04/01/53 #312 The Passion And Death Of Christ w/MacDonald Carey (Easter Story)
04/08/53 #313 The Courtship Of John Denis w/Pat O'Brien, Bobby Driscol, Rita Johnson,
                           Stephan Dunn
04/15/53 #314 Eclipse w/Charley Ruggles, Bonita Granville
04/22/53 #315 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea w/Dennis Morgan, Gene Lockhart
04/29/53 #316 Outnumbered w/Mitzi Gayner, Scotty Beckett, Jean Ruth
05/06/53 #317 Mother Of All w/Ann Blythe, McDonald Carey (Mother's Day Show)
05/13/53 #318 To The Victor w/James Cagney, Jeanne Cagney, Thomas J. O'Neil
05/20/53 #319 Highway East w/Susan Hayward, Phylis Baxter, Barry Sullivan
05/27/53 #320 The New Neighbor w/Barbara Rush, Jeffrey Hunter
06/03/53 #321 Abalone Boat w/William Lundigan, Keeth Brazil, Otto Kruger
06/10/53 #322 Another Catcher In The Family w/Frank Fay, Pat O'Brien, Betty Lynn
06/17/53 #323 The Last Run w/Charlie Ruggles, Scotty Beckett
06/24/53 #324 Daughter-In-Law w/Ricardo Montalban, Una Merkel, Audrey Dalton
07/01/53 #325 The Longest Hour w/Loretta Young, Robert Stack, Gene Lockhart
07/08/53 #326 Medicine Man w/Peter Lind Hayes, Gigi Perreau, Mary Healey
07/15/53 #327 The Flying Dutchman w/Lizabeth Scott, Jeff Chandler
07/22/53 #328 The Dunbar Conspiracy w/Gene Lockhart, Kathleen Lockhart, Betty Lynn
07/29/53 #329 Hop, Skip And Jump w/Charles Coburn, Audrey Totter, Don Taylor
08/05/53 #330 Revolution In Rodneyville w/Lionel Barrymore, Wendall Corey
08/12/53 #331 The Latest Thing w/Ed Sullivan, William Gargan
08/19/53 #332 Uncle Jim w/Jack Hayley, Jane Wyman
08/26/53 #333 The Wise Guy w/Pat Crowley, Jack Bailey
09/02/53 #334 Testimonial w/Aldolph Menjou, Robert Alda
09/09/53 #335 Just Like A Lady w/Art Linkletter, Kathleen Crowley
09/16/53 #336 The Unknown w/Robert Young, Lamont Johnston, Betty Lou Gerson
09/23/53 #337 The Payoff w/Ralph Edwards, Victor Moore
09/30/53 #338 Journey Of The Pegasus w/Bob Hope, Raymond Burr
10/07/53 #339 Turn On The Lights w/Tyrone Power, John Hodiak
10/14/53 #340 Ballad Of Dan McBirdy w/Don Defore, Sterling Holloway
10/21/53 #341 East Of Puntas w/Ruth Hussey, Jeff Chandler
10/28/53 #342 A Fine Wedding For Angelita w/Maureen O'Sullivan, J. Carroll Naish,
                           Ricky Barra
11/04/53 #343 Employees Only w/Joan Leslie, Arthur Shields
11/11/53 #344 The Martians And The Coys w/Jack Kirkwood, Lill Kirkwood,
                           Lee Kirkwood
11/18/53 #345 A Matter Of Time w/Barbara Rush, Jeffrey Hunter
12/02/53 #347 Foreign Exhange w/Bing Crosby, Lamont Johnston, Jean Bates
12/09/53 #348 Legend Of High Chin Bob w/Debra Padget, Walter Brennan
12/16/53 #349 Chickie w/Ann Blythe, Marvin Miller, Marjorie Steele
12/23/53 #350 Ruth w/Dennis Day, Gigi Perreau, Tom Tulley (Christmas Story)
12/30/53 #351 The Little Prince w/Eddie Cantor, Wendall Corey
01/06/54 #352 Sideman w/Jo Stafford, Dan Duryea, Scotty Beckett
01/13/54 #353 Hackie w/Gale Storm, Michael O'Shea
01/20/54 #354 Something In The Air w/Lucille Ball, John Howard
01/27/54 #355 The Cadreman w/Jimmy Durante, Berry Sullivan
02/03/54 #356 The Man Who Bought The Phone Company w/Loretta Young,
                           Stephan McNalley
02/10/54 #357 It's Not The Money w/Irene Dunn, Barbara Stanwyck, George Nador
02/17/54 #358 A Different Drummer w/Jeanette MacDonald, Robert Stack
                           (7th Anniversary Show)
02/24/54 #359 Past Imperfect w/Frank Lahey, Jack Haley
03/03/54 #360 The Door w/Gene Lockhart, Cameron Mitchell
03/10/54 #361 It's A Gift w/Danny Thomas, Jim Backus
03/17/54 #362 The Mental Blocks w/Ruth Hussey, James Cagney, Jeanne Cagney
03/24/53 #363 Night Caller w/Ann Blythe, Raymond Burr
03/31/54 #364 The Pox w/J. Carroll Naish, Tyrone Power
04/07/54 #365 The Story Of Little Tree w/Dick Cantino, Edmond Gwenn
04/14/54 #366 The Way Of The Cross w/Maureen O'Sullivan, Jeff Chandler
                           (Easter Story)
04/21/54 #367 Newshawk w/Ray Bolger, Keith Brazelle
04/28/54 #368 The Losers w/Bing Crosby, Dan O'Herlihy
05/05/54 #369 Flight To Bermuda w/Charles Boyer, Dorothy McGuire
05/12/54 #370 Gustafson w/Joan Leslie, Frank Lovejoy
05/19/54 #371 45 Calibre Teapot w/Mary Livingston, Jack Benny
05/26/54 #372 The First Morning w/Jane Wyatt, Robert Ryan
06/02/54 #373 The Wind Is No Gentleman w/Gene Lockhart
06/09/54 #374 Where There's A Will w/Rosaland Russell, Vincent Price
06/23/54 #375 Clean And Crisp And Even w/Jeff Chandler
06/30/54 #376 Skin Deep w/Will Rogers Jr., Marshall Thompson
07/07/54 #377 The Last Smash w/General Carlos Romulo, Jean Hagen
07/14/54 #378 Strangers w/Donna Atwood, Stephan McNally
07/21/54 #379 Beasley's Boy w/Hildegard, Jeffrey Hunter
07/28/54 #380 The Story Of Danny Dollar Bill w/Margartte O'Brien, Sterling Holloway
08/04/54 #381 Welcome Home w/Eddie Fisher, Marilyn Erskine
08/11/54 #382 Early Bird w/Ann Francis, Danny Thomas
08/18/54 #383 Reprisal w/Terresa Wright, William Bendix (2nd Half Only)
08/25/54 #384 Beauty And The Brain w/Vic Demone, Richard Denning, Jeanne Cagney
09/01/54 #385 Stopwatch Finale w/Grace Kelly, Edmond O'Brien
09/08/54 #386 Citizen's Arrest w/Bob Hope
09/15/54 #387 The Criminal w/Gene Kockhart, Lyle Becker
09/22/54 #388 Tennessee's Partner w/Joan Evans, Walter Brennan
09/29/54 #389 Under Fire w/Richardo Montalban, Paul Picherney
10/06/54 #390 Down Payment w/Ann Blythe, Robert Francis
10/13/54 #391 U.F.O. w/Gale Storm, John Howard
10/20/54 #392 Stay Up For The Sunrise w/Preston Foster, Cammeron Mitchell
10/27/54 #393 The Hound Of Heaven w/Loretta Young, Dan O'Herlihy, Raymond Burr
11/03/54 #394 The Cliff w/Debbie Reynolds, John Lund
11/10/54 #395 At 155 Pounds w/Barbara Hale, Michael O'Shea
11/17/54 #396 Stolen Symphony w/Jimmy Durante, Hugh O'Brien, Ann Francis
11/24/54 #397 Monsieur Payen w/Dinah Shore, Edgar Barrier
12/01/54 #398 Summer Replacement w/Desi Arnez, Una Merkle
12/08/54 #399 The Coat w/Irene Dunne, Jean Evans
12/15/54 #400 The Cobbler's Window w/Ralph Edwards, Otto Kruger
12/22/54 #401 The Juggler Of Our Lady w/Margaret O'Brien, J. Carroll Naish
12/29/54 #402 The Little Prince w/Eddie Cantor, Wendall Corey (Repeat Of 12/30/53)
01/12/55 #403 Stranger In Town w/Elenor Powell, Raymond Burr
01/19/55 #404 Slaughterhouse Row w/Jack Bailey, Beulah Bondi
01/26/55 #405 Old Friends w/Ruth Hussey, Frank Lovejoy
02/02/55 #406 The Thin Red Line w/Peggy King, George Nador
02/09/55 #407 The Sangamo Sage w/Jeanette MacDonald, Will Rogers Jr.
                           (8th Anniversary Show)
02/16/55 #408 Uncle Jim w/Jack Haley, Donna Reed
02/23/55 #409 Midnight w/Ray Bolger, Pat Crowley
03/02/55 #410 Torkelson's Flying Circus w/Don McNeil, Walter Brennan
03/09/55 #411 The Retiring Mr. Hewitt w/Otto Kruger, James Gleason
03/16/55 #412 Double Crossing w/Esther Williams, Richard Denning
03/23/55 #413 No Contest w/William Gargon, William Campbell
03/30/55 #414 The Story Of Little Tree w/Dick Cantino, Edmond Gwenn
                           (Repeat Of 04/07/54)
04/13/55 #416 In The Nature Of A Warning w/Betty Lynn, Jane Wyatt, Stephan Dunn
04/20/55 #417 Act Of Contrition w/Gene Raymond, Edmond O'Brien
04/27/55 #418 After The Ball w/Jean Hagen, Stephan McNalley
05/04/55 #419 Who Am I? w/Gene Lockhart, Barbara Britton
05/11/55 #420 Deadbeat w/Bing Crosby, Paul Patchurney
05/18/55 #421 Every Good Boy Does Fine w/Jerry Lewis, Maureen O'Sullivan
                          (No Closing Music)
05/25/55 #422 The Last Battle w/Mitzi Gaynor, Edgar Bucannon
06/01/55 #423 The Last Straw w/Betty Lynn, James Cagney, Jeanne Cagney
06/08/55 #424 Counterplot w/Gale Storm, Camarron Mitchell
06/15/55 #425 One Horse Carrousal w/Ann Blythe, Edmond Gwenn
06/22/55 #426 Shutout w/Anna Maria Albrigetti, Aldo Ray
06/29/55 #427 The Dotted Line w/Jeanette MacDonald, Barry Sullivan
07/06/55 #428 Today Is Sunday w/Jeanne Crain, Robert Stack
07/13/55 #429 Horse Sense w/Rod O'Connor, Jack Carson
07/20/55 #430 Cover-Up w/Charlton Heston, Marjorie Steel (Opening Cut)
07/27/55 #431 Fairy Tale w/Debra Paget, Jack Haley
08/03/55 #432 Rimrock w/Barbara Hale (Mrs. Bill Williams), Bill Williams
08/10/55 #433 The Rainbow Chaser w/Joan Leslie, Marshall Thompson
08/17/55 #434 The Kiddy Story Story w/Nancy Gates, Robert Rockwell
08/24/55 #435 The Roll Call Of The Reef w/Mary Livingston, Arthur Shields
08/31/55 #436 The Big One w/Robert Stack, Cecil Kelloway
09/07/55 #437 The Fable Of The Perfect Princess w/Gene Lockhart, Kathleen Crowley,
                           Rita Johnson, Claude Aiken
09/14/55 #438 It Isn't Cricket w/Bob Hope, Richard Peale
09/21/55 #439 The End Of Dirty Eddy w/Natalie Wood, Wallace Ford, William Campbell
09/28/55 #440 The Fledgling w/Joe E. Brown, Betty Lynn
10/05/55 #441 Follow Me w/Hildegard, Phil Carey
10/12/55 #442 The Penalty w/Pat O'Brien, Bobby Driscol
10/19/55 #443 The Redhead w/Ann Blythe, Raymond Burr
10/26/55 #444 You Remind Me Of Me w/Marjorie Steele, Chuck Connors,
                           Charles Bronson
11/02/55 #445 Turn On The Lights w/Marshall Thompson, John Lund
11/09/55 #446 Night Caller w/Jerry Collona, Joan Leslie
11/16/55 #447 A Dog's Life w/Gene Lockhart, Herb Butterfield
11/23/55 #448 The Leading Lady w/Jimmy Durante, Mae Clark
11/30/55 #449 Captive Audience w/Claude Aikens, Audrey Totter
12/07/55 #450 Ladies Man w/Kathleen Crowley, Lyle Becker
12/14/55 #451 Restitution w/Rita Johnson, Gig Young
12/21/55 #452 The Juggler Of Our Lady w/Maureen O'Sullivan, Jack Haley,
                            Paul Frees (Christmas Story)
12/28/55 #453 The Hound Of Heaven w/Rosalind Russell, Dan O'Herlihy,
                           Raymond Burr
01/04/56 #454 Survival Mechanism w/Gigi Perreau, Cammaron Mitchell
01/11/56 #455 The Stupid Saint w/Barry Sullivan, Dianna Lynn
01/18/56 #456 The Visitor w/Dorothy Warenskjold, Edmond O'Brien
01/25/56 #457 The Caboose w/James Gleason, Hugh O'Brien
02/01/56 #458 The Victim w/Gene Lockhart, Robert Rockwell
02/08/56 #459 Funny Valentine w/Wallace Ford, Barbara Rush
02/15/56 #460 Little Church Of The Ambush w/Elenor Powell, David Jansen
                           (9th Anniversary Show)
02/22/56 #461 The Snare Of The Fowler w/Bill Williams, Raymond Burr
02/29/56 #462 Mr. Harrison And The Lady Racketeer w/John Lund, Harold Peary
03/07/56 #463 The Seventh Son w/Bing Crosby, Ricardo Montalban
03/14/56 #464 The Fence w/Rosalind Russell, Richard Denning
03/21/56 #465 The Sob-Sister w/Bill Campbell, Frank Lovejoy, Joan Banks
03/28/56 #466 The Passion And Death Of Christ w/Robert Young, Ethel Barrymore
                           (Easter Story)
04/11/56 #468 Coincidence w/Gig Young, Marshall Thompson
04/18/56 #469 Flight To Bermuda w/Robert Rockwell, Dorothy Warenskjold
04/25/56 #470 Gambler's End w/Eleanor Powell, Paul Patchurny
05/02/56 #471 Second Chance w/Joan Banks, Barry Sullivan
05/09/56 #472 The Apt Mister Willis w/Frank Lovejoy, Alan Young
05/16/56 #473 Song For A Long Road w/Macdonald Carey
05/23/56 #474 Citizen's Arrest w/Richard Denning, Virginia Mayo, Michael O'Shea
06/06/56 #475 Roughneck w/Ricardo Montalban, Phil Carey
06/13/56 #476 Wally w/Bing Crosby, Alan Reed
06/20/56 #477 Clipper Ship w/Dorothy Warenskjold, Gene Lockhart
06/27/56 #478 Blood Will Tell w/Dennis Day, Jean Evans
07/11/56 #479 Showdown w/Paul Patchurney, Raymond Burr
07/18/56 #480 The Girl In The Green Dress w/Marshall Thompson, Pat Crowley
07/25/56 #481 Cow Town w/Richard Denning, Walter Brennan
08/01/56 #482 Six Of One w/Mitzi Gaynor, Wallace Ford
08/08/56 #483 The Other Sheep w/Barry Sullivan, Jim Backus
08/29/56 #484 The Big Day w/Ruth Hussey, Stephan McNalley
09/05/56 #485 The Outing w/Loretta Young, Jack Haley
09/12/56 #486 Now You See Him w/Ricardo Montalban, Bill Williams
09/19/56 #487 Fair Exchange w/Gene Lockhart, Bobby Driscol
09/26/56 #488 Deductive Reasoning w/Jim Ameche, Jeff Hunter, Betty Lynn
10/03/56 #489 The Coward w/Barbara Hale, Jeanne Cagney
10/10/56 #490 The First Voyage Of Columbus w/Donna Atwood, Jan Arban
10/17/56 #491 Reprisal w/Ann Blythe, Rita Johnson
10/24/56 #492 The Man In The Street w/Cameron Mitchell
10/31/56 #493 The McCoy w/Rosalind Russell, Chuck Conners
11/07/56 #494 Integrity w/Debra Paget, Cesar Romero
11/14/56 #495 Slap In The Face w/Paul Patchurney, Dorothy Warenskjold
11/21/56 #496 The First Law Of The Jungle w/Jimmy Durante, Herb Ellis
11/28/56 #497 Thinking Makes It So w/Bob Hope, Richard Denning
12/05/56 #498 Me For You w/Jim Backus, Alan Young
12/12/56 #499 The First Morning w/Raymond Burr, Scott Brady
01/02/57 #502 God And A Red Scooter w/Mitzi Gaynor, Lyle Becker
01/09/57 #503 West Of The Pecos w/Walter Brennan, Peter Lawford
01/16/57 #504 No Comment w/Betty Lynn
01/23/57 #505 Enough Rope w/Rita Johnson, J. Carroll Naish
01/30/57 #506 Once Upon A Golden Afternoon w/Maureen O'Sullivan, Jean Bates
02/06/57 #507 Genie With The Light Green Hair w/Stephan McNalley,
                           Jim & Marian Jordan
02/13/57 #508 The Treasury Of Holmes w/Loretta Young, Jo Stafford, John Charles
                           Thomas, Marina Kochefs, James Alexander (10th Anniversary Show)
02/20/57 #509 Never Let The Sun Go Down w/Gene Lockhart, Regis Toomey
02/27/57 #510 Hostage w/Hildegard, John Lund
03/06/57 #511 To The Losers Belong The Spoils w/Eddie Fisher, Vivi Jannis
03/13/57 #512 The Fourth Act w/Billie Burke, Stephan McNalley
03/20/57 #513 Flight Plan w/Scott Brady, Nancy Gates
03/27/57 #514 The Ninth Floor Of The Plaza w/Irene Dunne, Vic Perrin
04/03/57 #515 All Brides Are Beautiful w/Ray Bolger, Ruth Hussey
04/10/57 #516 Lines Of Probability w/Jimmy Durante, Victor Jory
04/17/57 #517 The Passion And Death Of Christ w/Robert Young, Dan O'Herlihy
                           (Easter Story)
05/01/57 #519 Nightmare At Noon w/Ralph Edwards, Edmund O'Brien
05/08/57 #520 The Last One In Line w/Lucille Ball, Dean Miller
05/15/57 #521 The Green Wave w/Walter Brennan, Phil Terry
05/22/57 #522 Retired w/Jack Bailey, Edgar Buchanan
05/29/57 #523 Profile Of A Hero w/Richard Denning, Gene Evans
06/05/57 #524 The Acid Test w/Jack Haley, Ann Blythe
06/12/57 #525 Tom Summit w/Peter Lawford, Marshall Thompson
06/19/57 #526 A Matter Of Potential w/Vic Damone, Joan Leslie
06/26/57 #527 The Quiet War w/Nancy Gates, Robert Rockwell
07/03/57 #528 The Invasion w/Chuck Connors, Frank Lovejoy
07/10/57 #529 Emergency w/J. Carroll Naish, Macdonald Carey
07/17/57 #530 Uncle Jim w/Regis Toomey, Dorothy Warenskjold
07/31/57 #532 Design Flaw w/Dan O'Herlihy, Tom Drake
08/07/57 #533 A Shot In The Dark w/Victor Jory, Bobby Driscol
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