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The Green Lama
     The story line for this series was of wealthy New York adventurer, Jethro Dumont, who spent many years in a Tibetan monastery of lamas.  He was granted special powers which aided in his crime fighting.  The series ended after the eleventh broadcast.
Broadcast History:
Network: CBS
  06/05/49 to 07/06/49 5:30 p.m.
  07/16/49 to 08/20/49 7:00 p.m.
  Norman Macdonnell
  James Burton
  William Froug (producer)
  Richard Aurandt
  Larry Thor
  William Froug
  Richard Foster
  Network sustained
  Paul Frees as Jethro Dumont (The Green Lama), Ben Wright as Tulku (Tibetan servant)
Each of the following broadcasts are 30 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.
05/17/49 The Man Who Never Existed
Sunday – 5:30 p.m. (Hollywood)
06/05/49 # 1 The Man Who Never Existed
06/12/49 # 2 The man Who Stole A Pyramid
06/19/49 # 3 The Girl With No Name
06/26/49 # 4 The Million Dollar Chopsticks
07/03/49 # 5 The Last Dinosaur
Thursday – 8:00 p.m.
07/16/49 # 6 The Return Of Madame Pompadour
07/23/49 # 7 Tapestry In Purple
07/30/49 # 8 The African Diamond Affair
08/06/49 # 9 The Gumbo Man
08/13/49 #10 The Case Of The Dangerous Dog
08/20/49 #11 The Case Of The Patient Prisoner
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