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Tarzan And The Diamond Of Asher
     We have been asked repeatedly as to whether or not we have this or that broadcast, and this or that series.  And while we would prefer to list only the programming that we have already digitally restored and that are currently available, we have decided to make available listings of programs in the archive.  These listings will continually grow and be added to from time to time, so check back if you are looking for a particular broadcast that might not be currently listed.  Thousands of reels of material and thousands of original ET's will take time to list.  Also, as time and reviewing of print material permits, we will list thousands of original scripts that are part of the archive.
     While custom recording is available, check our pricing page for information, quality of programs and archive time available to perform such custom work should be considered in selecting programs not already digitally restored and available.  Check our listings of programs already digitally restored and available.  Finally, some broadcast holdings may not be available due to copyright, ownership, or licensing restrictions.
05/01/34 # 1 Mistaken ID
05/02/34 # 2 Dead Man Found
05/03/34 # 3 Tarzan Takes Charge
05/04/34 # 4 Expedition Starts
05/07/34 # 5 Camp Trouble
05/08/34 # 6 Shot Misses
05/09/34 # 7 Fighting A Lion
05/10/34 # 8 Elephant Charge
05/11/34 # 9 Led To Safety
05/14/34 #10 Larson Vs. Crocodile
05/15/34 #11 Crocodile Killed
05/16/34 #12 Wolfe Passes Out
05/17/34 #13 Jungle Storm
05/18/34 #14 River Crossed
05/21/34 #15 Bull Ape Fight
05/22/34 #16 Gregory Killed
05/23/34 #17 Helen Gone
05/24/34 #18 Tarzan Gone
05/25/34 #19 Road Found
05/28/34 #20 Creature Killed
05/29/34 #21 Native Captured
05/30/34 #22 City Arrival
05/31/34 #23 Robbery Attempt & Wolfe Attacked
06/01/34 #24 Margwa Taken
06/04/34 #25 Brian Found
06/05/34 #26 Search For Tarzan
06/06/34 #27 Tarzan Accepts Proposition
06/07/34 #28 Escapes With Gold Disc
06/08/34 #29 Escape From Sulfur Steam
06/11/34 #30 Separated Again
06/12/34 #31 Kills Saber Tooth Tiger
06/13/34 #32 Flying Monsters Attack
06/14/34 #33 Queen Visits
06/15/34 #34 Tarzan Rescues Women
06/18/34 #35 Reunited
06/19/34 #36 Escape From Ashir
06/20/34 #37 Diamond Taken
06/21/34 #38 Escaping With Disk
06/22/34 #39 Brian Gregory Recovers
                 (End Of The Series)
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