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     We have been asked repeatedly as to whether or not we have this or that broadcast, and this or that series.  And while we would prefer to list only the programming that we have already digitally restored and that are currently available, we have decided to make available listings of programs in the archive.  These listings will continually grow and be added to from time to time, so check back if you are looking for a particular broadcast that might not be currently listed.  Thousands of reels of material and thousands of original ET's will take time to list.  Also, as time and reviewing of print material permits, we will list thousands of original scripts that are part of the archive.
     While custom recording is available, check our pricing page for information, quality of programs and archive time available to perform such custom work should be considered in selecting programs not already digitally restored and available.  Check our listings of programs already digitally restored and available.  Finally, some broadcast holdings may not be available due to copyright, ownership, or licensing restrictions.
01/23/45 w/Sara Berner
01/30/45 Tom Barns, Texas Ranger
03/28/48 Audition Show With Outtakes And Bloopers
10/05/51 Crooked Politicians
10/12/51 Ed Bailey's Bad Luck
10/19/51 Night Riders
10/26/51 Old Prospecting Friend
11/02/51 Doug Manson Gang
11/09/51 Going After The Counterfeiters
11/16/51 Lawman's Badge
11/23/51 The DeBona Gang
11/30/51 The Map
12/07/51 Escaped Convicts
12/14/51 Squaw Creek
12/21/51 Christmas Show
12/28/51 Manson And Norris, Outlaws
01/04/52 Andy Sayles, Back From The Past
01/11/52 Cattle Swindle
01/18/52 The Owl Hoot Trail
01/25/52 Wake Of The Storm
02/01/52 Rustlers In Paradise Valley
02/08/52The Jinxed Ranch
02/15/52 The Gold Fields
02/22/52 Hideaway
02/29/52 Prof. Manson And Wife Smugglers
03/07/52 John Kennedy, Escaped Outlaw
03/14/52 Lee Bulow And His Gang
03/21/52 Herb Selby Trapped In A Cabin
03/28/52 Gold In The Desert
04/04/52 Sid Kenyon's Frogs
04/11/52 Sheriff Expecting Evidence In Renee Egan Case
08/25/52 Paradise Valley Sweepstakes
09/04/52 George Allison
09/11/52 The Fish That Told A Story
09/18/52 Red Danger And Black Gold 
09/25/52 A Rip Roarin' Rodeo Yarn
10/02/52 Pat Brady Gets Roy Into A Fix
10/09/52 Fred's Ranch
10/16/52 A Story About Indians
10/23/52 Lee Fox And Len Dean
10/30/52 The Halloween Gold Mine
11/06/52 Range War
11/13/52 The Richest Rancher In Paradise Valley; 
11/20/52 Sponsor Post
11/27/52 Feuding Fathers
12/04/52 The Last Stagecoach
12/11/52 The Boiling Treasure Chest
12/18/52 Dale Plans A Surprise
12/25/52 The Night Before The Night Before Christmas
01/01/53 Prison Break, New Year's Eve
01/08/53 The Key
01/15/53 Albert Larrimore
01/22/53 Valley-Wide Rodeo
01/29/53 Jeff Kaufman's New Dude Ranch
02/05/53 Jane Farmer
02/12/53 The Blizzard
02/19/53 Centennial Celebration-Jewel Robbery
02/26/53 Checkered Neckerchief
03/05/53 Chockera, Chief Of Apaches
03/12/53 Charles Ryder, New Rancher In The Valley
03/19/53 Black Gold In Paradise Valley
03/26/53 Dog Story
Blackmail Over Adoption
Man Missing From Secret Facility
The Mystery Of Squatter's Island
The Mysterious Lute in Bad Luck Cave
The Mystery of the Disappearing Trail
#108 Land of Blue Shadows
#112 Red River Valley
#123 Stampede
#137 Boat Trip Back From Hawaii
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