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Red Ryder
     Heard first on the West Coast Blue Network, on 02/03/42, the program aired three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. PST.  From 05/20/42 until 09/09/42, the series had a dual role of importance.  Scripts were heard first from Blue on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and then the same scripts were used a day later for Mutual on their East Coast stations.  Mutual-Don Lee then picked up a sponsor with Langendorf Bread, a West Coast company, and the program then was dropped by Blue and carried as mostly a West Coast program over Mutual, heard again on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  This was the only serious rival to The Lone Ranger and in fact actually beat the ranger in early Hooper ratings.
     At this time, little is known about script titles for this series.  There is a tremendous amount of research work that needs to be done on this program in the future.  More information will be added here as it becomes known.
Broadcast History:
Network: Mutual-Don Lee Network, NBC-Blue
  02/03/42 to 00/00/42 NBC-Blue Network (mostly West coast)
  05/20/42 to 09/09/42 Mutual (East coast)
  09/00/42 to 00/00/51 Mutual (West coast)
  Paul Franklin
  Brad Brown
  Ben Alexander, Art Gilmore and others
  Albert Van Antwerp, Paul Franklin
Theme Music:
  The Dying Cowboy
Sound Effects:
  Monty Fraser, James Dick, Bob Turnbull
Red Ryder’s Horse:
Little Beaver’s Horse:
  Sustained and Langendorf Bread
  Reed Hadley as Red Ryder (1942 to 1944)
  Carlton KaDell as Red Ryder (1945)
  Brooke Temple as Red Ryder (1946 to 1951)
  Tommy Cook as Little Beaver (1942 to 1945)
  Frank Bresee as Little Beaver (1942 to 1946 as an alternate)
  Johnny McGovern as Little Beaver (1947 to 1950)
  Sammy Ogg as Little Beaver (1950 to 1951)
Also heard:
  Arthur Q. Bryan as Rawhide
  Horace Murphy as Buckskin Blodgett
Each of the following broadcasts are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
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02/03/42 # 1 Title Not Known
02/05/42 # 2 Title Not Known
02/07/42 # 3 Trouble On The Shogono Trail
02/10/42 # 4 Trouble In Milersville, Part 1
02/12/42 # 5 Trouble In Milersville, Part 2
02/14/42 # 6 Trouble In Milersville, Part 3
02/17/42 # 7 Shooting At Paradise Plateau, Part 1
02/19/42 # 8 Shooting At Paradise Plateau, Part 2
02/21/42 # 9 Shooting At Paradise Plateau, Part 3
02/24/42 #10 Hot Lead In Scorpian Gulch
02/26/42 #11 The Range War
02/28/42 #12 Indians On The Warpath Near The Bonanza Mine
03/03/42 #13 Trouble At Boullion Bend
03/05/42 #14 Trouble At Iron Horse Junction
03/07/42 #15 Terror In Pecos Valley
03/10/42 #16 Dobie Town
03/12/42 #17 The Casa Grande Valley
03/14/42 #18 Trouble In Frying Pan Valley
03/17/42 #19 The Cherokee Strip
03/19/42 #20 Back To Painted Valley
03/21/42 #21 Sundown Valley
03/24/42 #22 The Sheriff of Painted Valley
03/26/42 #23 Trouble In Pepperwood
03/28/42 #24 Trouble In Devil's Hole
03/31/42 #25 Stoney Barton
04/02/42 #26 The Bucktooth Canyon Dam
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