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Screen Director's Playhouse
      From 01/09/49 to 09/28/51 this series was greatly enjoyed by the radio listening audience.  It opened as NBC Theater and was also known as The Screen Director’s Guild and The Screen Director’s Assignment.  But most people remember it simply as Screen Director’s Playhouse.  Many of the Hollywood elite were heard recreating their screen roles over the radio.  John Wayne in his rare radio appearances, Cary Grant, Edward G. Robinson, Lucille Ball, Claire Trevor, Tallulah Bankhead and many others were on the air week after week during these broadcasts.  Many of Hollywood’s directors were also heard in the recreation of their movies.
     The President of the Screen Director’s Guild appeared on 02/13/49, and Violinist Isaac Stern supplied the music for the 04/19/51 broadcast.
Broadcast History:
Network: NBC
  01/09/49 to 02/27/49 as Screen Director's Guild Assignment
  03/06/49 to 06/05/49 as Screen Director's Assignment
  07/01/49 to 09/28/51 as Screen Director's Playhouse
  Richard Allen Simmons, Milton Geiger, Jack Rubin, Nat Wolf
  Frank Barton, Jimmy Wallington
  Henry Russell, William Lava, Robert Armbruster
  Howard Wylie
  Bill Karn, Warren Lewis
Sponsors (Sustained 01/09/49 to 06/05/49):
  Pabst Beer, Ford, RCA Victor, Anasin, Buick, Chesterfield Cigarettes
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01/09/49 # 1 Stagecoach  w/John Wayne, Claire Trevor, Ward Bond
01/16/49 # 2 Let's Live A Little  w/Robert Cummings, Virginia Gregg, John Dehner,
                        Betty Lou Gerson, Richard Wallace
01/23/49 # 3 The Exile  w/Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Janet Waldo, Raymond Burr,
                        Lou Krugman, Carl Harbor, Paul McVey, Max Ophuls
01/30/49 # 4 Mr. & Mrs. Smith  w/Robert Montgomery, Mary Jane Croft, Verna Felton,
                         Patrick McGeehan, Carlton Young, Alfred Hitchcock
02/06/49 # 5 Hired Wife  w/Rosalind Russell, Carleton Young, Ed Begley, Joan Banks,
                        Herb Litton, Dan Riss, Betty Moran, William Seiter
02/13/49 # 6 Magnificent Obsession  w/Irene Dunne, Willard Waterman, Barbara Eiler,
                         John Lund, Ralph Moody, Dan Riss, Anne Whitfield
02/20/49 # 7 The Prisoner Of Zenda  w/Ronald Colman, Benita Hume
02/27/49 # 8 The Night Has A 1000 Eyes  w/Edward G. Robinson, Paul Frees,
                         William Demerest
03/06/49 # 9 A Foreign Affair  (1 HOUR)  w/Marlene Dietrich, John Lund,
                        Rosalind Russell, Herb Vigran, Billy Wilder
03/13/49 # 10 You Were Meant For Me  w/Dan Dailey, Jim Backus, Lloyd Bacon,
                          Norman Field, Betty Lynn, Dan Riss, Irene Tedrow, William Tracy
03/20/49 # 11 The Perfect Marriage  w/Loretta Young, Bob Bailey, Lewis Allen,
                           Gayle Bonney, Leif Erickson, Ruth Perrott, Dan Riss, Dorothy Thompson,
                          Barton Yarborough
03/27/49 # 12 Suddenly It's Spring  w/Fred MacMurray, Virginia Gregg, Frank Lovejoy,
                          Margaret Brayton, Hal Girard, Mitchell Leisen, Dan Riss
04/03/49 # 13 The Ghost Breakers  w/Bob Hope, Shirley Mitchell, Ken Christy,
                          Jack Edwards, June Foray, Sheldon Leonard, George Marshall,
                          Betty Moran, Donald Morrison, Dan Riss
04/10/49 # 14 Music For Millions  w/June Allyson, Henry Coster, Joseph Kearns,
                          Betty Moran, GeGe Pearson, Herbert Rawlinson, Dan Riss, Wilms Herbert,
                          Anne Whitfield
04/17/49 # 15 The Best Years Of Our Lives  w/Dana Andrews, Janet Waldo, Ken Christy,
                          David Ellis, Virginia Gregg, Howard McNear, Gerald Mohr, Earle Ross,
                          Theodore Von Eltz, William Wyler
04/24/49 # 16 The Sky's The Limit  w/Fred Astaire, Sharon Douglas, Harry Bartell,
                          Edward H. Griffith, Edwin Max, Jay Novello, Dan Riss, Barton Yarborough
05/01/49 # 17 The Trouble With Women  w/Ray Milland, Mary Jane Croft, Grif Barnett,
                          Bob Bruce, Florence Halop, Sidney Lanfield, Frank Lovejoy, Ralph Moody,
                          Dan Riss, Herb Vigran, Sarajane Wells
05/08/49 # 18 It's A Wonderful Life  w/Jimmy Stewart, Arthur Q. Bryan, Georgia Backus,
                          Herb Butterfield, Frank Capra, Hans Conried, Barbara Eiler, Joseph Granby,
                          Irene Tedrow
05/15/49 # 19 Hold Back The Dawn  w/Charles Boyer, Vanessa Brown, Raymond Burr,
                          John Dehner, Jeanne Bates, Mitchel Leisen
05/22/49 # 20 Her Husband's Affairs  w/Lucille Ball, Elliott Lewis, Hans Conried,
                          Ken Christy, Wilms Herbert, Elliott Lewis, Herbert Litton, Jay Novello,
                          Dan Riss, S. Sylvan Simon
05/29/49 # 21 Trade Winds  w/Fredric March, Lurene Tuttle, Tay Garnett, Wally Maher,
                          Betty Moran, James Nusser, GeGe Pearson, Dan Riss
06/05/49 # 22 The Killers  w/Burt Lancaster, Shelley Winters, Tony Barrett,
                          William Conrad, Gwen Deleno, Sam Edwards, Frank Gerstle,
                          Dan Riss, Robert Siodmak
Friday - 9:00 p.m.
07/01/49 # 23 Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House  w/Cary Grant, Herb Butterfield,
                          Ruby Dandridge, Frank Gerstle, Wilms Herbert, Betty Moran,
                          Frances Robinson, Willard Waterman, Anne Whitfield
07/08/49 # 24 The Big Clock  w/Ray Milland, Maureen O'Sullivan, Tony Barrett,
                          William Conrad, Larry Dobkin, John Farlow
07/15/49 # 25 Yellow Sky  w/Gregory Peck, Gloria Blondell, Sam Edwards,
                          Paul Frees, Wally Maher, William Wellman
07/22/49 # 26 Casbah  w/Tony Martin, Marta Toren, John Berry, Herb Butterfield,
                          Lurene Tuttle
07/29/49 # 27 Saigon  w/Alan Ladd, Leslie Fenton
08/05/49 # 28 Fort Apache  w/John Wayne, Ward Bond, Tony Barrett, Paul McVey,
                          Lou Merrill
08/12/49 # 29 Jezebel  w/Bette Davis, Paul Frees, Gerald Mohr, Ralph Moody,
                          William Tyler
08/19/49 # 30 Love Crazy  w/William Powell, Gloria Blondell, Hans Conried,
                          William Johnstone, Dan Riss, Mary Shipp, Malcolm St. Clair, Gil Stratton
08/26/49 # 31 Appointment For Love  w/Charles Boyer, Gale Storm, Virginia Gregg,
                          Jerry Hausner, Howard McNear, William Seiter
09/02/49 # 32 Apartment For Peggy  w/Jeanne Crain
09/09/49 # 33 The Human Comedy  w/Mickey Rooney, Clarence Brown, 
                         Francis X. Bushman, Barton Yarborough
09/16/49 # 34 Whispering Smith  w/Alan Ladd
09/23/49 # 35 Don't Trust Your Husband  w/Fred MacMurrey
09/30/49 # 36 Pride Of The Yankees  w/Gary Cooper
Monday - Sustained
10/03/49 # 37 The Senator Was Indiscrete  w/William Powell, Jeanne Bates, 
                          William Conrad, Peggy Dow, Paul Frees, Jack Kruschen, Jay Novello
10/10/49 # 38 Criss Cross  w/Burt Lancaster, Jeff Corey, Betty Lou Gerson,
                           Betty Morgan, Stan Waxman
10/17/49 # 39 Pitfall  w/Dick Powell, Jane Wyatt, Raymond Burr, Andre de Toth,
                           Sam Edwards, Virginia Gregg, Ralph Moody
10/24/49 # 40 Love Letters  w/Joseph Cotton, William Dieterle, Barbar Eiler,
                           Alma Laughton, Dan O’Herlihy, Ben Wright
10/31/49 # 41 Remember The Night  w/Barbara Stanwyck, Gerald Mohr
Friday - Sustained
11/11/49 # 42 Body And Soul  w/John Garfield, William Conrad, Hans Conried,
                           Steve Dunne, Barbara Eiler, Jerry Hausner, Wally Maher,
                          Ralph Moody, Robert Rossen
11/18/49 # 43 The Uninvited  w/Ray Milland, Lewis Allen, John Dehner, June Foray,
                           Alma Laughton, Mary Shipp
11/25/49 # 44 The Spiral Staircase  w/Dorothy McGuire, John Dehner, Steve Dunne,
                          Jane Morgan, Dan Riss, Robert Siodmak
12/02/49 # 45 All My Sons  w/Edward G. Robinson, Jeff Chandler, Helen Andrews,
                           Jack Edwards, Irving Reis, Irene Tedrow
12/09/49 # 46 Call Northside 777  w/James Stewart, Henry Hathaway, Bill Conrad,
                           Paul Frees, Stacy Harris
12/16/49 # 47 The Affairs Of Susan  w/Joan Fontaine, William Seiter, Steve Dunne,
                           Wilms Herbert, Willard Waterman, Barton Yarborough
12/23/49 # 48 Miracle On 34th Street  w/Edmund Gwenn, Paul Frees, George Seaton,
                           Willard Waterman, Natalie Wood
12/30/49 # 49 One Way Passage  w/William Powell, Peggy Dow, Stephen Dunne,
                           John Dehner, Don Diamond, Tay Garnett
01/06/50 # 50 Magic Town  w/James Stewart, Hans Conried, Virginia Gregg,
                           Jerry Hausner, Sam Hayes, Eddie Marr, George Marshall
01/13/50 # 51 Tomorrow Is Forever  w/Claudette Colbert, Jeff Chandler, Sam Edwards,
                           John McIntire, Irving Pichel
01/20/50 # 52 Mr. Lucky  w/Cary Grant, Ken Christy, Hank Potter, Francis Robinson
01/27/50 # 53 It Had To Be You  w/Ginger Rogers, Joan Fontaine, Wilms Herbert,
                           Gerald Mohr, Frank Nelson, Jay Novello, Alfred Werker
02/03/50 # 54 The Sea Wolf  w/Edward G. Robinson, Herb Butterfield, Michael Curtiz,
                           Paul Frees, Wilms Herbert, Lou Merrill, Lurene Tuttle
02/10/50 # 55 This Thing Called Love  w/Rosalind Russell, Joan Banks, Paul DuBov,
                           Steve Dunne, Alexander Hall, Harry Lang
02/17/50 # 56 It's In The Bag  w/Fred Allen, John Brown, Hans Conried, Sheldon Leonard,
                          Frank Nelson, Alan Reed, Lurene Tuttle, Richard Wallace
02/24/50 # 57 Incendiary Blonde  w/Barbara Hutton
03/03/50 # 58 Paleface  w/Bob Hope, Norman McLeod, Jane Russell
03/10/50 # 59 Portrait Of Jenny  w/Joseph Cotten, Eleanor Audley, Frank Barton,
                          Barbara Eiler, Wilms Herbert, Ramsay Hill, Norma Jean Nilsson,
                          Victor Perrin, Lurene Tuttle
03/17/50 # 60 Champion  w/Kirk Douglas, Frank Barton, Jack Edwards, Frank Lovejoy,
                           Rita Lynn, Dan Riss, Mark Robson
03/24/50 # 61 Chicago Deadline  w/Alan Ladd, Lewis Allen, Jim Backus, Raymond Burr
03/31/50 # 62 The Dark Mirror  w/Olivia deHaviland, Francis X. Bushman, John Dehner,
                          David Ellis
04/07/50 # 63 The Fighting O'Flynn  w/Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Frank Barton, Raymond Burr,
                           Paul Frees, Frank Gerstle, Ramsay Hill, Dan O’Herlihy, Arthur Pierson
04/14/50 # 64 It Happens Every Spring  w/Ray Milland, Parley Baer, Lloyd Bacon, Dan Riss,
                           Frank Barton, Ted deCorsia, Ann Diamond, Eddie Fields, Frank Nelson
04/21/50 # 65 A Kiss In The Dark  w/Jane Wyman, Hans Conried, Delmar Daves, Olan Soule
04/28/50 # 66 Rope Of Sand  w/Burt Lancaster, Frank Barton, Corinne Calvert, 
                          Stan Waxman, William Dieterle, Norman Field, William Johnstone, 
                          Donald Morrison
05/05/50 # 67 When My Baby Smiles At Me  w/Betty Grable, Hy Averback, Frank Barton,
                           Walter Lang, Paul McVey, Herb Vigran, Barton Yarborough
05/12/50 # 68 Butch Minds The Baby  w/Broderick Crawford, Frank Barton, Gail Bonney,
                          Steve Dunne, Wilms Herbert, Jerry Hausner, Edward Max, 
                          Frances Robinson, Albert S. Rogel, Herb Vigran
05/19/50 # 69 Miss Grant Takes Richmond  w/Lucille Ball, Lloyd Bacon, Frank Barton,
                           Jeanne Bates, Arthur Q. Bryan, Steven Dunne, Norman Field, Frank Nelson,
                           Herb Vigran
05/26/50 # 70 Flamingo Road  w/Joan Crawford, David Brian, Michael Curtiz
06/02/50 # 71 She Wouldn't Say Yes  w/Rosalind Russell, Hy Averback, Alexander Hall,
                           Frank Nelson
06/09/50 # 72 Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (Repeat)  w/Cary Grant, Betsy Drake,
                           Hank Potter
06/16/50 # 73 A Star Is Born  w/Fredric March
06/23/50 # 74 The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers  w/Barbara Stanwyck, Eleanor Audley,
                           Ken Christy, Jack Edward, Wilms Herbert, Lou Merrill, Gerald Mohr,
                           Joel Nessler, Norma Jean Nilsson, Jeffrey Silvers, Gayne Whitman
06/30/50 # 75 Cinderella  w/Irene Woods, Verna Felton
11/09/50 # 76 Shadow Of A Doubt  w/Joseph Cotton, Hy Averback, Gail Bonney,
                          Lois Corbett, Betsy Drake, Earle Ross, Anne Whitfield
Thursday - 60 Minutes Each
11/16/50 # 77 Life Boat  w/Tallulah Bankhead, Jeff Chandler, Ann Diamond, Roy Glenn,
                           Barbara Eiler, Wilms Herbert, Alfred Hitchcock, Sheldon Leonard,
                          Henry Rowland
11/23/50 # 78 Cluney Brown  w/Dorothy McGuire, Charles Boyer, Joseph Mankiewicz,
                           Billy Wilder
11/30/50 # 79 Mrs. Mike  w/Evelyn Keyes, Joseph Cotten, Michael Ann Barrett, Hal Girard,
                          Joe Granby, Byron Kane, Louis King, Leone Ledoux, Ralph Moody,
                           Frank Nelson, Janet Scott, Martha Wentworth
12/07/50 # 80 My Favorite Wife  w/Cary Grant, Irene Dunne, Leo McCarey, Frank Nelson
12/14/50 # 81 The Lady Gambles  w/Barbara Stanwyck, Stephen McNally, Paul Avery,
                           Georgia Bacus, Tony Barrett, William Conrad, John Dehner, Byron Kane,
                           Michael Gordon, Ruth Perrott
12/21/50 # 82 Miracle On 34th Street  w/Edmund Gwenn, Gail Bonney, William Conrad,
                           David Ellis, Ralph Moody, Jack Moyles, Frank Nelson, Joel Nessler,
                           Herbert Rawlinson, Joan Ray, Lurene Tuttle
12/28/50 # 83 Alias Nick Beal  w/Ray Milland, Nancy Olson, Tony Barrett, Raymond Burr,
                           Herb Butterfield, Lois Corbett, Frank Gerstle, Jack Kruschen, Jan Sterling,
                           Theodore Von Eltz
01/04/51 # 84 The Prince Of Foxes  w/Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Lynn Allen, Raymond Burr,
                           Herb Butterfield, William Conrad, Henry King, Joyce McKenzie,
                           Lou Merrill, Ben Wright
01/11/51 # 85 Ivy  w/Joan Fontaine, Eleanor Audley, Ken Christy, Charles Drake,
                          Frank Gerstle, George Marshall, Paul McVey, Gerald Mohr, Ruth Perrott,
                           John Stevenson
01/18/51 # 86 The Big Lift  w/Edmund O'Brien, Paul Douglas, Tony Barrett, Paul DuBov,
                           Byron Kane, Betty Lou Gearson, Eddie Marr, Ralph Moody, 
                          Henry Rowland, George Seaton, Lurene Tuttle
01/25/51 # 87 Spellbound  w/Joseph Cotten, Mercedes McCambridge, John Blyforce,
                           Herbert Butterfield, Alfred Hitchcock, Howard McNear, James Nusser,
                           William Tracy
02/01/51 # 88 Take A Letter, Darling  w/Rosalind Russell, Alan Ladd, Bob Hope, Jim Bacus,
                           Arthur Q. Bryan, Mary Jane Croft, Fritz Feld, June Foray, Peter Leeds,
                           Mitchell Leisen, Fred MacMurray
02/08/51 # 89 Lucky Jordon  w/Alan Ladd, Paul DuBov, Verna Felton, Virginia Gregg,
                           Sheldon Leonard, GeGe Pearson, Earle Ross, King Vidor, Herb Vigran
02/15/51 # 90 Dark Victory  w/Tallulah Bankhead, Edmund O'Brien, Lynn Allen,
                           David Brian, Edmund Goulding, Ralph Moody, Norma Varden,
                           Stan Waxman
02/22/51 # 91 No Minor Vices  w/Louis Jordan, Dana Andrews, Jim Backus, Ann Diamond,
                           Maria Palmer, Billy Wilder
03/01/51 # 92 A Foreign Affair  w/Marlene Dietrich, Lucille Ball, John Lund, 
                          Charles Brackett, Sam Edwards, Wally Maher, Dan Riss, 
                          Henry Rowland, Gil Stratton, Herb Vigran, Billy Wilder
03/08/51 # 93 Bachelor Mother  w/Lucille Ball, Robert Cummings, Frank Nelson,
                           Arthur Q. Bryan, Garson Kanin
03/15/51 # 94 Thelma Jordon  w/Barbara Stanwyck, Wendell Corey, Hy Averback,
                           Jack Carroll, William Conrad, Ralph Moody, Ruth Perrott, Robert Siodmak,
                           Stan Waxman, Peggy Webber
03/22/51 # 95 The Great Lover  w/Bob Hope, Rhonda Fleming, Jim Backus, Pinto Colvig,
                           Fritz Feld, Paul Frees, Sheldon Leonard, George Marshall, Walter Tetley
03/29/51 # 96 The Next Time We Love  w/James Stewart, Eleanor Parker, Bruce Cannon,
                           Stanley Ferrar, E.H. Griffith, Leone Ledoux, Gerald Mohr, Joel Nessler
04/05/51 # 97 The Damned Don't Cry  w/Joan Crawford, Eleanor Audley, Tony Barrett,
                           Ken Christy, Eddie Fields, Paul Frees, Frank Lovejoy, Sidney Miller,
                          Vincent Sherman, Irene Winston
04/12/51 # 98 Hired Wife  w/Rosalind Russell, Jim Backus, Jeff Chandler, Ken Christy,
                           Mary Jane Croft, Robert North, Earle Ross, William Seiter
04/19/51 # 99 Humoresque  w/Tallulah Bankhead, Steve Cochrane, Lynn Allen,
                           Sheldon Leonard, Helen Marvintile, Jean Negulesco, Nestor Paiva,
                           John Stevenson, Ben Wright
04/26/51 #100 Jackpot  w/James Stewart, Margaret O'Brien, Jim Backus, Dawn Bender,
                           Bill Bouchey, Ann Diamond, Betty Lou Gearson, Jerry Hausner,
                           Walter Lang, Eddie Marr, Edwin Max, Sidney Miller, Jeffrey Silver,
                           Margaret Truman, Stan Waxman
05/03/51 #101 Captain From Castille  w/Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Paula Morgan, Henry King
05/10/51 #102 No Time For Love  w/Claudette Colbert
05/17/51 #103 Rogue's Regiment  w/Dick Powell
05/24/51 #104 Back Street  w/Charles Boyer, Mercedes McCambridge
05/31/51 #105 Beyond Glory  w/Alan Ladd
06/07/51 #106 The Gunfighter  w/Gregory Peck
06/14/51 #107 Ghost Breakers  w/Bob Hope
06/21/51 #108 D.O.A.  w/Edmund O'Brien
06/28/51 #109 The Lady Takes A Chance  w/Joan Caufield, John Garfield, John Lund
07/05/51 #110 Only Yesterday  w/Mercedes McCambridge, Jeff Chandler
07/12/51 #111 The Fugitive  w/Henry Fonda
07/19/51 #112 Remember The Night  w/William Holden
07/26/51 #113 Stairway To Heaven  w/Robert Cummings
08/02/51 #114 Caged  w/Eleanor Parker
08/09/51 #115 Wuthering Heights  w/James Mason, Dorothy McGuire
08/16/51 #116 The Ghost And Mrs. Muir  w/Charles Boyer, Jane Wyatt
08/23/51 #117 The Velvet Touch  w/Rosalind Russell
08/30/51 #118 Mother Was A Freshman  w/Loretta Young
Friday - 8:00 p.m.
09/07/51 #119 Broken Arrow  w/James Stewart, Jeff Chandler
09/14/51 #120 Raffles  w/Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
09/21/51 #121 No Man Of Her Own  w/Barbara Stanwyck
09/28/51 #122 Waterloo Bridge  w/Norma Shearer
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